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My Routine that is WORKING

My Routine that is WORKING

Been a member since 2009 and refer back here often whenever I need motivation or ideas. Recently started a complete body improvement program and within this program, I recommitted myself to PE. Here is what I am doing, why I am doing it and how the progress is going..

First off, I am hitting 45 years of age in a few months. I am 6’ 2” and 310 lbs.. Physically strong (always have been muscular, but now shrouded in fat). Why the details.. Well, when I first got married 20 years ago, I sported a fairly good build and my wife not so much. During the next twenty years, I ended up doing mostly desk work and she ended up being a Zumba instructor. Fast forward 20 years and I can’t see my penis and she looks like she’s 30! Now to the particulars..

Starting BPL (hard) = 5”
Starting BPL (flaccid) = 3”
I am fairly thick at 6”.
Started with a 2” - 2.5” fat pad - hard to tell exactly.
Severe turtling.. Absolutely no hang when flaccid.

Are you depressed yet? I was! So after researching this forum thoroughly and gathering my hardware, here is what I have done over the past 30 days and how my sex life has changed!

I start each morning at the gym. I walk/jog on the treadmill for 45 minutes: increasing intensity by increasing incline and speed every 2.5 minutes. I then lift weights for 20 or so minutes (heavy weights, quick sets, full range of motion, 3-4 exercises for each major body part (if someone wants particulars, feel free to contact). After these are complete, I hit the endless stairs for 15 minutes on an interval routine. All of this to get rid of the fat pad.. And hopefully gain my two inches back!

After the gym, I shower (at the gym). This is where my PE starts. I being with basic stretches. Up, down, left, right and straight out for 10-15 seconds each. Then a final helicopter tug (all the way around). I then jelq. OK jelqs for a 50 count (3 seconds per stroke), v-jelqs for 50 count, OK jelqs for 30 count with squeezes at the end.. And then I finish by edging 2-3 times. No ejaculation!

After I dry off, I slip on a silicone sleeve, just enough to cover the penis head and maybe 1/2” of the shaft. At the end of the sleeve (it’s about 5”), I have a 4 oz weight. This provides for an All Day Stretch that I can wear all day with no discomfort (truth be told, I like the feel of it). I also ditched the underwear so it could hang more freely. It is really not evident at all and if so, then I guess people assume that it is all me.. This traction exists whether you are sitting or standing so it keeps me from turtling back up.

After work, I come home and through in one of those 20 minute HIIT workouts (P90X, Jillian Michaels, etc.. You can get some good ones on YouTube). After this workout, I am naturally warmed up, so I immediately start hanging. If I do not feel thoroughly warmed up, I may throw a heating pad to the crotch until the ligs feel good and loose. I started with 15lbs on a Bib hanger (please no bitchin about the heavy starting weight.. I have dabbled with the Bib for a couple of years and this is what is working for me). I will note that I started and stopped the Bib several times due to the amount of time wrapping took, so I came up with an easier wrap.. Use a piece of silicone tubing.. Slip it on before the Bib and you are ready to hang..

15 minutes of hanging later, I take 5 minutes to massage with a good lotion. Working out any pinches. Now here comes my favorite part.. I pump! I have two cylinders, one just about the diameter of my penis, so when suction is applied it can only go one way (longer) and the other that is two sizes greater, which expands laterally as well. I alternate each day. I leave the suction for 5 minutes. This fills every inch with blood and fully expands what the Bib has compressed. After the pumping, I then repeat again hanging for 15 more minutes, followed by a massage and another finishing pump. I then put my ADS silicone and weight back on until my last workout or bedtime.

Just for good measure, I do 30 minutes on the elliptical around 7-8pm for more fat pad, and overall body, reduction.

Results after 30 days: First off, the most exciting thing is that my penis hangs now (as opposed the button I did have). Generally speaking, I hang at a 4.5”-5” when flaccid. Additionally, when I lay down, my penis lays down on my leg (as opposed to up on my pelvis).. This is a huge psychological boost for me and a wonderful turn-on for the wife! When erect, I am now getting a full 6.25”. My wife has commented on both the length and girth and I can feel that intercourse is “tighter” and I am hitting things in there I did not know she had (sorry to be crass, but she is not complaining). The edging has helped in the control department (we recently went for 8 hours.. No exaggeration), and I had full control the entire time, but when I did ejaculate, it would have made a 20 year old guy blush. Intense and lots of it.

Lessons learned. The biggest idea behind my program is to loosen the penis itself.. To train it to hang and opposed to be cupped in a tight pair of underpants. The pumping, in conjunction with the jelqing has definitely added to my girth. Perhaps the jelqing expands the cells and the pumping follows up with engorging reinforcing the stretch. The ligs need to have some ache to them after hanging earlier in the day or you are not putting enough weight. Avoid overdoing it and go up incrementally to find that weight! The ADS silicone and weight is the king of this party, because I do not have to take any time at all out of my day to do’s just there.. And it keeps the ligs and penis stretched after hanging and jelqing.

I have read a lot of comments, ideas, theories, etc. On this board and I think I am one of the few that choose to combine all of the elements. As a matter of fact, it seems everyone insists on either length or girth, but not both at the same time. I find that, so far, my program has done me justice and I look forward to updating my progress 60 days from now.

Any questions? Feel free to drop a line.

PS. I also have a supplement regimen that I follow and it also seems to be contributing. When I have time, I will post a follow-up on this thread.

Man, I like to see stories like this. They work to me just like a Rocky movie. It’s amazing what we can do when we have an objective and the will to endure the suffering.

Congratulations and I am looking forward to your progress.

June14: BPEL 6.5; MSEG 4.9; BEG 4.7. Jan15: BPEL 6.7; MSEG 5.3; BEG 4.9.

First Goal: 7 x 5

This is the perfect overall physical workout! Tough discipline. Good job! Good thing you find the time to do this routine. Do you do this everyday? Can you share how many hours you spend at work, sleep, etc?

Brilliant detailed description of your routine. Thanks for posting this.

Did you decide to take before and after pictures?

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

Appreciate the positive feedback. It inspires me to keep going!

I do have a couple of before pictures.. Will reveal on my target day (exactly 60 days from today). Slightly embarrassed of the starting look, but it is what it is.

As for the time.. I wake at 5 am. Hit the gym by 6.out by 8 (shower and all). Hit the mid day HIIT/hanging/pumping session around 4:30 till 6. No wasted movements using the silicone sleeve instead of wrapping.. It made a world of time difference for me..

Hit the elliptical around 8:30 for twenty minutes and then get ready for bed. I think sleep is important for recovery. If the wife wants to read a bit whilst in bed, I do have a commercial stretcher that I where for an hour before bed.

Hope this helps.

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