My Story and Intro to PE

Long time lurker, first time posting or at least starting my own thread. In 2011 I was 26 years old and I started experiencing low EQ along with trouble urinating. It got to a point where the pain was terrible and urinating was almost impossible, followed by trace amounts of blood after urination and sometimes ejaculation. This was when I realized I needed help.

I went to my local Urologist and set up an appointment. After a few tests and a painful and embarrassing scope of my urethra, he determined that I had scar tissue. The scar tissue is about midway between my scrotum and anus and about 1/4”-3/8” in width. The procedure called for surgery. I was obviously a little reluctant and nervous. I made the decision not to operate. I couldn’t bear the thought of going under the blade on my unit, it also didn’t make sense to me how the surgery wouldn’t leave some scar tissue from cutting out the old stuff.

Instead of the surgery I opted for some natural remedies to see if that would help. I would apply Castor Oil in the area and apply a heat source. This seemed to help with the pain and swelling from the scar tissue. Urinating was starting to become much more bearable but my EQ still suffered. I was never a marathon man but the scar tissue and low EQ made me more sensitive.

Fast-forward to 2014 and that is when it dawned on me. With previous injuries where I had scar tissue (such as my knee) I noticed that exercise seemed to help relieve pain and keep things moving. This is when I began to research PE. At the time I was just looking for a way to exercise my penis rather than enlarge. It was then that I discovered the PEGym book titled Penis Exercises. I swear I read that thing faster than any book I’ve ever read.

Penis Enlargement has always been something that intrigued me so I went for it. I’ve always wanted more length because I previously thought I was on the short end of the spectrum but after reading the book I realized I was actually larger than average.

So my initial stats as of February 2014 were 7½” BPEL, 5 7/8”BEG. After 6 weeks of the PEGym newbie routine I measured at 7¾”BPEL with no girth increase. I was pretty stoked to see that I gained but it very well could have been increased EQ. So being the genius that I am I started pumping sporadically and 6 weeks later I was still at the same stats. After that I quit PE for a few months.

During my break I was still reading and researching here on Thunder’s and that is where I discovered DLD. Shortly thereafter I purchased a membership at MOS and began his routine. I conditioned my penis again and went on to Phase 2 of his routine. It was definitely intense, my EQ was the best it has ever been and my wife even noticed some girth gains while I thought it was getting longer as well. Never measured to confirm.

So I made another genius move, stopped PE, why I don’t know. In my case with the scar tissue it seems like PE may be a life long thing because in order to maintain good EQ I have to exercise my penis. So now I’m back and determined and most important, I’m patient.

New game plan includes hanging and ADS. While the MOS routine was great it took like 2+hrs and was cutting into my sleep. I noticed with hanging I can read or watch TV, but it is still very time consuming. I follow Monty’s divide and conquer theory along with his PE weights as an ADS. It would be incredible to get to 9”BPEL. Girth would be great around 6 ½” or more. My wife gives great oral so I don’t want to ruin that, occasional anal with some convincing, haha. My current BEG is 6+ so my previous routines must have given me some girth gains.

I started to measure BPFSL and I’m 8” there. Was curious if anybody here thinks my tunica could be my limiting factor. Just thought I would throw that out there.

So that’s my story up to now. As far as EQ it has been decent but I have not had trouble urinating in some time, which is awesome! I’m so grateful for PE and all the dedicated people here at Thunder’s. Thanks for taking the time to read.