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Ironaddict69's Log

Sure. Since starting PE, I’ve spent way more time not doing PE, than actually doing it lol. I have had trouble in the past staying consistent because I didn’t want it bad enough. Just took a good push in the right direction.

Hmm interesting. Maybe I should try the Every other day approach and just wear the ADS on off days

I have taken a couple of week to two week decons in my short PE career. After the first one, my measurements had stayed the same. After this last one, I actually had some gains. It re-energized me too.

As far as off days, I usually don’t do ANYTHING PE related. I may do some edging, maybe — but no tugging pulling stretching jelqing.

I sort of take the weight training approach and give it a complete rest so it can recover and grow. (Of course I do not turn down “real sex” because that would be stupid!)

Usually it seems like the gains occur on the off days.

Ok I definitely need to do more of those and just beat it hard on the days I workout.

I am getting really discouraged about this, I put in a lot of time and money now, and not much is going on. Perhaps a 2 week break is necessary, or did one week do it Sta-kool?

Looking back on my PE career, I take it back. There were times I took weeks off, because I got fed up. I think I have been doing it nonstop now for about 3 months actually. So I think the verdict is just that off days are necessary, I can’t go every day straight.

I’m no expert, my first decent PE workout was around December 16th — but my breaks have kind of come “naturally” — like a trip, where I can’t (or don’t want to) PE. Or relatives are visiting, snoopy ones!

There is a lot of theorizing around Thunder’s about when to take a deconditioning break. Some guys seem to take them regularly.

For example, there is a big discussion in Chronostone’s progress report. After 4 months, his gains had slowed down. He ends up taking a 12 day break. Much talk about when to decon, etc starting here:

sparkyx - Movin On Up

Hope this helps. The thing about PE is every body seems to respond a little differently.

Well my 2” cylinder showed up today, and the base is tapered down to 1.75. I literally couldn’t get my full dick in. So I am going to try and make this work by either cutting the bottom off and sanding it, or just sanding it to widen it as much as possible. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I always go into my tube 40-80% erect, but it’s 2” all around. You can’t make it work at all with the tapered base? I wouldn’t be surprised… Lol.

Oh dude, I go in 100% limp. I had to pump to even enter it, if that makes sense, it got stuck right past my circumcision scar. My limp girth exceeds the 1.75” and I tried it anyway, but it was uncomfortable and it turned my base white.

Lol that sucks. Kind of ;) .

No it definitely sucks. That pump isn’t going to work until I find a way to cut off the base.

You poor thing, your cock is just way to fat! Lucky bastard!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Was that the Jim Diamond cylinder?

My Boston Pump Standard Design cylinder is the same way — narrower at the entrance. Works for me, helps get a good seal.

But you are probably needing something like this:…ATS&Category=33

The EC Series (end cut) penis suction cylinders are functionally very similar to Thick Wall Cylinders. The end design of this cylinders simply straight cut, hand polished to a very smooth surface cylinders overall thickness is 1/8”

Maybe you could modify the one you have to look like that.

OOPS - here’s a better link with a better picture of the base. If you have the right tools you can probably modify your cylinder along those lines:…WPROD&ProdID=19

Gosh Believe it or not I used a sharp, serrated blade kitchen knife and CUT the base off. Took about an hour then sanded it down. I like the cylinder, and the ruler on it as well! But it is hard to pump up to higher pressure because it digs into my body. I might invest in another lapdist when more money comes my way, the quality is much better, and I even think the pumping sessions are better for whatever reason.


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