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Just getting started TODAY 5-10-2014

Just getting started TODAY 5-10-2014

Hi all. I’m excited to be posting here for the first time and the reason I am doing so is because I feel like without making this official, I am going to potentially deviate from this commitment I’ve made to myself.

Here’s a little bit about why I am getting into Penis Enlargement..

I had a solid girlfriend for 4.5 years, and we broke up about a year ago. She had a very tight vagina and complained sometimes if I would try to go “too hard” on her.. I was surprised about this because I always considered myself somewhat small. Not freakishly small, just not big. Interestingly enough, we were in a fantasy football league, and the “last place trophy” was a 8x7.25 dildo. She came in last. It didn’t take more than a week before the dildo was torn off of the trophy base and inside of her. It was quite the experience to see how much she enjoyed that dildo. I managed to keep the dildo through the breakup and my goal is to be as big as it. Furthermore, I found out a week after we broke up that she went and fucked one of my “best friends” whose cock I have seen many times and is a solid 8.5-9 incher. E

Fast forward and I have a new girlfriend who I am even more in love with and has an even greater sexual appetite. I know that relationships go much further than dick size but I feel like until I personally feel like I “measure up” I will always doubt that it’s “big enough” and I’m tired of feeling this way. Sometimes when we’re having sex I think about how I might not be good enough and this effects my EQ. Anything I can do to improve EQ along the way will be fantastic

Current stats are I am ~6.3” BPEL and 6” EG. Like I said I’d like to try to get as close as possible to 8x7.25 and I know it will take some time. Currently I plan to master the newbie routine but I am also looking at different hardware to accelerate the process.

‘M interested in hearing from anyone who started at a similar size and is working to a similar goal, particularly if you have gone beyond the standard jelqs and stretches and can recommend a product that is comfortable and stealth.

I plan to provide photos along my journey and will upload “my starting point” within the next few days.

It is GREAT to find this forum and speak with others who are helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly SUPPORTIVE!


You’re not small at all, your length is in the high end of average and your girth is way above average, definitely large.

The goal is a possibility for you it’s just no certain, good luck on your journey.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Thanks, but I feel small and that’s I guess what matters really right? Plus, with this insecurity I feel like it affects my EQ. Also.. I think I am masturbating too much and too much porn. I think I have a serious porn addiction that needs to be addressed.

I will post pics later tonight of my starting point, I hope to see some level of progress in 30 days. If that happens I will SURELY be sticking to the program!


You are well above average. Take your time and it will pay off. Most people that want gains badly tend to hurt themselves.

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