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Erect jelqing is okay. Just use lighter pressure and limit the time and amount of jelqs.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Originally Posted by Titleist
Erect jelqing is okay. Just use lighter pressure and limit the time and amount of jelqs.

Okay thanks

But I feel like I have lost some of my girth. Length while is going fine but girth wise seems like it become 4.5-6 from 4.8. But I have not measure yet.

Can any one please share a very good routine for girth gains which will be faster and safer!

I feel okay with my length giant but my girth gains are gone and feel bad with girth gains. After doing erect jelqing for about 3 weeks. Now I’m avoiding erect jelqing and trying to reverse to my old jelqing on erect level of 60-80%.

Maybe my penis got harder or blockage for girth gains :( I don’t know how to express exactly and how to pick a suitable girth exercise for my penis.

Hi I have stoped my PE total for sometime since 10 days. Keeping a month of rest in mind. I did about 45 months of PE. Length wise I have gained over half an inch. Ihave got some girth gains too but I lost it again and now we’re feeling bad about loosing girth. Anyway Now I have been decided to rest for a month or so and then start again.

Hope you all guys having good luck and time.

Hey guys how long do you suggest to rest after doing 4,5 months of PE. I thought to rest for a month or one and a half month. And the after that what advance routines should I start with??

I did the newbie nicely befor.

Thanks in advance

Hi all,
I am so much looking farward to go to Dr but It’s hard for me for the moment. As soon as possible I’ll go to Dr to check up!

It’s been a years since I have lost my natural 100%sustainable erecting. Then 6months ago I started PE and the 1st month of PE my dick was getting healthier and better errections but then again as befor. I did PE for about 4,5months and have got much gains but in the last month of my PE I lost of lost my girth and then I left my PE because of not good errections and loose of girth and to rest. I’m still feeling better with the gains but worried for my errections more now since I have knew about vinous leakage. I read the simpthems are matching mine. I realy wish and pray that My problem is curable and is not venous leakage or any other dangerous one!!

I get errections but my glans does not get bigger and get soften a little. Also I loose my errections within a moment if I leave it without touch.
I have I will be healed. I’m so worried and sad and this stressing me!

I pray and wish luck to all those out there who are suffring from ED.

Have you read through this? ED, PE And Venous Leakage

Start: 6/19/2015 BPEL: 13.9 cm or 5.5 inches -- EG: 11.3 cm or 4.4 inches

First base: 15 cm x 13 cm (roughly 6 in x 5 in) length is done at 16 cm, working on girth ATM

No! I’ll Check it now.

Yes I have read it yesterday!

Maybe mine problem is neurological injury or perineal trauma or venious leakage but I am not sure. Well Is it curable without surgery?

My penis is a little sweaty sticky under the penis shaft and base while flaccid. I dont know what is this sign about??

A week ago I had sex after 5 , 6months and the 1st time I cum orally but the 2nd time I cum during intercourse. I could clearly see that my erecting were of bad quality. I had to press the base a little when stroking inward. It’s so bad. I’m in relationship with an women who is double older of my age. Any idea? What it is and how to cure it?

Hi started my own thread, I wrote my problem in detail. You comment and opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Thread name is ” ED - Venous leakage


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