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Ironaddict69's Log

I agree Random, I just believe that if I can get some heavy hang time in if I can figure out how to get my Redi-Stretcher to work without KILLING ME, then I’ll be good to go and gains will be around the corner.

Haha gotcha. What size is the head piece for your vac hanger? If you do hang heavy, just ride that fatigue until you go lower and lower in weight, still reaching fatigue. More sets!

Gotcha will do. I’m using the XL headpiece, the biggest one I could buy, and yeah it fits snug. Which you just reminded me, it’s a possibility with the Redi-Stretcher, (I am using the smaller one) that I couldn’t fit the thing around me with the silicone sleeve as padding. Could you show me a better picture of the sleeve and WHERE it sits when you hang? If that made sense? That would help so much, thanks buddy.

Not really, what do you want? I wear it like a regular wrap.

I saw a picture of it, do you just stick your penis through the hole of your sleeve and wrap, then attack the hanger to hold onto that?

Yup. It’s stretchy so I stretch it out wide and slip my dick right into it. I actually keep the ace bandage over it at all times, it is stretchy like the silicone. Easy!

Damn. I am going to figure out something like that for my Redi, and perhaps get the hard sides if need be so I can hang heavy weight when he time comes. For now I am going to use a weight that I can feel pulling on me. Ten pounds I can feel slightly.

Okay, just try to do enough hanging sets that you can also feel it at lower weights. Just keep going lower and lower to hit that fatigue.

This is something I will definitely do when I find my Redi.

-I will be wearing an ADS as often as conveniently possible, AKA whenever in the house.

Wearing ADS from 5:00 to 1-2 AM, and possibly the light version to sleep.

Hung for 2 hours today. I rotate between all different hang styles. Wore ADS for about 4 hours, and did 3 pumping sets. I am ordering a 2” tube to pack, but by my third set I pack my 2.25” about 8/10 of the way.

Lol, who needs a meal plan anyways right? Dude that’s commitment! How long are your pumping sets and at what pressure? You are going to pack the shit out of the 2” tube.

Oh Random you’re the one with commitment! And yes I know the 2” tube will be tight, that is the point, I’ll probably have to go in half erect.

Hung for 2 one hour sets today.

Wearing ADS as we speak, and will continue to for about 3-4 hours total time.

Then I will do 3 pumping sets. I believe I am always going to keep the pressure at or under 6 HG from now on, besides an occasional flare up to 10.

Ditto that about the pressure Iron. That’s a lot of PE today, bet you see some lengths gains in the near future. I was going to hang for another hour or so, but I forgot it was a friend’s birthday, so I guess I’ll need to go out :( ;) .

I always like stretching after my pumping sets. My dick always feels ultra flexible after pumping it the shower, so I always try to do some manual stretching after. What do you think about that?


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