Injury using extender?

Hello. First post

As I am relegated to limited amount of sections to post in and this should be in a injuries sections .I’ll post here. I have a generic extender and although I’ve used a few times at low tension/stretch. .One day last week I used more stretch where it was at max stretched length for only half hour though. However since then very difficult to get erection .I experienced no pain during use .I see a urologists assistant later this week. I am worried I did some damage. Would like thoughts on those with experience on site. I would hope the damage is temporary!

Little backround.. Many years ago in my 20s used a very powerful pump that used bilge pump to create vacuum. It would increase size of penis to huge proportions .especially girth wize. But Gains were always temporary. Lucky I did not have permanent damage from that! But that and some manual stretches were my only PE experience until now. For last year plus have had some sort of strange illness that has really shrunk penis. That is reason for any interest in PE. Thanks