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Longjohn's pumping blog

Longjohn's pumping blog

So I’ve decided to start a progress report on my new pumping routine for length. Recently purchased a pump with a 2” diameter from a pretty reputable company in the UK, it cost me an arm and a leg so I’m hoping the quality is as good as the manufacturer says it is. I’ve never pumped before so this is all new territory, but I know as a pumping newbie I’m gonna have to take it slow, I’ve read stories of overzealous pumping routines which have gained nothing but a beat up dick. I’ve done PE for a good 2 years on and off but at times lacked motivation because I haven’t seen results straight away, other times I’ve just been plain lazy. I’ve gained considerable length in the past to the point where I’ve looked down at my unit and thought ‘you’ve actually got a decent sized dick’, only to see it disappear weeks later. I also suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety, which isn’t always helpful in terms of doing PE because you need an optimistic mind set, but I’m working on that! So there’s a little background on me.

I’m hoping this progress report will give me the extra bit of motivation I need to PE long term. I’ve read practically every article on thunders, spent hours in front of my computer digesting progress reports and scientific research.
I”m hoping to gain mostly length but if pumping had the opposite effect and gave me more girth but only a little length I’d still be happy, any gain is a gain in whichever dimension! So, my goals: Improve flaccid length. Try and correct a slight congenital left curve to my dick, and also gain half an inch in length.

Warmup up for 10 mins with hot water bottle.
Pump up to 3hg and maintain for 5 mins, hot water bottle wrapped around tube.
Pump up to 4hg maintain for 5 mins.
Pump up to 5hg maintain for 5mins.

Could any vets give me advice on this routine? Does it look good? Should I go in erect or flaccid? Pump every day or every other day? Or should I just wing it and hope for the best and adjust my routine accordingly?

Cheers guys!

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

Incremental Pump Routine Results

I’m not sure how the hot water bottle performs, but at some point you may want to look into IR lamps or electric heating pads.

I suggest you give an other try to the routine / exercises which led to considerable length gains .

It should be easy to stay consistent with pumping.

Originally Posted by Walter5169

I’m not sure how the hot water bottle performs, but at some point you may want to look into IR lamps or electric heating pads.

The answer to that is, not as well as an IR lamp or electric heating pads, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. The only ones I’ve been able to find online look big and cumbersome. I’ll have another look :)

Thanks guys.

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

Sounds like a solid routine. You’ll know more about frequency after your first session.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!


Decided against using the pump, it’s sitting comfortably at the bottom of my wardrobe. I thought I’d try and max out any manual gains before I move onto pumping. This have been my routine for the past week or so:

31/05/15 AM 30 sec stretches x1 set, PM 100 jelqs and 10mins ballooning. PM edging in evening 20 mins
2/06/15 AM stretched x 1 in shower, 120 jelqs PM stretched with TLC all directions.
4/06/15 AM 110 jelqs, edging and 5 mins clamping. PM nothing
5/06/15 AM manual stretching, fulcrum stretch 20 sec along shaft, right and down. 8 mins stretching with TLC in all directions. 20mins edging. Good EQ.
7/06/15 10mins stretching with TLC all directions. 5 mins V stretches all the way up the shaft. 50 slow jelqs. PM rest.

I had a pleasant surprise today. I’ve measured my girth a few times in the past with a tailor’s tape, so it was always pretty accurate. Haven’t measured it for a good 4 or 5 months though. I’d always been around 5.25inches BEG and about 5inches MEG. Well today I decided to grab a piece of string and measure the circumference (couldn’t find my tailor’s tape). I put it against a ruler and to my surprise it was nearly 6 inches base girth. How the hell I’ve jumped from 5.25 inches to 6 inches I have absolutely no idea. I measured it again a few hours later making sure to pull the piece of string tight and it was the same measurement.

Any ideas guys? I don’t really wanna gain any girth at the moment. If I could swap half an inch of girth for length I’d happily do that. Maybe I should leave out the jelqs in my routine and concentrate fully on stretches

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

Yep , you need to measure with a tailor’s tape! Also did you add a lot of skin near the base?

It is hard for my under performing brain to understand what your routine is, I’m not sure the emphasis is on length work.

I agree, it’s basically a carbon copy of another guy’s workout who gained some serious length over the course of a year, but I think it’s easier for me to gain girth than length so I think I’m gonna cut out any girth work all together and maybe just throw in a bit of edging after stretching.

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

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