My Progress

Hi guys, I am doing PE for 2 month now. I started PE last year but just do it for 2 weeks and stop because lack of motivation and it give bad effect to my dick cause by overtraining it.

And now start again with newbie routine for 2 months, my dick feels better at flacid.

Here’s my stats

BPEL: 5.3”

NBPEL: 4.8”

EG: 4.3”

I didn’t measure my flacid size because sometimes its shrink and sometimes it full, I don’t know what is my real flacid size.

BTW I am 20 years old and my goals is 7x5.

I know I don’t have a good size and its make me feel low of confidence level and always stress when thinking about size. Hope you guys can help and keep me motivated at this program.