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Mr.F (IPR Protocol Progress Report Thread)


Mr.F (IPR Protocol Progress Report Thread)

I’ve switched to IPR protocol so, I’ve decided to let the other thread that I started in this section sink and disappear, and will continue on in this one.

I’ve been doing virtually nothing since returning to Thunders but read about IPR Protocol (decoding Xeno). I’m over a third of the way through my second reading of the Finding Xeno thread and the more I read the less I want to do any more classic PE

I’m hoping to read the IPR progress reports of several other members also, but for the moment I’ve got my work cut out for me in getting a clearer understanding of Xeno.

I’m still working on length with jelqs, stretches and ADS.

I’m now measuring a non-cemented eighth of an inch longer after beginning my workout, after just a few days. Hoping that it’s a precursor to actual growth (and not just swelling) and that it’ll continue.

If I follow IPR protocol I should theoretically, ultimately, get a 0.25” increase from just two weeks of limited cycles (followed by the P and R Macro phases), but I jelqed with a lot of force today and ruptured a vein. I’m not sure if my penis will actually stand up to an IPR Micro-I phase as it feels like it may as well be completely deconditioned following my years-long break (8 years).

I’m going to try and work it as hard as it’ll take, on a 1 on 2 off cycle, as per IPR Protocol, and see the kind of gains I can achieve.

This is the one thing that I’ve never tried before for fear of shocking my Penis into producing Type III collagen.

The problem is, it seems like my Penis can’t stand up to the workload. Not just have I blown out a vein jelqing at a high intensity today, but at about three quarters of the way through the jelqing session, all the PI’s change and it seemed like everything just stops working.

I didn’t change the rate or intensity of the jelqs, but my penis just seems to surrender all resistance. I’ve got a feeling it might just be a reduction in erectile quality, because of what I’m doing to it. I’ll have to test that hypothesis in three days, after Micro-P phase.

Also, in the next session I’ll perform my stretches before I jelq, as today’s blown-out vein made stretching difficult, due to the fact that I need to pull on the skin to get an adequate grip.

Both days that I’ve jelqed hard I’ve blown out a vein. The first time there wasn’t too much blood and it dissipated relatively quickly but today there was a larger swelling and while it has now dispersed into a wider bruise it’s quite heavy and I’m wondering if it will actually just fade like a regular bruise, or whether part or all of it will stick around as discolouration.

I’m going to be wearing the Penimaster as ADS with no tension, just keeping it elongated, for the Macro-P phase. I need to make a cock coil.

It seems strange that not being conditioned is now potentially working against me. IPR Protocol turns PE almost completely on its head.

Obviously I’m hoping I’m going to see results using IPR Protocol. I guess the worst that happens is I don’t gain from it, but just extended my PE sabbatical by 2 to 3 months.

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Forgot to include my starting stats information:

My starting stats at time of writing:


BPEL: 7.5 (19cm)

It’s no accident that I’m more or less bang on 7.5”, it took a massive amount of effort to get to that length with diminishing gains having slowed to almost nothing. The moment I felt I’d safely cemented 7.5” BPEL I stopped. I was motivated to get to that length because I consider it a “layman’s eight” inches due to how most guys measure (if I measure in that same way I’m eight inches).

However, at that point growth was happening at such a slow pace and I’d been practising P.E. for such a long time, that it was just getting too much to bare. By that time I thought I was way past the point of diminishing returns and just didn’t see sense in continuing.

What probably started out as a decon break probably turned into the 8 year sabbatical (during which time I threw out most of my P.E. gear) because I was basically bored to tears of hanging sets day in day out with minimal to virtually no returns.

I have to say my routine was neither subtle nor nuanced and just involved hanging as much as I could for as long as I could. Basically something like a punctuated ADS routine at the highest weight I could manage to hang. Not something I’d ever do again or ever recommend, especially since it ultimately gave me quite considerable back problems that I had to address with stretching routines and yoga.

Also, by the time I’d finished, my EQ was as low as I’ve ever experienced, to the point that it almost felt like erectile dysfunction and partial impotence. That’s not to say that there’s no place for hanging in PE, just that I believe it should be approached intelligently and not just brute forced.

Having said that, In the time I spent away I didn’t loose any of my cemented length. I suspect my girth is the same also, although I don’t remember what my girth measured when I stopped, I believe it was the same as it is now.


5.75” (14.7cm) Base
5.00” (12.5cm) Mid-shaft
5.25” (13.3cm) End of shaft (below glans)


Also, I’m taking up HIIT (high intensity interval training) for HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production and increase metabolic rate on Micro-I / Micro-P days.

Although today I’m in the Micro-R phase of my first IPR Micro-Cycle I did do some HIIT today.

Having just completed that, and having had a hot bath to soak my muscles, tendons and ligaments, I’ve just measured and I’m getting a pinch-pulled measurement of +2 eighths of an inch. That’s an increase of +1 eighth of an inch since I measured yesterday. I think it’s safe to say that those increases are in no way cemented, but it bodes well as an indication that growth is possible and even potentially already underway.

I’m going to be incorporating the HIIT session into my routine after the Micro-I phase of each IPR Micro-cycle. So, at present the routine is going to be:

Starting in the morning of day 1 of the Micro-IPR cycle:

Micro-I phase (consisting of jelqs and pulls in line with the increase that’s recommended by “IPR Protocol for PE” theory).

Immediately following Micro-I phase: High intensity interval training (HIIT) to accelerate metabolic rate and promote production of HGH.

Following HIIT (having bathed and eaten) switching to ADS at zero intensity for the Micro-I phase (i.e. for the rest of the day).

This means no stress from the ADS, just ADS to keep it extended, to keep the tears/ruptures open in an elongated state but without the kind of force that would cause more tearing/rupturing (inflammation), as we want to avoid further inflammation to let the Micro-P stage commence. The ADS is to to keep the tears/ruptures open in an elongated state so the fibroblasts and Type III Collagen fill elongated tears/ruptures in the Tunica etc. rather than layering on top of each other or in compacted clusters, or bunches, which wouldn’t promote as much length and could potentially also hinder further growth by conditioning the tissues to resist the continued exercise.

Those three stages, including the Micro-I Phase and the Micro-P Phase (I’m including the HIIT session as a stage in this routine for a total of three stages) all take place over the course of a single day (day 1 of the 3-day IPR Micro-Cycle).

The Micro-R phase of the three day IPR Micro-Cycle begins at the end of Day 1 when we remove the ADS to sleep.

Days 2 and 3 are the Micro-R stage. On these days I do nothing but rest, so that the deposited Type III Collagen etc. can establish itself well enough that further exercise adds to it rather than disrupting it (or at least that’s the theory).

Days 2 and 3 are also the rest phase for the body following the HIIT session.


Jelqing Method

The Jelq stroke I’m using is one I’ve formulated specifically for my own member. It won’t be relevant for a lot of people and isn’t recommended for newbies (I’m back after an 8 year break and I’ve blown out a vein twice in the two days I’ve used it).

My unit is 5.75” (14.7cm) at the base, 5.00” (12.5cm) Mid-shaft, and 5.25” (13.3cm) at the distal end below the glans. In other words it’s basically a kind of horizontally asymmetrical hourglass shape, and I’m using the stroke I’m using not just for length, but to both even out the girth and to increase the size of my glans in line with my girth increase.

It’s a two-handed, over hand jelq where each hand “hands off” to the other, so most of the time, both hands are on my unit, each in turn being taken off at the end of the stroke to be re-introduced at the base.

It starts off at the base of the penis as a typical overhand jelq but with very high force in the grip so that the grip tightens over the slimmer mid-shaft as it progresses. When that hand reaches the point at which the shaft begins to widen I don’t relax the grip, I just let it jam against the widening shaft at the distal end, so that the hand doesn’t actually reach the end of the shaft. The stroke causes an intense engorging and stippling of the glans as the glans is inflated (the glans is fed with blood vie the Corpus Spongiosum and doesn’t have as large a volume as the Corpora Cavernosa, so in respect to the engorgement of the glans, the hands not reaching the glans is not a problem), but I’m hoping isn’t working the distal end of the shaft (the Corpora Cavernosa) in such an intense way that it’ll gain too much more girth, as I want to concentrate on increasing mid-shaft girth to even out the shape before I move on to girth work proper.

As the first hand reaches the end of its stroke, jammed into the shaft at the point that the shaft is widening, it’s kept in place as the second hand is introduced at the base in just the same way as the first causing a squeeze that “balloons” the mid-shaft. It’s once the ballooning reaches it’s full intensity due to the second hand progressing down the shaft that the first hand (that’s gripping the distal end of the shaft at the point that it widens) is released and re-introduced at the base, while the second hand progresses along the shaft in the same manner as the first, to again jam into the shaft at the point that the shaft widens, waiting for the ballooning at mid-shaft (caused by the first hand progressing along the shaft a second time) to reach full intensity before again releasing to be reintroduced at the base.

Both hands continue on in this manner for the duration of the set. Each stroke is approximately 3 seconds per hand.

Lubrication for the Jelq

Due to not having any Vaseline I’ve been using Black & White hair pomade as a lubricant (I do now have Vaseline and will be switching to that instead.)

I’m using an oil-based lubricant because gel-based lubricants dry up and need constant re-application.

I’m using an oil based jelly because it’s easier to manage due to the fact that it doesn’t spill, drip or run.

Also, and I’m not entirely sure about this, but I believe it also helps achieve a slower stroke because it provides a kind of resistance, although that’s something I need to test. It’s been many years since I jelqed with a liquid oil. Either way I want to try and avoid liquid oil due to it being hard to control due to spilling, dripping and/or running.


In short, I’m avoiding it. For two reasons:

1. Ejaculation causes my member to turtle. Conversely, not ejaculating causes it to remain partially engorged, even when in a flaccid state. During the Micro-P and Micro-R phases this engorgement is probably conducive to growth.

2. My penis responds more readily and easily to erotic stimuli if I’ve not ejaculated, and so is easier to manipulate for the purposes of the P.E. routines.

As it is, the start of my next Micro-IPR Cycle falls on a day I have a disruption to my P.E. schedule, so (given that my high intensity Jelqs have also blown out a vein), I’m going to extend this Cycle’s Micro-R phase by one day.

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Got through today’s exercises without blowing out a vein. I’m imagining I should be okay with respect to that from here on out.

Questioning the rest period of the Micro-IPR cycle a little, due to experiencing a retraction of the additional 2 eighths of an inch. Tempted to switch to staying in ADS for all three days of the cycle but am going to stick with the program as it is, at least for the moment.

If I had to argue in favour of the two rest days I’d probably suggest the tissues need to heal over those two days and ADS could very well disrupt that process.

Ultimately, if I can get the same gains without ADS for those two days as I would with ADS, then wearing ADS for those two days is just an unnecessary complication, and as such, is probably best just avoided.

Okay, so, I made a bit of an error in the description of my jelq stroke. I said I incorporated “ballooning” which it seems is a name for an older exercise promoted by a “woo woo new age / ancient medicines practitioner” and which most people at Thunders used to think was completely ineffective. The term I should have used was “squeeze”. My jelq stroke incorporates a squeeze.

Also, I’ve decided I’m going to revert back to the classic newbie routine for the time being, so, apologies if you’re reading this due to an interest in IPR Protocol, but I’m going to maximise the newbie gains that might be possible for me before progressing to IPR.

I didn’t see the sense in not switching straight to IPR until reading this:

Originally Posted by xenolith
An important point here: newbie gains come from an entirely different mechanism than do post-newbie gains; newbie gains come from cellular hypertrophy and minor ligament stretching; post-newbie gains come from cellular hyperplasia and major ligament stretching. xenolith - Finding xeno: a penis tale

Basically, there is a point to sticking with the Newbie Routine; there are gains to be had that IPR doesn’t exploit.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some newbie gains from the newbie routine because:

1. I didn’t use the newbie routine extensively when I started P.E. I tried it but mainly used a stretcher followed by hanging weights.

2. I’ve just come back from an eight year decon break, so, it seems I might be able to get newbie gains for that reason.

Unfortunately, since I didn’t use the newbie routine the first time around, I’m not going to be able to say conclusively whether or not newbie gains can be expected after such a long break.

I’m going to revert back to my older progress thread until I’ve finished the newbie routine and return to IPR.

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Yeah IPR routines can turn heavy duty fast. But it might be necessary if you can’t gain any other way. Stuff like xenos tiger trap seemed too easy to make a fault with.

That said IPR principles are real and apply to any PE. If you don’t go that hard the times of the phases are shorter like with the newbie routine you still need some rest at some point.

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Yeah IPR routines can turn heavy duty fast. But it might be necessary if you can’t gain any other way. Stuff like xenos tiger trap seemed too easy to make a fault with.

That said IPR principles are real and apply to any PE. If you don’t go that hard the times of the phases are shorter like with the newbie routine you still need some rest at some point.

I seem to be making progress with just the newbie routine and I’m hoping that’ll continue. I’m going to keep monitoring things.

The mistake I made the first time was using an extender to condition me for hanging and then trying to increase my weights as fast as possible to try and get to the sweet spot that all of the old school hangers were reporting gave them incredible gains. It didn’t work.

I’m not eager to go that route again. If I can keep gaining using just the newbie routine I might try and avoid IPR entirely, but I don’t think things are going to be that easy and I’m not sure the newbie routine will give me the girth I’m looking for.

I have new cable clamps now (I threw the ones I had away when I thought I wasn’t going to come back), and I’ve ordered materials to build some cock coils.

I do want a Tiger Trap but I’m not very handy, so it might be a bit difficult for me to build one. But, while I’m figuring that out, I’ve got the newbie routine and cable clamps, but if I could, I’d probably go straight from the newbie routine to a Tiger Trap. I’m hoping I’ll be able to figure out how to build one before I’m finished with the newbie routine.

I’m not sure what length I’d want to be if I had my choice, I guess a bone pressed 8”, but I want to try and stay at or below a girth of 6”

8” by 6” is probably what I’m going to aim for, but I’m not sure how to exercise so that I can reach that ratio. I think I just have to keep monitoring and trying different routines to see what kind of growth they produce.

Okay, so, at this point I’m picking up where this thread ended: Mr.F (Progress Report / Log) because I’ve started my IPR protocol.

I did my first set today.

It comprised of 4 sets of multi clamp, cable clamp clamping, at the highest intensity I could get it.

After each clamping set I pumped as close as I could get to PEFF style for 4 minutes, cycling up to the highest vacuum I could achieve, before releasing the suction.

For the first pumping set I used a standard hand pump. For the last three, I used a Jabsco Little Pal brass hand pump (Fed Ex delivered it just before my 2nd clamping set).

I tried to extend the last pumping set to 8 minutes to get to a cumulative total of 24 minutes, but at about the 20th minute I got a build up of lymph that filled the tube. So, for my subsequent sets I’ll keep the pumping to 4 minutes per set, to avoid the excessive lymph build up.

Each time I release the suction I partially remove the tube to let the skin that gets sucked into the tube fall back out. This way the suction hits the tunica rather than pulling on the skin that tends to bunch up around the shaft when the pressure’s released.

I’m taking three rest days during which I’ll wear a cock coil as an ADS, switching to a Penimaster if I need to do any typing. My next Micro-I phase, all things going to plan, will be on Tuesday the 6th November.

I also now have all the parts here to built a Tiger Trap. I’m going to see if I can build one before my next IPR session, so that I can include it in the workout.

These are my starting stats:

Originally Posted by Mr. F
Okay, so, I woke up and the first thing I did was measure as accurately as I could.

I’ve not really ever tried to get a totally accurate girth measurement as I’ve always been focused on length. I’ve measured just to keep an eye on things but not really with a view to making comparisons on a day to day or week to week basis. From here on out that’s going to be my priority.

These are effectively my starting stats for multi cable-clamp clamping:

My BPEL is 7.75” (I know, that’s a massive jump from what I thought I measured when I resumed the practice about 20 days ago. I think EQ might have been a factor in that, plus I’ve just put myself on a strict low-carb diet that’s potentially reducing my fat-pad quite rapidly.).

My girth measurements, straight out of bed, before any kind of exercise and with the only girth work I’ve done for the last two days being jelqing (no clamping or pumping since November 29th))…

Top of shaft: 5.25”

Mid-Shaft: 5.125”

Base girth: 5.5”

I obtained this base girth measurement by pulling the tape tight to compress both the extra skin where the skin of the penis transitions into that of the scrotum, and to compress two large dorsal veins on either side of the base of the shaft. I believe they’re the external pubic veins (which I previously mistook for the obturator vein in this diagram:…le:Gray1159.png). I took pains to pull the measuring tape tight enough to compress these veins etc. without pulling so hard as to deform or constrict the tunica.

Had I taken the measurement using a millimetre scale It would probably have caused me to use a finer pressure to obtain the measurements but, with one sixteenth of an inch (which can be judged quite sufficiently by eye) being only 1.5875mm, I’m happy with the accuracy of the imperial scale.

Mr. F - Mr.F (Progress Report / Log)

It seems whether I measure a BPEL of 7.75” or 7.625” depends on EQ and level of arousal.

I used too much pulling force on the tape for my former distal measurement so I’ve measured again:

Top of shaft: 5.375”

Mid-Shaft: 5.125”

Base girth: 5.5” (approximately)

Also, not sure how I’m going to keep measuring base girth as the veins and extra skin make it very hard to get an accurate measurement; almost impossible in fact. It’s not something I’m going to be able to track too reliably.

I’ve also decided to resume my length exercises.

The girth exercises I performed today gave me a temporary 6” girth and it made my penis look a lot shorter. It’s made me think that I’m going to want more length.

Plus I don’t think girth work alone is going to give me the extra half inch that I’m looking for, I’m a bit concerned that I’m not actually going to gain any more girth at all. I’m going to add length work back into my routine and just play it by ear (that’s not to say that I’m going to stop measuring). I think the size I really want probably exceeds the eight inches that I’d set as a limit for my longitudinal growth. The reason being, I don’t want something that’s going to be impractical. The thing is, I just never really have sex anyway, so I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t worry too much about length.

I received my re-ordered heat shrink cable wrap today so going to be putting some cock coils together tomorrow.

Once those are done I’ll make a start on the Tiger Trap.

I received my long axe handle for bucking bronco stretches today as well as my Jabsco Little Pal for dynamic pumping.

Also, my HTW’s arrived, so now it seems I’m officially a Scunci Girl :D

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My Micro-IPR cycle is four days long.

Subsequent to the the Micro-I phase, I’m applying my extender at Cock Coil equivalent weights, under an IR lamp.

I’m doing this for the rest of the day following Micro-I phase and also on the second day of each Micro-IPR cycle, to complete the Micro-P phase.

That means (my Micro-I phase having been performed yesterday) today I’m in a Penimaster at Cock Coil equivalent tension under an IR lamp.

I’m not sure whether I should spend the entire three days under IR. I’m thinking that I might actually do that, as far as I possibly can, so as to promote collagen production.

That would mean 13 days sitting in desk chair wearing a Penimaster under IR, followed by the transition to the Micro-P phase where I’ll make use of cock coils until the Macro-R phase.

I’m also going to reintegrate jelqing and stretching into the routine, to be performed before the heavier IPR focused exercises.

I’m in two minds as to whether I should execute Sumo Stretches and Bucking Broncos during the P & R phases as I’m concerned the accompanying stress to the soft tissues might interfere with the proliferation and modelling phases. It’s my thinking that regular, systematic interruption of the processes would be bad, and I want to give myself every opportunity to grow.

What’s your routine basically?

Originally Posted by Mr. F

That would mean 13 days sitting in desk chair wearing a Penimaster under IR, followed by the transition to the Micro-P phase where I’ll make use of cock coils until the Macro-R phase.

Would you consider low intensity Ultrasound for 10- 15 minutes two times a day instead.

START 18 cm / 13.15 cm Jul 24th 2018 (7.09 / 5.18 inches)

NOW 20.8 cm / 14.8 cm April 15th 2019 (8.19 / 5.84 inches)

GOAL 8.5 / 6 inches

Originally Posted by Kyrpa
Would you consider low intensity Ultrasound for 10- 15 minutes two times a day instead.

To be honest I’ve no idea what effect Ultrasound would have. If I knew it would work and I had the opportunity to use it then yes, absolutely. But I don’t know what effect it would have.

Originally Posted by Golfclub
What’s your routine basically?

To be honest my routine’s been changing on a daily basis. Currently it’s this:

One day on, three days off for a total of 4 cycles. The last three days of the forth cycle will also constitute the first three days of a 4 week Macro-P phase, after which I’ll take a three month break for Macro-R.

On the day in the cycle that I’m going to be working the tissues (the first of the four days in each Micro-IPR cycle), I’m going to do ten minutes of newbie-routine manual stretches, plus Bucking Bronco stretches and Sumo Stretches

Once that’s done I’ll be doing four sets of multiple clamp, cable-clamp clamping at the highest intensity I can get it to, followed by several sets with a Tiger Trap (I’ve not worked out the sets I’ll be doing with the tiger trap. I’ve not built it yet. I’m going to make a start on that either later today or tomorrow).

Following the Tiger Trap I’ll perform a 16 to 20 minute set of dynamic pumping with a Jabsco Little Pal , cycling up to the strongest vacuum I’m able to pull as fast as I’m able to pull it and back down again. Each time I release the vacuum I’ll partially remove the tube to let the skin that was pulled in by the suction fall back out, so that the suction hits the tunica rather then the skin that would otherwise bunch up in the tube.

I’ll continue with Bucking Broncos and Sumo Stretches, an a day to day basis to work on length.

That’s basically my routine.

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In keeping with my routine changing by the day, here’s the latest update:

I was intending to model Xeno’s approach to P.E. but It’s kind of lead me around in circles.

I was trawling through my notes this morning and found this:

Originally Posted by xenolith
Originally Posted by Walter5169
I remember reading you found out girth work required more frequency than length work, almost daily while in inflammation phase.
Any more precisions on your PE schedule when you work on girth?

You’re right Walter, although really, it’s intensity that I think is important with girth work…frequency just gets substituted for intensity sometimes I think. So yes, I’ll do 3 or 4 days in a row of girth work then take 7-10 days off before doing another 3 or 4 day run. I’ll do 3 or 4 runs before taking a several month rest.

xenolith - Finding xeno: a penis tale

This has basically sent me back to the drawing board.

As for what my routine is at this time, I’ve no idea.

I did another four sets of multi clamp, clamping today, each followed by high intensity dynamic pumping with a Jabsco Little Pal.

I have no idea how I’d do these exercises on consecutive days as I’m so sore after just one Micro-I phase that I couldn’t imagine not taking at least one day off in between.

Also, I’m waiting on glue to build my Tiger Trap. The one component of the build I’d overlooked :/

What I’m probably going to do is build the Tiger Trap than do four sessions and then switch to the Macro-P phase.

It’s probably going to be a few days until the glue arrives for the Tiger Trap, so I’ll probably perform at least one more (if not two) Micro-I phase(s) with multiple clamps before I’m able to do the full set with the Tiger Trap incorporated.

I’m thinking that maybe the best thing for this thread is for it to be a log of the exercises I have performed rather than description of a program of exercises I hope to perform.

BPEL 7 6/8”


Top of shaft: 5.31”

Mid-shaft: 5.25”

These gains are probably not cemented.

I’ve more or less given up on trying to get an accurate base-girth.

I’m alternating between a set in the Penimaster under IR, and stretches.

I’m holding up to four sustained Bucking Bronco stretches; 2 with the left hand and 2 with the right, 2 overhand and 2 underhand. The underhand stretches causes the shaft to twist in a way that it feels like it’s folding the septum against the axe-handle and it hits the top of the shaft with a very intense stretch. Holding with an overhand grip allows me to hold the shaft straight and lets me apply more force to target the ligaments. I’m going to continue experimenting with this.

Following the Bucking Broncos I’m performing 5-6 Sumo Stretches.

I’ve not been able to saw the parts for my Tiger Trap or heat-shrink my CC wraps with my heat gun, nor have I clamped or pumped today, as where I normally have the place to myself during the day I’m currently sharing it with a flu-ridden family member and the many sounds of the industry of PE is liable to pique curiosity.

I tried to do some more interval training today but my legs are so fatigued I could barely jog so I broke off almost immediately; now I’m also having trouble walking. It was a bit reckless I guess but generally speaking it’s been making me feel a lot better. Just need to wait for my legs to strengthen up before I can go out for another run. It seems that it’s mainly my tendons that need the rest, but my muscles are pretty much exhausted too.

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Bit of a disappointment measuring this morning, as straight out of bed I’m back to 7 & 5/8” (from 7 & 6/8”) BPEL and 8 & 1/8” (from 8 & 2/8”) BPFL.

I’m pleased to report 2 sustained Bronco stretches brought that 1/8” back. But having exhausted all of the “easy gains” in my ligs I seem to be limited to BPFL 8 & 2/8” / BPEL 7 6/8”.

I seemed to have “peeled” / “stripped” my ligs back to just their core. Either that or my body’s just responded extremely rapidly in strengthening what I’m pulling on. Either way I’ve gone from a feeling of my ligs almost breaking apart, separating and “peeling” as I was pulling, to a sensation of constant tension.

I don’t think there are more “easy gains” for me in that respect, but it seems it was good for an easy 1 or 2 8ths of an inch length gain (assuming all of my gains since resuming have been “easy gains” resulting from the stretching out of fully deconditioned ligaments).

I’m going to stop taking bone pressed erect measurements as the pain it’s causing me to press the metal ruler into tender ligs is conditioning me out of full erections. My pinch-pulled BPFL is more or less one to one (in as much that if I measure an extra 1/8” inch flacid I can expect to measure an extra 1/8” erect) so that’s the measurement I’ll be using from here on out. I don’t know if this would be the same for everyone but I’ve measured and monitored carefully over time both before I left and since returning and I can say that subtracting half an inch from my BPFL gives me my erect length. This probably isn’t going to be the same for everybody.

My girth this morning has improved but I did clamp and pump yesterday and I’m not sure if the improvement I’m seeing is the tail end of those exercises or if it might be indicative of growth in progress. Maybe the two are inseparable.


Top of Shaft: 5 & 7/16” (5.44”)

Mid Shaft: 5 & 3/8”

My current length goal is to carry on past the 7.75” point so as to keep gaining length while cementing at least 7 & 5/8” (7.6”). My next marker point is to make 7.75” a constant at full erection even if not cemented. Hopefully, by that time I’ll be measuring a sporadic 7 & 7/8” which I’ll at that point be working on turning into a constant 7 & 7/8” and hopefully cementing 7 & 6/8” whilst doing so.

Yesterday I performed either two or three multiple clamp clamping sets. To be honest I lost count but couldn’t have clamped any more after the last (I think it was the third set) because my penis was sore to the point that it was a little painful to the touch. I’m pretty much satisfied that I achieved disruption to the tunica.

I also performed dynamic pumping with the Jabsco Little Pal, as fast and to as high a vacuum as it’ll allow. I’ve no idea what the strength of the pull was as I don’t have a valve on the apparatus.

Today I’m going to build some cock coils so that I can get mobile without having the discomfort of the Penimaster.

I’m then going to saw the pieces for my Tiger Trap. I’m still waiting on the Gorilla Glue but I should at least be able to get the parts sawn and drilled.

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