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Mangtang's journey

Mangtang's journey

Hey I’m 26, and I’ve probably have been reading about PE for the last 10 years. I’ve always wanted to give PE a real shot. I honestly don’t really struggle with size, if anything I’m above average in length which is 8 inches. My girth I’m not really too sure about I believe it to be average.(I wish I had more girth because that what really matters) I will add the measurement soon once I get reliable measure.

The true reason I’m here is to improve my erection quality. My erections always seems to be a little weak since as long as I can remember. I can have sex without any problem, it just seems to be a little weak. I’m not sure if the reason my erections are weak is because of my length. I’m also here to add length and girth (mostly girth). I want to be able to whip my dick out and have the ladies scared. It’ seems as though most Beginner exercises are focused on length. So that’s okay with me because I would like to add a 1/2 inch anyway to get to 8 1/2.

Anyway, this was my first full week of PE and I have started pretty light. Warm up for about 5 mins, stretches for another 5 mins, and then the wet jelq. For 10 mins. I decided to go with the One day on one day off. So far so good, obviously It’s only been a week so I’m not going to grow yet. However, I do have some good news. My erection strength seems to be much stronger. Like the head of my dick seems much more engorged when I get an erection now. I’m not going to overdo the Jelqs and keep it rather light for the first month. I’ll try to update this, I’ll also try to get some starting pictures and official measurements. Honestly I’m super curious about my girth. However its clear to me its not super thick though.

Hello Mangtang89,

Welcome to TP! 8 inches to begin with, man that’s a big unit. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The reason the newbie routines focus on length is that it’s mostly low EQ work, which means it’s safer. Length is also supposed to be easier to get before girth rather than the other way around. The first few months are primarily conditioning. Stay consistent and gains will be yours, good luck!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

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