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My Personal Logworthtrying

After 3 days break i did my normal routine today. Maybe i’ll do a dry jelq instead of wet jelq tomorrow just to change things a little bit.

Btw i had really nice morning woods this couple of days and i feel really good so i think to stick with 2-3 days on and the same amount of days off.

After 2 days rest i managed to do my normal workout today.

P.S. my BPSFL is still 19cm or if i pull super hard maybe 19,1-2cm but nothing more. I haven’t measured my BPEL for a long time now maybe at the end of this month i will measure it again.

So far i had 3 days rest and no workout :( . Recently i haven’t had the chance to have some alone time and do my workout as it requires a lot of privacy. So for the future i need to try to figure out a way to do a stealth PE but it’s quite hard because i live with my GF and so far i’ve kept it a secret and i plan to remain so. I will try to do some dry jelq on the days that i don’t have alone time and try to divide it in like many parts. Every time i go to the toilet i’ll try to alternate between stretching and doing like 50 dry jelqs. But so far i’ve warmed up every time before i do my workout and i know that heat is crucial. So i don’t know how can i do stealth PE and have warm cloth wrap or something of this kind. I’m hoping for some advice!

Did my workout today but i swapped the wet jelq with dry jelq and also added 3 x 30s manual clamping at the end.

My penis was fuller and fatter at the end but i also got some red spots again. I hope they’ll be gone tomorrow so i can work out again.

Originally Posted by worthtrying
Did my workout today but i swapped the wet jelq with dry jelq and also added 3 x 30s manual clamping at the end.
My penis was fuller and fatter at the end but i also got some red spots again. I hope they’ll be gone tomorrow so i can work out again.

Back off of the force on the manual clamps and you should be good. Keep working on conditioning.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Yeah i thought that maybe i’m squeezing too hard i’ll just back off the force a little and see how it is.

The red spots from yesterday were gone and i was able to do my normal routine today and also 3 x 30sec clamp at the end. Again i got 1-2 red spots but they aren’t scaring me because i’ve read that red spots that disappear fast are sign of growth or positive PI.

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I didn’t have the chance to workout the last 4 days but i managed to do my workout today! I did my normal workout:

1. Warm cloth wrap (~10 minutes).

2. Manual Stretches (~15min), Bundled Stretches (Up/Down/Left/Right/Straight) ~30 sec each, Behind the cheeks(Left/Middle/Right) ~45sec each,
Basic Stretches ( SD, SDL, SDR , SL, SO, SR, UL, UO, UR) ~45 sec each and I finish with V-Stretches and A-Stretches pushing (Middle/Bottom/Top) ~30 sec each for total of ~3min).

3. Warm cloth wrap (~5 minutes).

4. Jelq (~7-8 minutes) roughly 250 reps with ~2-3 sec per jelq.

5. Manual Erect Clamping (3 x 30sec).

6. Warm cloth wrap (~7-8 min).

7. Kegels throughout the day either 5 sec holds or fast 1 sec squeezes

The workout was really good no problems with the stretching and the jelqing and no red spots after the clamping too.

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I did my normal workout today. Everything was fine and i switched the wet jelqs with dry ones this time.

Originally Posted by worthtrying
Nevertheless for my surprise when i measured today and i saw that i’m at 18cm or maybe 18,1 cm BPEL and Mid EG is still 14,0-14,2cm no difference there.
My NBPEL is still somewhere between 16-16,5 cm no difference there too i guess my Fat Pad is just too much i need to figure out a way to decrease it.

I measured today again and now my BPEL is 18,2cm sometimes 18,3cm but most of the time 18,2cm and Mid EG ist still 14 no growth there and NBPEL is still 16,5cm but now i’m a lot more often at 16,5 cm as 16 cm and i have erections every morning.
So for now i had like 0,2 cm growth in BPEL for about a month. I’m not sure if i need to do longer stretches now or not. I will add another 15sec and do a minute stretches or add only 10s for 2 weeks and last 2 weeks of the month another 5 sec.
I also think that the number of jelq will be increased now. Until now i’ve been doing ~250 reps. From now on i will try to do ~300 jelq reps.

I didn’t post on Friday but i did my workout on Friday then took the weekend off and i did my workout today again.

I added only 5 sec more on the stretches and did ~300 reps of jelq. From now on i think that i’ll add another 5 sec for a total of 55sec stretch in every direction and like i said earlier i’ll add another 5 sec for the last week or so.

I did my *updated* workout today, it went really good.

Did my routine today again. Recently i’ve been doing 1on/1off day and i feel like it’s not enough i need to start doing at least 2on/1off like before because i feel so much better having at least 2 consecutive days of training

Did my routine after 2 days of break. I’m still trying to do more than 1 day of training before taking 2 days off but until now i just can’t do it. Also i think that for the next couple of workouts I’m going to switch to dry jelqs.

Yesterday i did stretch only routine sadly i didn’t have more time for the jelqs. But today i did my whole routine and switched to dry jelq. Now i will take 1 day off and do another workout Friday and then at least 2 days rest.

Like I said earlier did my routine today and I think that I’ll take 2 days rest now. I saw some guides from other guys who had really nice success and they said that when they had a workout day they stretched 2-3 times a day but the bonus stretches were light ones. I will start to stretch another time maybe 3-4 hours after my routine, something like 10-15 minutes basic light pull stretches. So i will stretch later today again. Like i said just Down/Out/Up and hold each one for 5 min and i will not pull as hard as i do normally. Will see if i get some results.


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