Just starting

Hey guys,

I can’t even tell you how awesome it is that I found this place! My mind is absolutely blown away, I am really excited to start!

I am a 25 years old self improvement freak with almost zero social life and no active friends. I live for my goals, that is what truly makes me happy and content. Even though the past few years and I’ve met most of them I had this unbearable thought in the back of my mind that my penis is not large enough. I had to live with it. It comes up every single day even if for just a moment, and it drove me mad crazy that I didn’t have the power to change it. It was like learning to live your life with water constantly dripping in an empty bucket or the sound of a mosquito around your ear. Well those days are behind me now thanks to this community. Even though these exercises might not give me drastic improvements, they gave me something else. They gave me hope. To be perfectly honest with you I’m not rushing anywhere, I don’t want a 9 incher by tomorrow morning — but if these exercises Do yield results, I’ll be a very very happy man in my 30’s.

So anyways, I am starting the beginner exercises today, thank you very much for accepting me on the forum.

My measurements are: 5.11” Length x 4.72 Girth

I’ll be posting updates every month.