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Mr Pumper's new routine

Mr Pumper's new routine

Hi everyone,

Although I haven’t written any post (except for the introduction I posted several months ago in the section for Spanish speakers) I have been an assiduous reader of the forum for a few years.

The reason for this post is to put on the table the new PE routine I am planning to carry on, so that, with the help of more experienced PE trainers, we can discuss its methods and details.

I have been trying PE for about 2 years with very modest gains so far. I started with 15.7cm length and 13.2cm girth erect (measured in the middle). Throughout this period of time I have interrupted my routine for months in various occasions due to schedule difficulties (I just graduated from medical school. Together with my studies, travelling has made it very hard to keep a minimum constancy). So, roughly, in a period of 24 months of inconstant PE I have reached 16.9cm length and almost 14cm girth.

From this September to next January I expect to have enough time to start a new strict routine in order to maximise my gains in the least time possible. For that purpose, I plan the following:

1. July and August: start with warm-up exercises, stretching 15’ a day and basic jelqing for another 15’. I probably won’t be able to do that every day due to my trips, but I’ll do my best to follow it as many days as possible.
2. September - January: start gradually with more intense and longer jelqing sessions (initially 3 times a week for 15-20’ and progress to 5 times a week for 30-40’) preceded by a proper warm-up and stretching.
Immediately after the jelqing exercises, inject -1 ( to both CC with a 29Gy insulin needle once a week. With regard to this, I intend to switch injection sites every time to avoid fibrosis and to use a cock ring for 20’ together with penile massage to help achieve a good distribution of the product.

There are however still some things which I hope you can help me decide:

1. Type of -1: standard unmodified -1 has a half-life of roughly 30’. The pro: very low systemic effect. The con: short action time in the penis. On the other hand, IGF-LR3 lasts for up to 20h in the blood circulation. This prolongs the local effect, but also increases the chance of undesired systemic effects.

2. Doses: bodybuilders use very high doses, which I consider unnecessary if the aim is to induce local growth in the penis. To those of you who already tried it? Which doses have given you the best results? I was thinking of starting off with 10mcg in each CC and gradually increase the dose up to 20-30mcg in each.

3. Dosing interval: if I train 3 times a week for one month, leaving 1 day in between to let the tissue rest, how many injections a week would you recommend? Should 1 be sufficient if using the short-acting IGF? One injection per session may be more than I can handle and needless to say my penis has to recover from the needle injury.

4. Dissolving IGF: Lypophilised IGF is sold as a powder in order to preserve its stability. After doing some research I have found no consensus on whether dissolving it in Bacteriostatic Water makes it more or less effective/ more or less safer than in Acetic Acid or the other way round. Apparently, there is not much scientific evidence on how long each form remains stable and therefore effective. Apparently, IGF in bacteriostatic water lasts for 3 months at 4ÂșC, and is obviously less abrasive for the tissue. On the other hand, I haven’t found any reason why I shouldn’t just use saline solution. Any references about that?

5. Injection Sites: Week 1: Top of CC (right below the glans); Week 2: mid CC; Week 3: bottom; Week 4: start again on top. This would help the needle injuries heal better as well as keep a more proportionate and efficient growth since it will be stimulating different areas of the corpus cavernosum. I also thought of making oblique injections into de glans (I.e. Oblique, through the CC into the glans and never directly through the surface). I am not certain about that and need to thoroughly think of it. I would love to see huge gains on my glans, I am probably more enthusiastic about that than about gaining an extraordinary length or girth. But of course, safety goes first. Is there any particular exercise that has proven to give you good results concerning glans size?

6. Use of Jelq devices: Do you recommend them? I have always done the exercises with my hands, which I admit after a while can be exhausting, so perhaps I would benefit from the use of these devices.

Finally, on the rest days I intend to keep my stretching exercises for at least 15-20’. Also, I am considering using andropenis after each jelq session for 2h to boost its effect (I’ll try more time if possible, but better to begin modestly). What do you think?

I hope I’m not forgetting anything. I will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my routine and any suggestion or advice that helps me improve it will be most welcome :) If everything goes as planned I’ll be soon making a full report of my progresses that will include pictures and maybe even videos of one full session.

About my goals, I have not defined a final figure I pursue with this routine. If I observe significant results during the first month and decide to keep going, I’ll do my best to take the most of it at least until January. According to my gains during that time, I may want to repeat it after a couple months of rest. Personally I would be satisfied with a 5cm gain in length and 2 or 3cm gain in girth, but if it proves successful, I can’t promise to stop there :P


To most people I would say forget about chemical PE as you have already made gains with normal manual PE, so continuing with that would seem the sensible option.
However, as you are a med grad, and as there is little good info on IGF use (abuse?), I and many others would be interested to see your results. Unfortunately we would never know what results you would have obtained through non-chem PE, so the information value would be somewhat limited. Your own research will probably be the best guide to the methodology you choose for the ‘experiment’. You may be more likely to find info on your medium for dissolving powder form IGF on a bodybuilding site than here.

Injection sites, even with so fine a needle, will inevitably create weak spots in the CCs. I wouldn’t want to (for example) clamp, straight after injecting; the risk is probably small but not worth taking.

I have never used a jelq device for any time, finding hands to be the best option for PE, but of course a jelq device creates less variables and is more repeatable if you are concerned with creating a ‘model’ chem PE method.

I’ve never used stetchers, but don’t doubt their value; they just don’t fit with my lifestyle.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but having not tried chem PE and knowing that not many others have, I’m commenting more out of medical interest than PE interest and to let you know I’ll be following this thread.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks for your comment, Firegoat. It’ll take some time to gather all the sterile instruments and products. I hope to decide the details in the meantime. By now my main doubt is whether to purchase the long-acting form of IGF (20-30h half life) or the unmodified version (30min). Apparently, bodybuilders use the first one in doses around 40mcg after workout, and they dilute it with 0.6% AA (Acetic Acid) and then dilute 1 IU of this solution into 4 IU of Bacteriostatic Water. I reckon this way one avoids the tissue damaging effects of an injection with a high concentration in AA.


I’ve been struggling to gather all the items necessary to start with this routine. Still haven’t found a reliable source for lr3 -1. I have, however, found a very interesting study showing remarkable results in the enlargement of the glans by using hyaluronic acid injections and I’m considering doing that as well. Here you can read it:…l/3901044a.html

Some things I am still considering is: the type of needle I should use. I ordered insulin syringes with a 1cm (approx) needle length and 10ml capacity.…_27277_zoom.jpg
The width of the needle is 30G, the thinnest I could find. That should diminish the risk of scarring, though I’m not sure yet of what the areas of injection for IGF should be (the liquid should go into the CC, across the fascia far from nerves and vessels.…1/anatomy-1.jpg
I presume the best conditions for injection are semi-erect penis, since that will allow me to visualise the blood vessels better and and the needle will go straight into the CC.

I’ve also read about the use of PDE5 combined with IGF in order to block IGF from escaping into systemic bloodstream. My original plan does not include the use of that substance.. But if IGF alone has to have no local effect (as some people have suggested in PE forums), then it would be necessary and I still have to establish the time and place of both injections.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Mr. Pumper

Did you read the threads on chemical PE on site? Did you try to contact those who performed it?

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