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My tryhard progress

My tryhard progress

Hello and welcome to my progress thread.

I am new to PE. I have always been confident about myself (good looks and muscles), but when I had sex for the first time and I realized, that I could fit the whole shaft inside, I was frustrated. I started researching various sites and finally started PE back in June after seeing a video of the Bathmate Hydromax x30, which impressed me.

I bought the pump back in June and started pumping. I was getting red spots all over the place and I am up to this very day (but much fewer) despite pumping for only 3x3x4 minutes, so sometimes, I have to stop for 2 days or so. Whenever I get the red dots from the Bathmate, I use a balm with vitamin E, let it dry out and then I use a balm with zinc. I have only added the beginner routine a week ago.

My initial stats were: EL: 13,5cm EG: 13,5cm
My stats now are: EL: 14cm EG: 14cm
Short term goal: EL: 16cm EG: 15cm
Long term goal: EL: 18cm EG:16cm

The gains I have made so far are nice, but I still believe they are only there because of better EQ. I have yet to see some real gains and I remain patient.

I am eating a high protein diet, since I’ve been working out for a few years now, so I should be covered in that region. I have also tried various supplements such as Maca, L-arginine, Ginseng or Tribulus terrestris. I am certain that Maca and L-arginine work as they should. I am very unconvinced about the other two.

I am very thankful for this site and all the information provided. If only I had not believed all the doctors saying that natural PE is impossible. I mean, I do not know until I try and I am going to try really hard!

I’ve been using the bathmate for years and although I don’t have a strict routine I am yet to see any real gains. It is a good tool to add into a routine but on its own I’m not convinced

Welcome to the forum!

Nice girth you got there sir.

Originally Posted by Pew_Pew
I am very thankful for this site and all the information provided.

Happy to hear that. We are thankful for your presence here with this lovely report!

Have a nice one among us!

Start 6.8” x 4.7”

Now 7.5” x 4.9”

Regras do Fórum

Thanks for the kind words, Lenny.

Today I had a rest day and my flaccid penis looks a bit bigger. I will not measure for a few weeks, though. Also, to all the newbies out there - masturbation does hinder your progress. Apart from the turtling effect your penis gets a little heavy and sometimes hurts the next day, so you cannot exercise.

I am taking pictures every now and then. When I reach my goal I will create a comparison thread so stay tuned!

I have changed my routine a bit. I now do 1 day on 1 day off, because I noticed I was getting sore when it was my second day on. This seems much more reasonable, I have to listen to my own body. Also, I think less is more, so all you newbies out there, don’t take it too far. The newbie routine is already very challenging in itself and I’m adding Bathmate to that as well. I’m now trying to pump less to avoid any burst capillaries. I think pumping less for 5x5x5 might be better than pumping more for 3x3x4 and risking injury. I think it should be about feeding your penis with more blood and really working it, just like you do with other muscles. I don’t think bursting your capillaries and going too hard is good for gains, but I might be wrong as I’m still a newbie.

Either way, taking things slow is always reasonable. Less injuries, less time, more efficiency.

Originally Posted by Pew_Pew
Thanks for the kind words, Lenny.

Today I had a rest day and my flaccid penis looks a bit bigger. I will not measure for a few weeks, though. Also, to all the newbies out there - masturbation does hinder your progress. Apart from the turtling effect your penis gets a little heavy and sometimes hurts the next day, so you cannot exercise.

Hello Pew_Pew,
Welcome to TP. I’d like to comment on your warning to newbies that you shouldn’t masturbate. Perhaps ejaculating too often is a bad thing, but you shouldn’t turtle after masturbating. Also it shouldn’t hurt until the next day, though sometimes it hurts a bit because you’re pumping up your erection to unprecedented awesomeness. You may be experiencing what is called a ‘death grip’ while masturbating, which essentially means you’re doing it too hard (perhaps too much porn requires overstimulation which happens to many of us). On the flipside, edging seems very beneficial for gains, PIs and probably penis health. Plus if you do release every now and then, it’s pretty awesome. About your last post; kudos on taking it slow. The hardcore route is always tempting, and often the highway into the injuries subforum.

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

Oct 20th: 185 mm BPEL (7.28") 136 mm MEG (5.35")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Originally Posted by CrusherBrooks
On the flipside, edging seems very beneficial for gains, PIs and probably penis health.

Let me tell you something funny. I have been edging ever since I started masturbating. I found out that I got much stronger orgasms and bigger squirts after edging and I though that it could possibly make me a better partner in the future. I didn’t even know that it was a recognized technique.

My routine now is as follows:

10 min warm up with rice sock (moving it around and playing with it seems beneficial)
5 min stretching (including helicopter stretches and light massaging for restoration of blood flow)
5 min jelqing (combined with kegels, which I also do on my way to the shower)
5x5x5 minutes bathmate at low pressure (got one pale red dot today)

The newbie routine combined with bathmate seemed too challenging as I got a little bruise-like spotting on the shaft, so I cut the jelqing and kegels in half. I might actually drop the newbie routine completely and stick with only the bathmate.

Also, I usually edge a bit after jelqing as I cannot resist the feeling. However, I try my best not to release.

Today I cut the routine again. Adding it to my Bathmate routine was stupid and I knew it, but I wanted to find my limits. The Bathmate is working fine for me, so I don’t need to add anything.

Anyway, today I did:

1 minute stretching
5 minutes jelqing (I’m using a lube with aloe vera from Durex btw)
3x3x3x5 minutes Bathmate

I got one red dot right after the first three minutes in the BM, even though I was trying to go as light and slow as possible. Before, I would stop pumping immediately, but today I just said screw that and continued the session while checking my penis. In the end I only got two red dots.

After the session I feel very good. Not overtrained. Just about right.

I am still playing with PE, but after two months of using BM, I thought I wouldn’t be getting those red dots. And I am pumping at lower pressure as well.

Anyway, I will be going on vacation for three weeks with my dad, so I will definitely take a break from PE for at least a week and then I will try to squeeze in some exercises. I do not want anyone to find out about this. Not even my girlfriend. I will break the news to them when they notice a difference, but not now. My father would make fun of me and maybe try to stop me. I do not really know about my gf. So I am hoping to see great gains ASAP. I am dedicating one year to PE, though. It has already impressed me with giving me the extra 0,5cm to both length and girth. If I make 1,5cm length more till my first year passes, I will mark this journey as a great success and definitely continue. If I gain more, even better. I am going for that 18 x 16 cm after all :)

Today I finally did the whole routine (2min stretching, 5min jelqing, 5x5x5min Bathmate at moderate pressure) without getting red dots.

My penis feels full and hangs lower than ever before. The only problem is that I’ll be leaving in 3 days and I don’t know how many sessions I’ll be able to squeeze in. I am probably going to take the pump with me in the suitcase. If not, I’ll just stretch and jelq in the shower. One thing is for sure, though - I’ll get a great tan in those 3 weeks!

Clothing for winter?

I returned from my trip. I didn’t bring the Bathmate with me and let me tell you, it was a good experience.

I put myself on the 2 on 1 off newbie routine and it changed my outlook on everything. Some days I could do the entire routine in one sitting, other days I didn’t have enough privacy to do that, so I stretched every time I went to a bathroom etc. Then I jelqed in the shower and kegeled after that.

I used the Xiib app for kegels and I highly recommend it !! Kegels were boring before, but now they are fun. I underestimated the power of the kegel, it is a great excercise.

After some 14 days on the newbie routine alone I get the crazy hard erections more often. I can’t wait to see its effect on sex.

I will also be buying something for constant heat during workouts since winter is coming. Do you guys recommend any clothing for winter? It sometimes gets to -10°C, so I usually have to wear underwear and even 2 pants. I am afraid that the underwear will restrict my penis from hanging freely. I might look into SRT, because it seems like it could keep the penis warm as well. I didn’t want to include that technique until my first year of PE had passed, but I guess I’ll have to use it.

I will be dropping the Bathmate and try the newbie routine alone and see what happens. I had gains with the BM, so let’s see what this has to offer.

Adding a heat mat for winter

Winter days are coming along really fast, so I am introducing constant heat immediately.

I’ll report about my gains after full 6 weeks on the newbie routine. Right now I am on approx. 10 minutes of warm up with rice sock, 10 minutes stretching (straight out, left, right, down, up, BTC holding with right hand, BTC holding with left hand, helicopter stretch - each twice for 30 seconds) and 10 minutes of jelqing (out of which I jelq normally for 8 minutes and then I do erect jelqing for 2 minutes). Then I kegel using the Xiib app. (The beginner program - it is more than enough).

Whenever I max out on the newbie routine, I’ll look into adding SRT.

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