ManfromMars progress report

I’ve lurked the forum for a while but thought I would post a progress report to help keep myself motivated and to hopefully motivate others (assuming I make the gains I’m looking for).

My PE history and experience:

I first started PE months ago after finding out about it from other places on the web. I jelqed for a few months and then stopped after not noticing any results. Then about a month ago I discovered thunders place and motivated by the many success stories decided that I would give it another go. Since then I’ve been reading up as much as possible and studying the vast wealth of information on thunders place. After taking a few weeks to study up I began my new routine about a week and a half ago.

My routine:
My PE routine is a modified version of the newbie routine. Since I already have months of PE experience I thought I would make a few modifications to the original.

I start off with the typical 10 minute heat wrap/ warm shower to warm myself up.

5 minutes of moderate pressure pumping while maintaining an erection. (I feel like starting off with a few minutes of pumping helps me to have a better jelq session.)

Followed by 200 jelqs at 3 seconds per stroke (as per the newbie routine.)

5 minutes of pumping.

To finish up the session I use a penis extender for 4 hrs. Making sure to remove the extender for a few minutes every hour and keep any eye on my glans health. After 4 hrs I remove the extender for a 1-2 hour rest before putting it back on for another 4+ hours.

I repeat this routine on a 2 day on 1 day off schedule.

Penis Extender setup:

The extender I have is a cheap one bought off of eBay. I thought that it was going to be a strap based system but unfortunately it is a noose style. To modify the extender into something somewhat comfortable I replaced the noose with the ribbon from a lanyard. I also use a wrap around my penis for cushioning to prevent discomfort. For the wrap I use those square cotton pads that you can find in the make up aisle for padding. And then I secure the pads using gauze wrap. So far this method seems to be a reasonably comfortable way to wear the extender. I have found that by wearing the extender with boxer briefs and slightly baggy pants that it’s reasonably easy to hide, it just makes it look as though I have a big dick (which if all goes well I will have in the end anyways haha.)

Goals and current size:

My current measurements are: BPEL: 6.125 EG: 4.25 At my current size I can hit my girlfriends cervix if I go deep so I don’t want to go too crazy on gains and become too big to fit inside of her or be too big for her to enjoy. Because of this my goals are: BPEL: 8 EG: 5.75. If I get to that point and feel like I could go bigger without causing her discomfort then I will reconsider. But for now these seem like reasonable goals to shoot for. I know that it’s not going to be easy or quick but I’m determined to put in the time and make this happen. And the slight gains and increased EQ that I have already noticed as well as the gains made by other members are definitely strong motivators.

I plan on measuring every month and updating my progress.