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My PE Log


I just got done with my stretches and it ended with blood blisters. I think i still might do jeleqs if I am not to fatigued. There is 3 blood blisters on the under part just below the glans (1/8”). 2 are on the top just below the glans. I use rolled up toilet paper as a gripping method. I am about to try and get gloves at work tomorrow to see if I get better results with no injury.

Just finished my routine. I felt rather sore from yesterdays work out. I did get to do a short pumping session because my pump did arrive in the mail today! The smallest cock ring is 5.5” so i put it on after pumping but i think i need something a bit smaller. I did 6 minutes of stretching and about 20 minutes of jelqing ( with some breaks ).

Nice. I think I may do a cock ring too. I put a hair band on it after my routine for a few hours before bed and the next day it hanged full all day and felt fuller when I masturbated. Ill get a proper cock ring and do an all day thing to help it heal in post work out state

Starting measurements 4/20/2014

Length: 6 inches

Girth: 4.5 inches

Well hopefully I get back on the wagon today. I had a horrible cold the past few days. I wasn’t big enough to fit the the smallest cock ring while flaccid so I don’t know what to do. Maybe ill get a pack of hair ties at the dollar store today. Either way im getting back to the routine tonight.

Working a million days in a row is killing me. I have had a cold for more than a week and now a sinus infection. I attempted PE once this week but it was a weak routine. I get sunday off so I hopefully next week I can go hard on PE. So disappointing in my self.

No need to be disappointed in yourself Agnos, life get’s in the way for everyone at some stage or another. This is a minor blip in the long term plan. :)

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Yeah Behemoth I got this. I just started getting used to working this much and just got done being super sick. So I am about to go all out once my roommate leaves. I got these gloves at work today that will be much better for stretching than toilet paper. On a even more positive note my eq has stayed the same so i maintained that gain at least.

Okay I got a real good stretch in today. These gloves are absolutely amazing! I went from 30 seconds to 40 on each stretch and 100 to 120 seconds on rotary stretches.I only got about 150 jelqs in at about 70% erect. Then this girl Brittany stopped by out of no where. So if I finish my jelqs ill post it here tomorrow.

keep up the consistent work. we’re rooting for you

(dd/mm/yyyy) 10/05/2013 BPEL 15cm (5.9 inches) ...22/11/2013 BPEL 19.5cm (7.68 inches)... 29/11/2014 BPEL 20.6cm (8.11 inches)

Short Term: 8 BPEL Long term: 8 NBPEL Long Long Term: 9 NBPEL

Hanging progress.......... Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.


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