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Length Routine Manual Stretching 1.75 Inches Gained So Far

Length Routine Manual Stretching 1.75 Inches Gained So Far

Start Newbie Routine, 2 days on, 1 day off. – (5.0ELx4.5EG)
Start stretching for 8 minutes, rather than 5 minutes. Stop jeqling do to issues with “blue balls”. Noticing 4-5 stretch marks on my shaft. I take this as a positive indicator.
I am now doing the newbie routine for 10 minutes, Last 3 minutes of my routine are 3 one minute long holds
Stretching for 10 minutes still, but focusing on a downward angle mostly. I did this because I read about LOT theory. I think this was a waste of time….
Add clamping to my routine, 3 times a day for 7-10 minutes each session.
2/1/ 13
I’ve began icing my penis while stretched at the end of my workouts. This is to ‘solidify’ stretched fibers.
Basically I pull my penis as far out as I can and I hold Ice against it.
Start stretching for 14 minutes, and I’m adding a lot more V-stretches.
Began new routine using power jelq device as a gripper. Doing memento’s length routine with the PJD using a vitamin bottle as a fulcrum. Each session is 16 minutes. Also quit clamping to focus on length.
The routine
The PJD allows me to get an amazing grip on my penis and the roller also gives this “double fulcrum” effect against the vitamin bottle which allows me to get an amazing stretch. The 2nd and 3rd stretch are to the side, left and right respectively.

When I first measured 5.2 EL I thought i must have been measuring wrong. Once I hit 5.5EL I was hooked. I honestly believe I gained my latest quarter inch from 2/18/13 - 3/1/13 from my new fulcrum routine. I’ll be keeping this log up to date; Next measuring day will be the first of April.

Did 30 second stretches for the first 2 minutes. Then 1 minute stretches for the last 14 minutes. Also I am now using a bigger container as a fulcrum when stretching Started at (6.0FSL), ended my work out with (6.5FSL). Seems like I’ll be sticking to this for a few weeks. It’s crazy to me that My FSL changes so dramatically from preworkout to postworkout.
Clocking in at 5.75 EL. Happy to see I gained .25 in a month. Not sure if i should make my routines longer or just keep them at 20 minutes till i plateau.
Just wanted to comment of a few things:
- I feel like after masturbating/ejaculating the tissue in you cock gets more tight and dense. If I’m masturbating everyday my EL will be around (.2) inches smaller than normal. I also think i get a better stretch when I’m not ejaculating daily.
- The reason I think I’m having such success with this routine is that i can FEEL the stretch. I get this amazing “hurts so good” in my cock. I also think this might be why PE is so addicting. I’m not sure if endorphins are released or not, but it’s definitely not a bad feeling…. It’s also not orgasmic by any means.
- I’m also debating posting progress pics on the forum. Odds are that I’ll save the photos and post them at the end of my “journey” if and only if my grow is impressive.
- I also want to make the point that length gains are completely independent of girth gains. I never work girth yet I’m making steady length gains.
- It’s crazy, I’m a hair away from having gained 1 inch, and I can feel that my cock is bigger. I feel my dick in my pants touching parts of legs that it could previously not reach i.e. lying in bed with an erection.
- I’ve began using drinking straws to more accurately measure my dick. I cut them down to 6 inches and then compare them to my erection. It feel more accurate than a ruler since my ruler has a quarter inch of space at the bottom before it starts the measurements.
Ended my deacon break, did a 12 minute stretch.
Did a full 20 minute session, sadly my post workout FSL was only 6.25
Did a 7 minute session and my post workout FSL was 6.5 which is awesome. Gonna stick with 7-8 minute sessions till i feel i need to stretch longer.
Finally hit 6.0 EL :) Gained my first full inch. Been averaging 4-5 sessions a week.
- - - - - - - - -
Back Doing PE stretches again.
I was consistent the whole month of sept. Got an amazing stretch today. Pulling back with PC muscle while stretching. Could feel the tendon being targeted.
if you’re not sure how long you should be stretching for, stretch for 5 minutes then check fsl, stretch for 7 minutes check fsl, then 10 minutes then check fsl. Whichever one you fsl is longest at that’s the time you stick to.
I did 8 minutes today. I feel like i got a good stretch even though my post-FSL isnt where i want it to be. Might bump up to 14 minutes next week. Also shower heat might be leading to better stretches but hopefully it’s not necessary.
My fsl is where it should be. Started doing 2 way pull and everything is great. Need to start icing to take advantage of great fsl
hNow i’m cooling down. I took a vitamin bottle and filled it with rubbing alcohol and water. I put it in the freezer then stretch over it for a cool down. Causes the cells to contract and heal while your dick is extended
My post workout fsl is golden. I need to keep of the habit of icing at the end of my workout
I’m sore from yesterday, but in a good way.
Preworkout FSL is 6.25 for real. Great news, probably need to make my routines longer than 7 minutes now. I’m very excited about this.
I did 9 minutes today and got a weird pain in the base of my dick.
5 minutes into my routine I got sharp pain in my left pubic region. Weird. Preworkout fsl is 6.4 inches. Very happy about this.
“When you get lig extension it would seem that that would allow an extension of erect gain as well as flaccid but is not the case because the tunica and other structures have yet to grow.”
Preworkout fsl is back down to 6.2 inches. I need to start stretching at least 4 times a week, lower my time to 8 minutes, and start icing. I think my preworkout fsl is down because i haven’t stretched in 2 days. I need to stay onto of my game.
Preworkout fsl is 6.4 inches. Postworkout fsl is 6.6. Not sure how i feel about that. I need to be more consistently and start icing.
Postworkout fsl is 6.6. Remember DEEP breathing entire time.
EL is 6.25. Postworkout fsl is 6.75. Straight up stretches against the belly stretches with deep breathing are the best. Only did 7 minutes today and got my longest fsl ever.
12/4/14- been stretching for 15ish minutes. My preworkout fsl is 6.5 and my post workout fsl is 6.6. I think it should be longer, so im gonna start stretching for 17 minutes.
- - - - - - - -
So yea, im three months in and have gained .25 EL. Kinda a bummer considering last “run” i gained half an inch after 3 months. Hoping to have half an inch gained by the end of december. I think i need to ramp up the length of my stretching routines. For some reason i’ve been really timid about stretching for longer sessions. Also need to start ejaculating less. I think toning down my masturbation really attributed to my success last run.

stretched for 22+ minutes. Sore but no pain. Post workoyt Fsl is 6.6 but it should be longer. EL is shit but thats just because EQ is shit. Hopefully these arent negstive indicators. Also focus on relaxing into the stretch. Also dont feel like im getting that amazing STRETCHHH feeling.
I got really stressed out my EL had only gone up by .3 inches since starting and i have beeen stretching really hard. This ruined my EQ but for the past week i’ve been stretching lightly and have been getting a much better stretch and my EQ is up. Debating on whether i should take a deacon break. Cant believe i made the newb mistake of pulling too hard.
took a 2 week deacon break. Did 13 minutes today. Gonna shoot for 4 times a week, not pulling too hard.
post work out fsl was 6.5 which is good because lately its been stuck at 6.4
did 20 minutes today post workout fsl was at 6.5. Not sure how i feel about that. Reading through my old log i noticed i gained my first half inch doing basic manual stretches. Fulcrum stretching got me my second half inch. I also think i need to up things to 5-6 times a week. That being said i really should have gained at least a quarter inch by now.
did 14 minutes today and yesterday. Both times the preworkout fsl was 6.5 post workout fsl is 6.75. This is what i’ve been waiting for. I am pulling.hard but the i am always making sure i feel a good stretch.
did 7 minutes today and kegaled amazingly and my post fsl was strong and my stretch felt amazing. Horrible bruising though
problem solved! (I think) Pull light, kegal hard, and flex lower abs.
measuered EL first thing in the morning with a raging morning wood/pee boner. EL is 6.2!
pre workout fsl is definitely longer but post workout fsl isnt. 6.5 to 6.75
preworkout fsl is 6.4 postworkout fsl is 6.8, in doing under the legs and straight up fulcrum. Paying sure to pull it along further and further as i breath and kegal.

preworkout is 6.5 for sure. Post workout length is 6.75 and always measure with legs butterflied.
post workout fsl is 6.9 did 16 minutes. FSL is steadily growing.
preworkout fsl is over 6.75. Took 4 days off and morning wood came back. EL is maybe 6.25… really wish my EL growth was more obvious. But fsl is growing so im gonna keep going.
need to start kegaling more because my stretches are terrible.
straight up pulls are getting good. Fsl is probably 7. Angle hips when pulling under leg. Stretch everyday even if its just a 5 minute session.
Post workout fsl is 7. Preworkout fsl is 6.75. Need to keep working. I hope i can get to 7.25 by the end of the month.
Fulcrum up. Fulcrum r. Fulcrum l. Straight up. Underleg r. Underleg l. 14 minutes
Post workout fsl is over 7 inches. EL is slightly over 6.25
pre work out fsl is 7.1 post workout fsl is 7.3
Hanged for the first time today for 8 minutes after 15 minute manual stretch. Post Fsl barely over 7.25
measured EL today finally at 6.5 inches. feels good but it’s bitter sweet since it took so long. end goal is 7.25 EL
btw none of my measurements are bone pressed. So there it is, i’m gaining again. Half an inch in 7 months. I know i shouldnt complain, but this time around was so much more difficult than my first go at PE stretching.

So for my warm up I wrap a heating pad around my cock for 7 minutes, focusing mostly on getting the base of my dick as warm as possible. Then for cool down I do the exact same thing except with a soft ice pack. I wrap it around my dick and press it into the base.
I think the most important thing to do with manual stretching is to always be kegeling. Not a super intense ass clenching kegel, but a subtle partial kegel throughout your entire session. Just learn how to slightly contract the muscles.
Also learn how to slowly raise intensity. Once you lock in a stretch you should begin slightly increasing intensity, either by kegeling harder, shifting your hips, flexing your abs, breathing in, breathing out, or just pulling harder.
Always pay attention to you preworkout FSL and postworkout FSL. You postworkout FSL should be at least a quarter inch longer than your preworkout FSL

Good work fella, and good luck.

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