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Mecaguy03 Progress

Mecaguy03 Progress

Well, started a pretty simple PE routine a couple days ago, so far things have actually been looking pretty good.

So beginning measurements are 6.75 BPEL, and ~5.3” EG. After measuring over a week out of curiosity I also have seen variations depending on the time of day, with BPEL in the morning right after I wake up repeatedly being about 7”.

So far just been doing a simple jelqing routine to get started, 2 days on one off, 10-15 minutes of jelqing with 5 minute hot wrap warm up/down periods. Specifically I started out with a 100 or so jelqs to see how my penis felt afterwards, and then increased it to 200 after it felt like I could do more.

As far as “listening to my penis” goes this routine has been working real well. I have not had any pain at all, after jelqing it feels like pretty normal fatigue/achyness down there, as if I had been jacking off quite a bit, which makes sense.

There have also been positive PI’s, a while after jelqing EQ feels like it is better and erections feel easier to get, and this lasts pretty much all day. All day there seems to be a slightly larger flaccid hang and for an hour or two EG feels slightly larger, though I have not been able to confirm by measurements so its probably my expectations coloring my perception.

Honestly I am surprised I am seeing any changes so soon, so am going to take all this with a grain of salt until reliable measurements can confirm, or they last for a while.

Goal is a pretty modest gain at 7.5 x 5.5, will see where it goes from there

Another thing that I learned is that for about two hours after a session EQ feels reduced, erections feel harder to get, but then after two hours it feels like it comes back with a vengeance, and it feels a good deal easier to get an erection and they are harder.

That gain in the beginning is nothing but improved EQ .

Started:BPEL=5.0" x MEG=4.6 .(actually I was between 4.9 and 5 so I went with 5)

Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

So changed the routine a bit, lightened up the sessions a little and now am doing 5 days on 2 off. Pretty much I am doing 100 jelqs early in the day, and if it feels like I can take it then I may do 100 more later in the day.

So far EQ feels like it has gone through the roof sometimes, and because of this I have consistently measured 7” BPEL and 5.5 EG. Recently its been at a level where I have trouble remembering the last time I was that hard. It might be just EQ but I could swear that some veins are bigger than they were before.

Those are sign’s you should be looking for.

Amazing EQ.
Awesome veins popping out.
Rock hard morning wood.

Started:BPEL=5.0" x MEG=4.6 .(actually I was between 4.9 and 5 so I went with 5)

Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

Well, about 3 weeks in, routine is working just fine. EQ is still good, and I am measuring a reliable 7”, and I was a little surprised to find that I am now measuring 5.5” EG. Since I don’t have a tape measure for this sort of thing I took a string, made a knot in it, wrapped it around and marked where the string passes the knot, then I measure the length between the knot and mark with a ruler.

Previous measurements were actually just measuring diameter and calculating it from there, however now this method with a string should give me true results. Previous measurements with the string have been more around 5.4 EG

Pretty much still doing the linear newbie routine 5 days on 2 off, things have been going pretty good. I know people say to only measure yourself every few weeks or so, but I like to have more data points, so I measure myself more often then that. Recently EG measurements have been poking up to around 5.6”, EQ is still holding good, so I am going to just hold this routine for a while.

Well, been on the newbie routine for about a month, things still looking pretty good. Using PIs I have guided my workout intensity, and right now I am sitting at a place where EQ is great and there are other signs of a good workout. No further gains yet, although I think some are imminent if I keep on the routine. Measurements are still a repeatable 7” BPEL and 5.5” EG, and with expansion after I do my workout it stays around 7.1” x 5.7” for a few hours, which is the reason why I think if I keep doing this I will see some gains.

Workout is as follows:

5 min warmup with 30 second stretches
5 min or so of jelqing, generally 100 wet jelqs
5 min warm down

Changed workout some more

5 minutes of warmup
5 minutes of stretches
10 minutes of jelqing
Warm down with some more stretches

Also seen regular BPEL measurements of 7.1, which is encouraging.

So been doing PE for a bit over a month and a half now, and I have seen some gains!

Started out around 7” BPEL and maybe a little under 5.5 EG, and a month and a half later I am looking at correct measurements of 7.25 BPEL and a definite 5.5” EG.

Increased the intensity of my workouts recently and have seen increases in BPFSL recently, hoping that BPEL gains follow. BPFSL has been measuring just shy of 7.75”

EG has also been around 5.6”

So started focusing girth for the past month or so, saw some gains and measurements are now about 7.5 BPEL and 5.75EG.

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