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Jamesorgxl's NEW Progress Report


Jamesorgxl's NEW Progress Report

So, for some reason, the forum keeps signing me out me out whenever I click on my own thread. I can make a post everywhere else, but for some reason not on my old progress thread. Weird.

I’m just gonna copy and paste the old post down here:

“Alright, so after trying this on again and off, I’m deciding to take the plunge and really get into PE for both my sexual health and my emotional health.

And this time, to keep myself honest and driven, I’ve started a progress report thing. Just so that I actually do this and not stop after a day or so. This will be part progress routine, part blog, since I’ll probably have a lot of questions. Hopefully the community can help me out.

Currently sitting at 5.5 inches long, and 4.5 inches around when pressed to the bone. Aiming for a short term goal of 6 inches, hopefully by August, with my long term goal being 8 Inches long and 6 inches around. I’m also on a strict weight loss routine, so hopefully the exercise and proper eating will help me get there.

I’ve started the newbie routine today, and so far so good. For the manual stretches, I’ve been holding at a slight stretch instead of just yanking on it, but I’m having trouble keeping my fingers on the glans without completely choking my dick, I’m uncircumcised.

After jelqing though, my penis doesn’t hang fuller for a few hours, more like two minutes. But, apparently, I should keep going. If it persists after two weeks, then I should ease up.

Anyways. Wish me luck. Any advice or links to supplements/ workouts that could help me get to 6 inches quickly will help greatly.

Basically? I want to be able to fill out a magnum XL condom. I’m also 22, so hopefully that will equal faster gains.”

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 2:

Did the newbie routine. It’s basically the same, except I’m having trouble maintaining a consistent erection level. I’m not even sure what “50%” erection level looks like. If anyone can help, let me know.

Tried to Dry Jelq today, and I don’t think either one is working. My dick is now shriveled back up, and it feels “worked”. No acute pain, just a little sore. I think I might need to ease off or something. I don’t know.

For stretching, I’m taking the “How to manual stretch” guide to heart: Don’t pull, hold. I can get it up to my belly button, and I don’t really feel a pull, though I’m feeling something definitely. Apparently I should be feeling nothing.

In short, having some troubles, but I’m still going to do this. At least tomorrow is my rest day. I had to squeeze (heh) this workout in between a job interview and going out grocery shopping.

Going to meet an old flame tonight. Not sure how it will turn out. Might do some jelqs before the act just to get everything moving.

See you guys in two days. Let me know if you’ve got any advice to give. Should I be feeling anything? Should my penis or groin area feel sore at all?

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Signing you out?

Yea, for some reason, whenever I’d click on the old progress report thread, it would say I was signed out so I couldn’t reply. But when I click to sign in, it tells me that I’m already signed in and just stays on that window. Going back or refreshing the page doesn’t fix this.

I can post here though.

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Tried voiding your browser cache or changing browser?

Replied to the other thread and PM’ed you but I will again say welcome buddy!

What do you mean it is shriveled up? I am starting in a few days so just trying to get an idea of what I may be in for! Wait there is a stretching guide? I need to take a look at that!

Day 3

Alright, so I missed a day after my rest day. I had two birthday parties to go to and I barely had time for my actual workout.

It sucks that I missed a day, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. I’m getting back on.

Still sticking to the beginner routine, but I’m looking to buy a bathmate and trying out the beginner routine at this site (…hmate-routine//). Not sure how legitimate it is, so if this is a dumb idea, tell me so.

I did the newbie routine. So far no huge changes from my last post: My penis doesn’t hang fuller and longer long after jelqing, manual stretches are ok, and kegels are getting slightly easier to do. I decided to jerk off afterwords as a reward, after having sex in the morning with a friend, so that might have something to do with that as well.

I’m still doing this. I just want the results to come quickly, ya know?

Anyways, just a quick update because I have to head out soon. I’ll post a bigger update tomorrow.

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 4 No big changes yet

Alright, newbie routine time again.

Basically I heat my penis up with two facecloths under hot water. One is wrapped around while I massage my dick, and the other one is heating under the water. I just switch them off every 30 seconds and it seems to work. I get an almost constant source of heat. I’m gonna try making a rice sock today if I can though.

Then it’s still the same routine, though I’m gonna try to increase the strength and weight of everything next session. I tried to do the BTC stretch, but it didn’t quite work out. I’ve got some extra weight, and not enough penis, so it’s hard to maintain that hold. Gonna try again next session though.

I’m jelqing at maybe less than 50%, basically my dick is at it’s full length, but not very hard at all. Basically, I can move it around a bit. Hopefully this will equal length gains. Still, my penis just goes back to normal after the workout session. I’m noticing some discoloration though.

Anyways. I’m not going to measure again until I’m at least a month along. So we’ll see if I need to change anything.

Either way, that’s the first week done, and I’m on to my rest day.

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Hey, welcome and congrats on getting yourself to start the journey.

The less workouts you´ve done, the more easily you get the “negative” signs like discoloration/red spots so on, good PI thread out there somewhere. Just not used to it yet so it happens more easily.

About the Bathmate, I won´t say yes or no, it´s just another tool in my opinion, however one of the most common “regret” people here say is not sticking to the newbie routine and instead went for too much too soon when the newbie would have worked. If you are making gains what you are doing is good :)

Also another thread I wish I recall the name of. Was basicly about people who had made no gains, or very little, that came to realize that even the newbie routine is too much for some people and they needed to do less to make gains. What I´m going for with this is that newbie is a great start for most, but for some it´s too much, for some too little. Of course I can´t say if it´s too much for you or not. However it´s better to start too low and build up slowly and SAFELY, than go too hard stop the gains or hurt yourself which puts you out of action for a while. The road of PE is slow and we should be prepared to take time, it´s only our own patience that makes us try the fast lane, which usually makes us quit and go on and off for years instead of steady consistent gaining for years.

Which brings me to a personal tip from experience:”What we have is what we have it´s enough for love, what we gain is just bonus to make it better. So never commit yourself to silly deadlines this is one hobby that goes with it´s own pace not what we want it to” Personal example, I was going to see a long time close “friend” in a month or two, wanted to be bigger by the time we meet up, as the deadline started to come closer but I wasn´t getting the goal, ended up doing more hoping to get more out of it, but that didn´t work of course instead things backfired and I got shorter.

Oh and that after workout thingie, it could be too much, it could sort itself out with a few weeks of getting used to. For first month(s) the after workout flaccid gain was short lived for me, usually gone in 20min already. Took 2-3months until it stayed after an hour. But we all work a bit different, for example I´ve never seen any erect gains after a workout, heck it´s shorter after a workout sometimes by 1/2” and it stays shorter(erect) overall until I take a few days break then it gets back to normal+a bit.

Anyway if someone recalls those two threads do link, interesting reading, like alot of topics here.

Day 5

Thanks Grtor for the response.

Alright, I might hold off on the Bathmate, but I’m definitely going to get some supplements or some other chemical stuff suggested in the other threads.

Day 5 went alright. Jelqed under 50% erection level when I could. The same thing is happening though: It would just go back to normal size once I was done. Maybe I’m not squeezing hard enough? My penis does feel a little sore. Not like “oh my god I can’t have sex” sore, but definitely worked. I read some of the PI things and so far I just have neutral PIs. I can still get erect, it looks roughly the same size, no major pain or shrinking. It’s defiantly redder though.

I set goals for this because I want this to succeed. Not just because I want a better sex life but I want more confidence overall. I’m not going to obsess over this, but I am going to make it a part of my life. Nor am I going to put myself in harms way. If I get any major pain down there, I’m reducing my exercises.

That being said, I’ve been reading PullnGrow’s progress reports, and I’m going to try doing what he did for now. I added some edging to the end of my routine. I just edged 6 times, I might increase that later on down the road. I’m also going to start doing mini-workouts throughout the day. Going to do 15 Jelqs every time I go to the bathroom, and maybe a little stretching. Let’s say 15 seconds in each direction. Hopefully this will help me get to 6 inches.

Also, tried the BTC stretch, and again I had no luck. Either I would have to keep bending to the side and pulling my penis through my legs to maintain the stretch, or I tried to just let it sit between the cheeks, and my extra skin would just slide back up.

The weight loss thing is going ok. No major results to report on that front, but I am losing weight, about a pound a week. Hopefully by the end of this 8 week workout/diet program, more of my penis will come out.

That’s it for now. I’m going to devote myself to reading as much as I can about PE for today, and then head out to pick up some vitamins and something to help me with my manual stretches.

Thanks for the support guys. I’ll be careful, but I want results.

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 6 Kinda

Alright, I started typing out my report for Day 6, but my laptop is a piece of garbage, and it keeps crashing on me.

So, this is going to be a quick one.

Did newbie routine. Heated up for 10 minutes with 2 washcloths, upgraded to 40 second stretches for everything except the BTC stretch, which I can’t do. Did 200 jelqs at about 50% erection level, pulling to the sides which will hopefully mean increased length gains.

Dick still not hanging much fuller after workout, just kind of goes back to normal. It feels worn, though that may be a combination of sex and the workout.

Starting to add some of PullNGrow’s stuff from his progress report. Adding in mini-workouts through the day. Just 15 jelqs and 30 second stretches whenever I go to the bathroom.

I’m going to stick to resting completely on my off days though, just in case.

Anyways, that’s it. I plan to measure at the end of Day 16 of my actual workout. If there are no changes, then clearly I’m doing something wrong.

Also, I’ve been looking into supplements, and so far there’s not a whole lot that won’t either kill me or mess me up for life. Also, some of these cannot be found at your local Wall-Mart. Any sources for where I can pick this stuff up? Or maybe someone can send me samples?

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 7, 8, and 9

Sorry I haven’t been posting too much. I really injured my back, and was basically stuck in bed for two days straight.

I wasn’t able to do any warm-up, but I did do some jelqing and stretching. As best as I could until I could move again.

Had nothing to do with PE, just pushed myself a little too hard at the gym.

Anyways, nothing new to report otherwise. Everything is still the same. Dick just goes back to normal after the workout. Either I’m not working it enough, or I’m working it too much. May be the latter. Might even be too early to tell. I’ll look back at my stuff and see if anything needs to be changed.

I’m committed. Going to try to fit in more mini-workouts through tomorrow.

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 10 A Hard Pill to Swallow

Ok. So I did some mini-workouts through the day, as well as I did the newbie routine. Same results as before, dick just goes back to normal.

I’m not going to post the intricacies of my love life here, but long story short: I watch way too much porn. So much so that I think it may be affecting my performance.

So, new goal: Gain an inch by August, and quit porn all together. Learn to get hard just from my girlfriend and stop worrying about this so much.

Anyways, just a short update again. But yea, tomorrow is my day off from all this. I’m going to re-assess what I’m doing, measure up, and see if anything needs to be changed, because I think I might be working too hard on this whole thing.

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 11 & 12

Been experimenting with the mini-workouts. So far I’m not getting any negative PIs, but no extremely positive ones either. Everything seems to be staying the same. Gonna post in the newbie threads, see if I’m doing anything wrong.

Anyways, It’s coming up to a month since I started on this little journey, so I think tomorrow I will measure myself. If I haven’t gained a quarter of an inch yet, might be time to try something else.

But yea, newbie workout once again. Pushing everything up though. Holding in each major direction for one minute with the stretches. I even was able to do the BTC stretch. Maybe I am progressing a bit.

Jelqed two hundred and fifty times at random erection levels, since getting hard and staying hard with no stimuli such as porn or a girl is hard. But I tried to mix it up. Been pulling to the sides, switching hands every 50 strokes.

I’ve also started edging, adding on 5 rounds of it after my workout. Maybe I’ll start doing it more regularly.

Anyways, that’s about it. Still not getting that low hanging penis after the jelqing. Any advice?

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.

Day 13 - PROGRESS I think

Alright, measured long and around.

And I think (if my initial measurements were right) I might have gained a quarter of an inch.

The tip of my dick goes just a little beyond the 5.5 mark on the tape measure when pressed to the bone. And I measured a little over 4.5 around.

So, I think I’m on the right track. Keyword: THINK. It may be that I just measured wrong initially.

Regardless, getting no positive or negative PIs in my workouts, so I think I’m doing alright.

This is my routine now:

Warming up: Two hot towels, switching off every 30 seconds for 10 minutes.

Manual Stretching: Every Major direction for 1 minute each, total of 10 minutes.

Jelqing: Tight squeeze, at around 50% erection level for about 250 times, switching hands every 50 times or so, pulling to the sides.

Kegals: 50 times for 5 second holds.

When I pull back the fat around my crotch area, I easily get six inches. So hopefully, if I stick to the diet, I’ve got that to look forward too.

Also started to take some supplements. Macca, Ginko, and Zinc at my first meal, and I’m going to pick up some Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine tomorrow after a job interview.

But yea! Progress! Maybe?

Current Stats: 5.5 L & 4.5 G .

Current Goal: 6 L & 5 G by August. Any help is appreciated.


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