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Ironaddict69's Log

ironaddict69 — I saw you were asking about water pumping in RandomGiant’s log. RG gave you a good tip. I am looking into it too, sounds like you do not really need a water compatible pump. I compiled a water pumping “HOW - TO” from some threads Lampwick gave me:

Water Pumping Basics

I haven’t tried it yet, waiting until I know that I have a big block of private time. But it sounds like a good method.

Oh sweet man, thanks. I’ll check that out. What exactly are it’s benefits?

I think it can be summed up in 2 words — heat, better tissue expansion, more even pressure.

I quoted several guys on benefits of it here in this post — Advantages of Water Pumping

Still trying to figure out the logistics.(I am so over cautious it is ridiculous. I have to think everything through) Seems tricky, although RGiant’s method sounds damn simple.

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No, you’re right for being cautious, we are putting our one and only dick under trauma.why risk anything?

I am seriously debating about wearing the static stretcher while I sleep. I have had erections with it on and it didn’t hurt at all. I would obviously not make it super extended while I sleep however.

Haha, not contradicting yourself at all in those last 2 posts ;) .

Hahahahaha! Oh man.true huh? I actually meant the light duty stretcher, it’s basically a silicone wrap.

Hung for 1 1/2 hours today. 10 lbs is too light, I need to go buy more weight at the store.

Wore ADS between my two hang sets, and also for about 3-4 hours after. Totaling 5+ hours I believe.

On my 2nd pump set as we speak, and then I’ll call it a night.

Looks good again. I never end up pumping anymore. I just don’t feel like getting consistent right now for pumping. I know I will some time soon, but I think I might just want to focus on hanging for now. Too bad about your weight being too low. You don’t feel anything at all at 10? I don’t feel a lot at 5, just some, but I am going to try to stick at it for a long time. I’ll stick with my 20 minute sets, but I’m going to try to hang over 2 hours a day and see how it feels. Keep it up and good luck bud.

P.S., it seems like you are lucky as hell if you can hang as long as you do with no discoloration or discomfort at that high of a weight!

I wouldn’t wear any PE device while sleeping. Just sounds too risky. You could ask the stretcher guys about doing that in the main member forum, they would probably have some good advice.

Yes I agree I am lucky, and the only way I feel a good pull/ fatigue is if I hold my dick up with my fingers, and create a HARDCORE fulcrum point, even then it’s so tolerable that my hand and arm gives out before my cock does. And sta-kool, I talked myself out of it. Ill let it recover while it sleeps. However I think maybe a Hair tie wrap would be okay.

Today I did alot of ADS, and about 1 hour of hanging. I’m not getting much out of it and probably won’t until I buy more weight, So be it. Lig fatigue doesn’t exist with me from 10 lbs, even after 2 hours. It goes away within a minute. Wearing the light duty stretcher and have been for hours, So it’s healing in an extended state. I will probably pump 3-4 sets tonight. I am excited for my thinner tube to come, I like pumping more than everything else besides the mess it creates!

Sometime tonight it hit me, this whole time I’ve been doing PE I havent taken a break besides once and it was 2 weeks, and I lost length. I am wondering if a deacon break would do me harm or good, I don’t know if I could actually not do anything for a month.

Maybe not such a bad idea, especially if your main concern is that it takes too much weight to get fatigue.

Random have you ever taken one?


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