Milton’s annual update

Its been a frustrating year. I’ve made progress but some of the gains have been lost. My routine has always been primarily pumping and manual stretching but I took up some serious hanging last fall which added some rapid gains. Sadly my daughter moved back in with me early this spring and that ended my hanging routine. Not sad she moved in but…you parents know. Plus the last thing I would want is for her to discover all this lol

So my measurement now is just a fraction over 6.5 length with some additional girth to bring me at 5.25 at the very base with a slight taper to just at 5 inches below the glans.

The largest gains have been to my flaccid. It hangs much fuller now at well over 4.5 inches. Sure it still turtles badly at times but when I’m relaxed and in loose shorts or commando it feels great. I will attribute some of those flaccid gains to wearing the Stealth Underwear in the evenings and after pumping. Also I’ve used my old stealth as a wrap for hanging and it worked very well. This isn’t meant to be some official testimonial for Stealth and your mileage may very.

All in all I should be more pleased with the gains. Having over a full inch of new dick to work with in just two years would have been something I’d never dreamed possible. But losing nearly a quarter inch in gains after I quite hanging (was over 6.75) frustrated the hell out of me. I can’t wait to have the house back to myself and start hanging again. Mean time I will continue with pumping and manual stretches.

Until next year!

My dick looks like it was danced on by a one legged hooker