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My own path to become bigger


Lol, it might be stupid but need to write it. Just came back from my fiancee apartment, drunk more then a liter of wine and few beers and had sex. After a minute(literally 1 minute) was able to have sex again, which didn’t happen since.. My whole life ? Lost it after few minutes but couldn’t breath, need to work on my general condition. Next thing after sex heard “You are saying Your penis is small, look at him now after sex, he’s so damn nice”. Thanks Thunder, really much !

Short report. Standard session after me couple hours ago. Stretching was fine, tissue works perfectly, need some more practice but feel nice during and after.
At jelqing focused hundred percentage on technique, penis was nicely pink, pumped and even looked that way longer then usual. None discoloration noticed but erection were going away from time to time, not sure how long took me whole routine.

Did some measurements during edging. Shouldn’t have done both, wasn’t that truly private but I think did it right.
There were none changes in size, still 5.5” NBPEL, 5.9 BPEL, 4.33 ” MEG. Two weeks ago thought I gained 1/10”(what was awesome for me then) but probably messed up something. Simply can’t believe I lost those “gains” because my buddy looks more pumped and EQ is better then was. Or maybe it’s just “come on, it has to look bigger ?” One more thing about the size - first time checked how things are going at the base, it’s 4.72”. Don’t know if it changed or not, none previous measurements to compare.

Starting the new month, my main goal is to finally keep my routine, practice and stay away from none-planned breaks, simply hope that everything is going be just right. Going to measure it at my birthday, 3.03 and shall see if there is any progress, different then visual but real one. It would be nice to see it works after couple of months gaining at least 1cm length and girth is my little dream.

Good EQ is a good sign, perhaps step up the intensity while making sure you monitor your EQ. Look up horse squeezes.

At birth I was given a choice between a good memory and a big dick, but I can't remember what I chose.

BeardedDragon - "I have definitive mathematical proof that PE works. But I can't send it to you because it's attached to me."

Why don’t you focus on length first, thinner penis is easier to stretch.

2 days off, was too tired to move from my bad.

Czepa, thanks for an advice, read some about those squeezes but they sound a little bit to danger for me, at least for now.

Overdoseads, my main goal is to achieve 5” girth asap, honestly don’t like how my buddy looks like with 4.3”. Doing some stretches, sometimes skip them like today because they feel strange.
Most of the time it is like:
A) tissue helps me to keep my foreskin down but it hurts when I squeeze just under my glance. However if I squeeze to light foreskin goes up
B) feeling a little pain, it is around 2 cm up and 2 cm to the left from my inner penis.

Trying to fix this, doubt that I should feel it but what is obvious won’t leave my penis length as short as it is in the future.

About today - it is boring, still don’t have the recipe for erection during jelqs. My EQ during sex, edging, morning woods are awesome but can’t keep it during routine.
The fact is, for my whole life when I jerked at the bathroom my EQ was never that good as I was doing in my room and never had same good erection while during sex but I think its normal that womans hands are just better then our own.
Point is, I’m doing my routine in the bathroom, the only place I can get enough privacy to do so. To get an erection need to run some sex movies of my fiancee, that works perfectly but still, it goes away.
All of this is just strange because I can find all over the forum threads where guys say “My erection goes to high during newbie routine, need to take breaks” or “I start my jelqing flaccid, after a minute my erection is just great”. How come ?!

After really short non ended today session took some hours to rest and started again. After solid warm up for the first time tried dry jelqs. Not to much, like 20, was wondering how does it feel, how it is in general.
Hard to go up while squeezed, skin hurts a little bit but penis felt nice. Plan for tomorrow- stretch a little,(maybe try some new stretches from video section), make about 50 dry jelqs really carefully and then add oil and do some wet.

Thanks guys for reading my blocks of text and answering my question, probably would have stopped my PE journey, all of those issues aren’t much motivating. Cheers !


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