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Jamesorgxl's progress reports

Jamesorgxl's progress reports

Alright, so after trying this on again and off, I’m deciding to take the plunge and really get into PE for both my sexual health and my emotional health.

And this time, to keep myself honest and driven, I’ve started a progress report thing. Just so that I actually do this and not stop after a day or so. This will be part progress routine, part blog, since I’ll probably have a lot of questions. Hopefully the community can help me out.

Currently sitting at 5.5 inches long, and 4.5 inches around when pressed to the bone. Aiming for a short term goal of 6 inches, hopefully by August, with my long term goal being 8 Inches long and 6 inches around. I’m also on a strict weight loss routine, so hopefully the exercise and proper eating will help me get there.

I’ve started the newbie routine today, and so far so good. For the manual stretches, I’ve been holding at a slight stretch instead of just yanking on it, but I’m having trouble keeping my fingers on the glans without completely choking my dick, I’m uncircumcised.

After jelqing though, my penis doesn’t hang fuller for a few hours, more like two minutes. But, apparently, I should keep going. If it persists after two weeks, then I should ease up.

Anyways. Wish me luck. Any advice or links to supplements/ workouts that could help me get to 6 inches quickly will help greatly.

Basically? I want to be able to fill out a magnum XL condom. I’m also 22, so hopefully that will equal faster gains.

Good luck Bro. Posting your training log maybe a good idea to keep you motivated. All the best, stay safe and grow!

Hey James!

Welcome to the site! Best of luck with PE man! I’m starting out soon as well!


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