My Starting Journey

I have never been told I was small. I guess I was a little above average. My starting stats when I started this was 6.5”length and 5.5” girth. Now the length is not bone presses but fat pad presses do to being very over weight. Which I did push down with some force to get the numbers.

I am loosing weight as part of my PE and life goals. I am down 50 pounds since Nov.7 which is where I started my PE journey with light pumping. Now don’t get me wrong I am not your average fatty. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. I bench over 500. And squat and deadlift over 600 per lift. But now working on looking good naked.

When pumping as of last night after my newbie routine (with bundled stretches) minus the jelqs I packed a 2” x 8” tube. Now again I don’t pump hard. Just for a little stretch. Also I alternate jelqing and pumping although I jelq a small amount in between pumping. Now I do not pump for fluid build up. I hate that makes it look nasty. But I know I am just a month in and must be careful.

Just letting you guys know that your thoughts and positive vibes have helped me a ton. Your positive outlook on PE has helped me get on track. My goal is 8.5” x6.75” . I am just now starting a long journey. I know I can make this one. Just like I did setting a few power lifting records which took years. Also one thing I have found that helps with Manual stretching is to use a latex gloves for better grip it has changed my whole routine. Then for jelqing it helps with less skin irritation with a little Vaseline. Thanks again for the knowledge this forum is the best.