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My P.E Journey And Struggle.

My P.E Journey And Struggle.

Hi everyone I’ve recently started looking through the forum and thought I would post as I’d really like some advice.

I’ve been p.e-ing for nearly two years and I’ve made practically zero gains! During this time I’ve tried various angled stretching and jelqing, bought two pumps, lengthmaster, phallosan forte and even got a circumcision!

But still I have barely made any newbie gains let alone solid gains. I started at 5.25 BPEL and 5.2 meg. Currently I am 5.7 BPEL and 5.4/5 meg. I just don’t understand where I am going wrong as the general consensus is that within 3 months guys are gaining a solid inch in length, if not then 6 months.

I can give you details as to training etc so please ask away as all advice is welcome!


I never had those ridiculous newbie gains some are blessed with so you’re not alone. I really prefer extenders because you can expect about 0.1 inches every 100-120 hours. Gives me a flat rate I can look for and I find that reassuring. Obviously everyone is different but most studies show this to be true.

I’ve been working my butt off and I will be happy with an inch after 1 year. Its been 9 months and maybe almost 1”, but truth be told close to1/2” of that was probably “penis memory.” Meaning, at age 59, my penis might have shrunk close to 1/2” and that I gained back pretty fast. You’ve made almost a 1/2” gain in 2 years. Keep going you’ll reach your goal.

Hi guys. It’s good (sort of) that I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. I’ve been using another forum, I won’t name, since I started P.E and the guys all talked about big gains and all these different training methods etc, but I just couldn’t relate to them as they couldn’t offer much in terms of advice tailored to me.

I had hoped to to be at 7 inches by the end of this year but that is not going to happen. Hopefully next year will be different.

I think I have discovered the answer to the problem.. I am overtraining, and training incorrectly on a side note.

Originally Posted by Stripeee
I think I have discovered the answer to the problem.. I am overtraining, and training incorrectly on a side note.

Can you care to elaborate?

U gained .5 length and .25 girth in 2 years consistent? That doesn’t seem too bad to me. Especially if it was tissue and not EQ

9/18 5.5nbpel x 4.3meg 50EQ

12/18 6.5nbpel x 5meg 80EQ

Due to nerve damage in my back and pelvic region i am inconsistent.

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