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Installation 04 Monitor's Log

Installation 04 Monitor's Log

If you get the joke behind my title kudos to you (343 Guilty Spark was the monitor of installation 04).

Well lemme see here, I registered in 2012 after formerly being here a long time under another name, but that Thundersplace life is long behind me now.

I’ve decided to get serious about PE again after neglecting it for a very long time. I got really tired of putting in so much effort and seeing little to no results. I have taken a lot of time off recently. Hopefully my penis is now deconditioned enough to make some more progress. That plus it is the new year, and I’ve decided that I want to make some progress this year! That being said, I’ve come up with a routine that I hope is intense enough to get results, and yet is easy enough that it won’t toughen my penis too much. Length will be the primary focus. At over 5.5 around, girth is reasonable, although I would LOVE to get to 6.

On Sunday, I will do 2 sets of bundled stretches 15 seconds each direction. Monday will be 5 slinkies in each direction. Tuesday will be 3 sets of stretches in each direction. I began the stretches at ten seconds each my first week. Second week I added 5 seconds for a length of 15. This coming week I will add 5 more for a total of 20 seconds each stretch. I’ll keep going until I’m up to a minute for each stretch. The incremental stretches will be done on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday will be a rest day. Friday I will again do 5 slinkies in each direction. Saturday will be more bundled stretches.

It is my hope that this workout will allow me to gradually progress throughout the year. As I said, length is the primary focus, but I can’t do PE without some girth work, so that’s where the slinkies come in. Wish me luck.

Twenty slinkies and 100 kegels after the fact, and I am absolutely amazed at how much more plump, sensitive, and responsive my dick is! It’s like having a new penis. And that is after one session! I’ve missed this!

I’m not really expecting anyone to read this or respond. I do not update this thread frequently, nor are my posts particularly well written or thorough. This is more to motivate me than anything else, and motivation is something that I have been completely lacking over the last few months. About 4 or 5 months ago, I was going strong on a jelq routine hoping in time to reach that elusive goal of 6 girth. Then I suddenly had to move out. Between moving out of my old place and getting it clean for inspection, I missed a whole lot of sessions. Once I was settled in the new place, I found I had no motivation to restart. That is changing though. Once more I am rather excited to try and see where things can go if I stick with PE, and so this coming Wednesday, I will be starting up on my old jelq routine again. I am very excited.


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