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Mannakondas progress log

Mannakondas progress log

Hey, I have been an active member on pegym for about 2 years and inactive for a year or something. But because their site is working incredibly slow these days I wanted to post and continue my progress log here on thundersplace.

Started in august 2013 with an andropenis extender and used it for 3-4 months, started stretching with only 8-9 cm and ended up stretching at 17.5 cm in the end I think.
Before starting I had read some complains about it hurts wearing it, so I decided too start stretching with only 8 cm - just to get comfortable with it. (I know it says in the manual to start with erectionlenght (15) - 4 cm = 11 cm). The first few days it felt a little weird to wear it - used it for around 3-6 hours a day. I advanced too stretching with 9,5-10 cm I think after a week.

Logging septemper as the first month because of the slow start in august.

1 month/september // 20.09.2013: BPEL 16,0 x 11,0

The penis looked a little healthier and the flaccid appeared a little longer sometimes. (Stretched for around 5-6 hours a day).

2 month/october : 20.10.2013: BPEL 16.0 x 11.0

The stretching is becoming a little harder, have to take off the extender after 30 - 60 min. Use because it hurts a little. If the stretch can last 90 min + the stretch is good. (I do repeat the periods of 90 mins after a little break, aiming for 4 + hours a day).

3 month/November // 29.11.2013: BPEL: 16,7 x 11,0 or 11,5

Flaccid length is longer and thicker, hard to say how much it has increased - maybe 1-1,5 cm (sometimes a lot more). Big girth because of high erect jelq, lost it quickly after I stopped jelqing and continued extending).

4 month / December // 20.12.2013: BPEL: 17,3 x 12 (MSEG)

Used the extender for a total 73 hours in december. 73 / 4 = 18,25 hours a week // 18,25 / 7 = 2,6 hours a day. The andropenis manual say you should wear it 9-10 hours a day I think.

Which makes me 51,75 hours short a week. (70 -18,25 = 51,75). No wonder I was struggling adding rods in the end.
For example: If I extend 3 hours a day, it will take me 3 times more than the original program.

I think the program recommend adding a 0,5 cm rod every 10 days between the first 3-6 months (9-10*10 = 90-100 hours). 90-100 / 3 hours a day = 30-33 days.

And 0,5 cm rod every 14 days between 6-9 months (9-10*14 = 126-140 hours). 126-140 / 3 hours a day = 42-46 days. (Edited/written 05.03.2014).

5 month / January // 20.01.2014: BPEL: 17,8 cm (7,0”) x 12 cm

Started jelqing 13.01.2014,tired off wearing the extender. So I´ll try reach my goals with jelqing. The jelqing routine started with 2 days on / 1 off day then changed it too 1 on/ 1 off days (28.01.2014). I have gotten many good inputs from Purpleones, that has improved the routine I started with.

Measured girth 24.01.2014: MSEG (1-2 cm from where the penis starts): 12 cm (4.7 inch) a little disappointed. The tape showed 11 cm (4.3 inch) 1 cm under the head.

6 month / February // 20.02.2014: BPEL: 7,1” (18,0 cm) x 5,0” (12,6 cm).

Gained 0,2 cm in length and about 0,5 cm in girth. My girth is starting to get close to over average It´s been a good month with a routine that´s been working good. Especially the libido and EQ has been better (creditt the days without porn and edging), also happy with the size gains.
BP-Flaccid length: usually around 10-11 cm at it smallest non turtle, hoping to grow so I could have 12-13 cm at it smallest non turtle!

7 month / March // 20.03.2014:

BPEL 7,1” (18,0 cm) x 5,1” (12,9-13,0) MSEG.
BPSFL: 17,0-17,5 (17,8 cm MAX).

05.03.2014 measured BPFL: 7,1”. 07.03.2014: Been jelqing with an lower erect % level, to target more length from the tunica (BPFL). Have experienced a little drop in EQ, I might be at a strong 7 now. But the great thing is that my flaccid has been bigger and I believe it benefits my BPFL. Have included a few ULIs lately to my routine, I think I´m gonna do it 2 times a week (Day: 1. ULI, 2. Off-day, 3. No ULI, 4. Off-day, 5. ULI).

16.03.2014: Started over again with the andropenis extender, after a two month break. It was a bit to much to start with a 16,0 cm stretch which I tried last week (where at 17,5 cm when I stopped in January).

Since last time I started extending my BPEL has gone from 16,0 cm to about 18,0 cm. This time I´m starting at 14,0 cm (BPEL - 4 cm). Last time I started extending I didn´t count hours but days and thought I would be fine, I guess that´s the reason it got so hard wearing the extender in the end. This time I´m gonna finish every hour before I add a rod (increase the stretch).

20.03.2014: I have gained 0,3-0,4 cm (0,1-0,15”) girth this month, but no length. Happy with the girth gains :) Guess the girth gains will slow down now, but I hope I keep gaining some each month. To hit 5,5” EG this year would be amazing.

Rested 5 days in a row between 16-20.03.2014. After this break I´m advancing my routine, now I´m going to start - 2 days on / 1 day off.

8. Month / April // 20.04.2014:

BPSFL: (06.04.2014) 6,9-7,1 (17,5-18,0 cm) 7,3 (18,5 cm MAX pull).
BPSFL: (20.04.2014) 7,1-7,3 (18,0-18,5 cm) 7,5 (19,0 cm MAX pull).

BPEL: (20.04.2014) 7,2 (18,2 cm) x 5,1 (13,0 cm).

It´s been a month were I´ve been focusing on my stretching. And that has worked great for my BPSFL which went from 17,8 cm to 19,0 cm (max pull). Now that my BPSFL is longer than my BPEL I´m hoping to gain some length. Would be great to hit 7,5” this summer.

PE break from 18.04.2014-28.04.2014, because of tense pelvic floor and kinda hard flaccid (my penis felt beat up after a few days). I have been focusing on reverse kegels to relax and balance my pelvic floor. Back to 1 on / 1 off day routine.

9.month / may / 20.05.2014:

BPEL: 7.3 x 5.1
BPSFL: 7.3 (18,5), 7.5 max. Not warmed up (16.05.2014).

It’s been another month were I’ve been focusing on length. Stretching for 10 min + 2 internal stretch the last week. Jelqing for 10-14 min.

10. Month / june / 20.06.2014:

BPEL: 7.3 x 5.1
BPSFL: 7.3 (not pulling as hard as the may measurement that went to 7.5).

I have been taking a break from PE this month 15.06.2014-12.07.2014.

11. Month / july / 20.07.2014:

BPEL: 7.3 x 5.1
BPSFL: 7.3

12-15 month / August-December:
Used a VLC-tugger attached to the extender.

16. Month / December: Using my VLC-tugger attached to the extender.
Measured BPEL x MSEG: 7.36” x 4.96”.

Measurements (31.03.2015): 7.5 x 5.05”

Been jelqing since the start of january. I have been experimenting how long I could jelq before having negative PIs. I think when I went up to 18-20 mins it went too far. Measurements (31.03.2015): 7.5 x 5.05”
So my plan now is to continue jelqing for 16 minutes and add a minute every two weeks.

Started extending with the VLC-tugger (13.07.2014).

Extender progress 16.03.2014:
Since I have been stretching for 17,5 cm before I stopped. I´ll advance a little quicker the first 1-2 cm this time.

Plan for further extending this summer:

14,0 cm 10 hours (3 days * 4 hours).
14,5 cm 16 hours (4 days * 4 hours).
15,0 cm 20 hours (4 days * 5 hours).
15,5 cm 49 hours (7 days * 7 hours).
16,0 cm 49 hours (7 days * 7 hours).
16,5 cm 49 hours (7 days * 7 hours).
17,0 cm 49 hours (7 days * 7 hours).
17,5 cm 70 hours (10 days * 7 hours).
18,0 cm 70 hours (10 days * 7 hours).
18,5 cm 70 hours (10 days * 7 hours).
19,0 cm 70 hours (10 days * 7 hours).
19,5 cm 98 hours (14 days * 7 hours).
20,0 cm 98 hours (14 days * 7 hours).

20. Month/ april 2015 : 1 year ago I started big als jelq free routine.
Size atm: 7.4-7.5 x 5.0-5.1” MSEG
EQ: 7.5-8 maybe? I don’t feel like its filled up girth wise.

First session: 15-20 Squeezes - 200 Side-to-side stretches (S2SS) - 10 min warmdown

Rest day after second session week 1: Been having great PI`s. Especially the flaccid girth is big, not sure if it has been this thick before (?).

End of week 3: Measured mseg: 13 cm erect without stimulation. A little more aroused it was 13.2 a few times, maybe over 13.5 close to ponr. The girth is growing steadily and a bit faster than I would have thought.
But I will have to measure this size a few more times before I change my current size stats.

I did not measure the BPEL when aroused but 2-3 min after ejaculation it was kinda hard. It measured 18.7 cm bone pressed! So I guess the ponr BPEL have grown too. Big als jelq free routine is certainly working! And its so easy to follow. Btw my bpsfl seemed to be only 18.5-19.0, measured after my routine.

Start of week 4: Measured again today. Fully aroused ponr 19.5 cm x 13.5+!

End of week 7 (only kegels that week): Measured MSEG: varied between 5.3-5.5”.
The squeezes have been a great success! Thanks Big al for creating this awesome routine (Big Als jelq free routine).

After four months (November) with zero PE it was time to measure it again.
BPEL: 18.0-18.3
MSEG: 13.0-13.2
Looks I have “lost” a little length and some girth. But I guess I will “gain” it back quickly, because my EQ is not as good as my EQ was last time I measured. So I guess I have only lost EQ and some flaccid hang during the break. Want to try the extender again.

(January 2016)
Did a few kegels last night, because my pelvic has gotten really weak lately, I wake up every night too pee.
The first reps I could barely hold longer than 2-3 seconds, but it got better at the end of the “workout” and I were able to hold a kegel for 5-7 seconds.
Kegeled for approximately 3+ minutes. When I started I was holding for 2-3 seconds than relaxed for 7 seconds and held for 2-3 seconds again, before I could hold for a little longer and relaxed 3-5 seconds before starting a new one.
So in other words I started a new kegel every 10 seconds, not sure if its a good way to kegel, but at least I don’t have to count the reps which is kinda boring.

(20/1/2016) 3 min -> 180 seconds / 10 = 18 reps +/-
Did maybe 4 reverse kegels.
Maybe this “program” will be an easier and more fun way to kegel
(22/1/2016) 2.85 min (17 reps). Less power in the pelvic floor this time.
4-5 reverse kegels
Tried the extender again, and it was actually very comfortable! Seems like getting circumsized made it a lot easier to wear, because my glands have gotten less sensitive. Used a 14 cm stretch for 60 minutes with zero problems

So I have been having a 8 month PE break (from july to march).

Started slowly up with big als routine this month, but because of lack of commitment its not worth mentioning any details. Will start up with a routine after my finals this summer :)

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Outstanding gains man, congratulations.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Originally Posted by Useless
Outstanding gains man, congratulations.

Thank you :)

Monday: 30++ kegels

Wednesday: 20 kegels

Thursday: Took a measurement of my best erection watching erotic pictures on instagram. BPEL 17,7-18,0 cm x 12,8 cm MSEG. Not measured close to ponr.

The fact that my pelvic floor is kinda weak (I wake up almost everyday too pee) makes me confident I will get a better measurement after a few more kegel sessions.

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