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My Beginner Routine After Couple of Years

My Beginner Routine After Couple of Years

Hi Guys

I’m returning to this wonderful PE world after couple of years. Before, I did not get length because I was not practising it seriously. However, I noticed my friend is more fat.

Recently, I started practising again the exercises. I am a 36 years old man with 6’ in length (15cm) and 5 ’ (13 cm) in thickness. In its natural stage it is smaller, of course. I am 6 feet and my weight is 160 pounds (aprox 80kg) I go regularly to the gym and I want to lose weight, gain muscles and increase my dick’s size.

I think that my dick is not big enough as it should be according to my physical description. I re-started the PE this time dividing the sessions in two parts as the following:

1. Warning up with some hot water
2. During my morning shower I practice 100 wet milking with firm pressure until the glands is very red and I can feel the expansion
3. Every 25 milks, I rotate the penis to every side, up and down to relax it and then I started again.
(Time and privacy is a big issue so I cannot workout as I want)

Bed Time
1. I pull out my penis in various directions many times as warm up
2. Then I practice 100 dry jelqs with a moderate pressure, sometimes more firm than others
3. Finally, I Clamp couple of minutes between the dry jelqs

I would like to ask you what do you think about this routine?

In how many months I can get an increase if I work out regularly (5-6 days per week)

What advice can you give me, if you have been gaining size over a period o time.

Any comment will be welcome



Seems very good

Be carrefull with dry jel in bed and bend.I hurted myself with dry jelq 1 month ago.

Just a thing 160 lbs = 73 kg

I am 170lbs and it is 77kg.

Start 01/01/09 6.8"BPEL(17,2cm) 4.3"MEG (11cm) Off 01/01/10 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.5"MEG (11.4cm). Back in PE after 4 years off - Back to NB routine the 03/01/2014 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.6"MEG (11.7cm)

Now :7.5"BPEL X 4.6 EG :/ Short Term Goal 7.3"X5" (lenght reached !) Long Term Goal 7.5"X5.5" : hard! (length achieve, desperate about poor girth). New goals : ST: 7.7X4.75 LT: 8X5.1

Nice routine. Got any pics?

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