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I started A couple of. Months ago but the 1st month I was learning I realized now. And then I stopped for a couple of weeks but then started my PE again and joined Thunders.. So Thunders experiences and guidance helped really alot.. Now since three to four weeks I feel I’m on the right track to gain and doing my PE well. Newbie routine. Gradually increased to around one one of Warmup, Streching, Jelqing and warmup few minutes again.. Now I feel I have gained a quarter or half of an inch but I don’t know how to measure and explain here.. I don’t understand this BPEL, BPEG, FG, FL etc so much. Also my English is not so good but I will try to write. My gains here

Before when started: Erect length 5.5-5.75, Erect girth: something like 4.6

Now: Erect L: 6-6.2 Erect G: 5.6-5.8

(When I press. The bone a bit then I measure not so sure)

My short term goal (in around 6months): Flaccid L: 5 inches & FG: 4.5-5

Long term goal (In around 1 to 2 years): Erect Length 7.5 erect girth: 5.5-5.75!


Now Erect lenght: 6 - 6.2 & Erect G: 4.6 - 4.8 ( By mistacke I wrote the Girth 5.6-5.8) :) I wish it was truth haha

Originally Posted by Lovely007

I don’t understand this BPEL, BPEG, FG, FL etc so much. Also my English is not so good but I will try to write.

Your English is very easy to understand. If you point your cursor at the abbreviations and leave it there a second, it will show what the common ones mean.

for a full description, here is the glossary: Penis Enlargement Glossary

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thank you Firegoat.. It helped alot.

Here is a question for you. I got worried. As I’m on the Newbie routine now I’m on the right track that I’m seeing gains But when I put my fingers on the right and left sides upper 3-4 inches my penis and down 4-5 inches on both side of my belly I feel hardness or its get pumped Specially right side.. Seems like my balls in shape but smaller. When I try to force to kegel or try erecting my penis. While flaccid or semi or full erect. Don’t know what it is and if its normal or not.

It does. Not seem hernia to me as its not constantly hard but get hard and pumped up and down with each kegel. Or if I try to kegel erect or flaccid or semi erect. On the right side It situated closest where the appendix pain and surgery is done and on the left side the same place. Both right and left. Can’t explain so well as my english sucks.. Please advice if you got this problem!



Are these potentially abdominal muscles? If it happens when you kegel, it’s often hard to isolate the right muscles and it may just be that you are flexing more than you need to.

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Yes that appearing on the edges of both sides of abdominal muscle. The abdominal muscle ending there in V shape if you see.

Should I keep my PE?

OK, so this is maybe a development in your muscles. If you are stressing them in new ways, new developments follow. Does that sound possible?

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Memento! Yes that seem possible but I need to be certain and not take it so easy. I have the only little buddy in my whole life haha
Thanks for your reply!

Dickerschwanz! Yes That can be a possibility too because I try to focus on downward stretch particularly and longer then other sides when I do my 15-20 minutes stretching!

Today was my rest day. I feel already for PE and Thinking to PE 3 days on 1 of and 2 on 1 off now. Will try to PE Tomorrow morning and then rest the nest day. So Then I will rest again the nest day if I kept feeling the problem!

Thanks guys for your supportive and valuable sharing!

Help Please!

I have been having low 85-95% erections since half a year and now its has got more lower and the glans don’t get erected to its fullest normally. Even though I have nice big glans around 5.5 - 6 inches in girth if fully erected.

I have been stressed and sad and worried in my relationship because of many other worries and problems. All this time because of our relationship and now we are almost separated. Maybe all that suffering have effected my erections and now when I’m separated and more suffered so my erections are more lower and hardly to get erect my Penis and if I do I can not keep erection for long. But I’m also not sure if I can get full erection and keep it or not because I have also been not active in sex all this half year or more. How can I get my firm erections back now. I am only 24 years old muscular skinny boy. Have I caused any damage or Its normal and will be okay in time. What should I do now to get my firm erections back. Because it been long time I have not seen good and sustainable erections.

Anyway I am thinking to check Viagra too but not sure how to. I won’t go to Doctor for this and also I am not sexually active.
Is there any long or short term side effects of Vaigra?? Any advise for me?? Please

And I would like to see the results if anybody out there tried Viagra or anything else for erections. Please share your experience of its advantages and disadvantages.

Good luck guys

You are obviously stressed out and your writting sounds panicked.
All not good for errections.
To be errect at full potential you need to be fully relaxed.

Research reverse kegels and relax your pelvic floor.
The glans doesnt fill fully when your pelvic floor is tense.
You are unconciously preventing full blood flow in beeing tense down there.

Try squats and reverse kegels combined(but with empty bowel or you might shit yourself lol)

For other problems try basic meditation as in relaxing all your body parts and focusing on your whole beeing without going into thoughts or feelings.
10 mintues a day will help.

Viagra is rubbish in your situation IMO.

Try squats and reverse kegels combined(but with empty bowel or you might shit yourself lol)

Which squats? (You mean” sit & stand”)

Also I did not understand the second sentence. If you would explain please. This empty bowel or you might shit

Thank you for your reply.

I will find out about reverse kegels If I could not then I ask for help again.

What if I get an opportunity to have sex with someone? If Viagra is not okay!
I’m not sure maybe I will not need it. But just curious.

Hi my friends,
Advice needed please!

As you know I am on newbie routine since +two months & feeling much increased in size when bone pressed & fully erected. More than half an inch.

I have been having not much firm 100% erections because of my depression but now Things getting better.
When I get erections I can keep it firm for long. Feels like there is less force behind to keep it up. But when I hold it in my hand It become so stiff and firm.

Since last 10,12days I have been having orgasm during my PE. 80% of the Time In my last 10-12days PEing I got orgasm after the 1st half of my Jelqing session. I do 35minuets of jelqing straight, down and to both sides. Before jelqing I do 20minutes of stretching.

Questions are why I am getting so aroused to get orgasm before 10, 20mintes when My PE session is ending.
I also feel to change in my PE routine and feeling to add some hanger for length and also want to work making better my erections. But how?
Do I need rest a couple of weeks after being doing Newbie routine for more then two months now. Should I rest and change my routine?? & Will I loose gains by resting or not??

I have started using Raw cocoa powder a spoon in the morning. I bought is few days ago. It tastes bitter. Also I take 7,8 almonds nuts before bed. I take one to three bananas a day too. For sexual health and better erections.

Your detailed ideas and experience and advice will be very much appreciated!


Its all in the forums and if you use the search you will find much.

Relaxation of the pelvic floor is no.1 for good erections. Search for reverse kegels.
You have to find out why you have bad EQ. If because of too much PE or cause of not beeing in right state of mind..

Getting orgasms before your jelqing session ends means you lack discpiline.
Calm down, stop touching until less aroused, and stop cumming, simple.

You need more experience to start hanging. Maybe introduce different stretches and do them more often.

All while looking out for your PI ‘s
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!


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