MVAgusta's Starting PE

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

Well, to start things off, up until now (at the ripe old age of 28), I’d never really thought about PE. Or, rather, from anything if read I thought it was a complete myth. Who isn’t curious as a young man, in the internet age, seeing what can be considered “the ideal male” on various websites of ill repute, given that, well, I don’t look like that? It seems like a story that’s been repeated a thousand times over on this and other sites like it.

Suffice to say, I’ve never been completely unhappy with what nature and my genetics have endowed me with, but always thought “couldn’t there be more?” But that’s not what brought me here.

In the last year or so, I’d noticed a distinct decline in my EQ. Maybe stress, maybe diet, maybe my affinity for certain vices (namely, beer and whiskey) had led to it? I’d tried a regimen of NO precursors and herbal supplements (maca, horny goat weed, etc.), to no avail. I had been, and continue to, have regular sex; it just wasn’t getting as firm as it used to, and I found that I was losing hardness amidst each session more frequently.

So I looked online for remedies to my situation, something other than a supplement. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon a posting about male Kegels (which happened to be here, though I cannot recall exactly which thread, forgive me). It was as if I had just “taken the blue pill”. This place is a treasure trove of everything that scientific studies have found “inconclusive”. But here, amongst the preponderance of threads and posts, lies the truth behind what many have speculated throughout countless years.

PE is real. PE works.

So, inspired by the veterans and will full newcomers alike, I’ve started the routine.

Basic, to be sure: warm ups, stretches (v stretches, LDPs, DLDs with a side of caution, jelqs and kegels). Again, I didn’t come here for PE, I came here for EQ. But a voice deep inside of me said “why not?”.

It’s been almost two weeks now (2 on, one off). Gentlemen, I can already notice a difference in EQ. Prayers answered, watershed moment. Once again hard as a teenager at the prom night after party.

So time to revisit those old thoughts of “maybe there’s more?”. I’m starting my journey at 7.5” BPEL, 6” EG. The sky is the limit, as they say?

Gentlemen, though we’ve never met or spoken before, I immensely appreciate what you’ve done here, and I hope that I can join and contribute to to the community as a whole.

I plan on posting my routine in more specifics, and the progress that follows. I hope for your advice and expertise as I go along.

With utmost respect,

Mr. MVAgusta.

"How do you get to Carnegie hall?"