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My PE History

My PE History

Newbies and others like to know what to expect and to compare notes, as do I.

I started this preoccupation because I felt like my dick was moving through air in girls’ pussies at 6 1/4” EL and 4 3/4 EG. So I found Thunder’s and began doing something about it 5/3/05. FL was 5” and FG was 3 3/4, ruler BP on the side. After 50, the flaccid hang had become rather embarrassing (5” was not always the case).

After less than 5 weeks I hit 5 1/2 x 4 3/4 flaccid. Erect I was 7 1/8 x 5 1/2.
My max stretch starting was 7”

I began hanging and clamping in July ‘05; clamped I was 7 1/2 x 5 5/8 BPEL.
So it is 2 years 2 months later and what has changed? Pretty much everything except girth. My current BPEL is 8 1/8 x 5 5/8 on average, and flaccid is 6 to
6 1/4 x4 1/2 to 4 3/4. I believe I am locked in at 6 x 4 1/2 flaccid after a few weeks rest, and 7 7/8 / 5 1/2 BPEL. My best clamped was 8 7/8 x 6 last April after a heavy workout, and my best stretch was 9 5/8 in May, but I broke 9” 6 months after starting PE, and there is no more stretch left in the unit.

I quit smoking 6 weeks ago, expecting my reward to be a new plateau, but I have actually lost length and girth, sniff sniff.

So. The gains are: BPEL - nearly two inches
BPEG - nearly one inch
BPFL - 1 to 1 1/4 inches
BPFG - nearly one inch
Max stretch - two + inches
after more than two years, much of that coming withing months of starting.

Before peeing in the morning my flaccid hang is often 7 x 5, which is a real high.

The flaccid length is still slowly coming, but everything else is pretty well peaked. I will keep trying for 8 1/2 x 5 3/4, but any hope of 6” girth would mean constant irritation to get and keep it there, unless someone has suggestions. I do Horse 440s and hang 30 lbs all directions, stretch, wet jelq, and clamp. Does this all sound similar to many veterans?

Start: 5/3/05 BPFL: 5.00" FG: 3.75" BPEL: 6.25" EG: 4.75" BPFSL: 7.00"

6/21/06 6.00 4.65 8.25" 5.50" 8.80"

9/21/07 6.25" 4.75" 8.25" 5.65" 9.20"

Wow good results.. You still want more flaccid ? I think your flaccid is really big !

FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success

I don’t quiet understand the hanging part.. Can someone explain to me how do you do it, when do you do it and how long you do it for ?

Search the hanging forum Noclue. Lots of information on hanging there.

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I appreciate the info given, but being a newbie (and a naive one too), please explain some of the abbreviations used when relating size and size gains! Thanks

Nice success story slezak! :) But how do you know you’ve depleted your gains, what are the signs? Less elasticity?

I’ve been here for a while and I’m confused as well. How do you bone-press a girth measurement for instance!? Hehe :)

Originally Posted by slezak

I will keep trying for 8 1/2 x 5 3/4, but any hope of 6” girth would mean constant irritation to get and keep it there, unless someone has suggestions.

I didn’t see where you have explored pumping yet. Perhaps it’s time. Pumping can be good for girth.

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