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Improvements in Newbie Routine for length gains and much MORE!

Improvements in Newbie Routine for length gains and much MORE!

So guys, I finally decided to compile all my reports-progress into one thread, which I would update mostly on monthly basis.

Discussions would also like to be run here, as I still feel myself a newbie xDD But really found much “new” for myself and testing it currently in exercises.

Would also like to hear some comments - is it ok to form reports that way? Or they could get lost in case of much discussions?

So, the first one of my reports(08.02.2018) -

Yo guys, recently started my 5th month of PE and 3rd month in a row of PE.

The real gain for me was around 1-2 mm in girth and something near 1 cm in length (4,5 cm girth and near 17 cm length the finals).
After ensuring some gains I decided to re-watch video in exercise section and understood, that I do both stretching and jelq a bit out of “basic”.
So, wanna hear your opinions, could I deplete my gains by a bit other technique or I boosted them instead.

1) Stretching, I’m a bit worried about “static stretch” in Simple Manual Stretches Video, tried it same way only today for 1st time. These 2 months I was doing similar stretch in 4 different directions, but dynamic one.
I’m using warming gel, in sex-shop it is classified as one for Pen-building. After applying it all over the penis’s body I slide with one hand, using reversed OK-grip, and then with another, when 1st reaches penis head.
Doing it in one direction for something near 30 seconds, overall time for stretch varies from 10 to 15 minutes.

2) Jelqing. Well, it is a bit complicated to describe, but - most similar I do it the way as it done in Dry Jelq Video. With one hand only, repeating slow slide with regular OK-grip from base till head of penis. Whole duration varies from 5 to 10 minutes. Doing it also with same gel, so yes. In my case it is a bit not-dry-jelq xDD
The reason of one hand - I’m quite well built, no excessive fat, 178/70 and uncut. Often swims and do push ups. But on scrotum side of the penis there is quite much of excessive skin. So when I tried doing with both hands jelq - I didn’t feel any pressure or tension at all. As a whole penis wasn’t gaining as much blood, as it does with single hand.

I’m quite happy after these 2 months, as gains weren’t GREATLY noticeable for me, but the real gain is in weight of penis somehow. According to my feelings it almost doubled or something (don’t have small, accurate scales to check).
Still I’m interested - am I doing ok in terms of more experienced ones in PE?

09.03.2018 Report (omg, how big it was Oo)

Hi guys previous month I was anxious about my techniques and their difference from the ones in videos. I was happy after getting some gains, but without solid measurement of initial capabilities - it was not so trustworthy even for myself.
So, this month I aimed at polishing my own technique(either prove it right or wrong) and to check growth steadily.

Writing this post I wonder to start with the results, process or some “discoveries” of my own. So, I’m making 3 BIG paragraphs here for easier reading and looking for information somebody likes the most.
SORRY, I can’t use inches in measures and tiring to recalculate all in them.


1) My time-table was quite unstable during month, so I almost randomized training days and days off. Sometimes it was 5-1, 2-1, 4-1, once it was 3-2 or 5-2. Can’t remember clearly. But still, it worked nicely in 2 ways at once - no discomfort feelings during or after training and training provided gains. So, currently I’m hell relaxed about how often or in which sequence I take days off.

2) Jelqing even with warming up and quite liquid gel makes skin on my penis more shabby. I’m not sure how bad it is currently or is it the effect only from jelq or no, but I decided on 2nd week of the month to get rid of the jelq training for some time.

3) NEVER start PE training early in morning or before you cum 1st time in current day. Here I mean sexual attraction and desire to cum. In my 23 year old, if I try doing PE before having sex today or masturbating, the training goes wasting by 1/3 or even 1/2, because
A) You fight against your erection level, which easily reaches 100%+ level
B) You fight against your desire to cum, which is hell stronger than the 2nd or the 3rd one in one day(no, edging and preventing to come is cool thing for future sex and to make “wow effect” for woman, but it really doesn’t help actual training) (also, pure masturbation makes penis less sensitive, so you enlarge your time pool without negative troubles, not to say about the cut ones among us)
C) You lose your temper and patience way more easily
D) Unconsciously you give less time to your training, reducing it’s efficiency and possible positive gains/effects.

4) I discovered 3 stages of erection for myself and they really matters, as each 3 provide different measures of capabilities as well as different feels for your woman (or man, if gays reading here it too)).
A) morning boner or “pant boner” - I could say, that it is cool, solid boner, but in my case it reduces maximum size of penis in erected state by 2-3 cm. So, measuring in such condition could really hit your happiness and gain expectations.
B) “masturbating boner” or petting boner - this one reduces possible penis size for me currently by 1-1,5 cm, also this type of erection for me provides a bit more girth. The visual difference is the one, that penis seems more saturated with blood.
C) “ejaculating boner”, “boner towards 10-mark girl” or just rock hard boner - in this one state I measured my gains in previous month and in current one too. I started to differ it from previous one, as in this state penis just inflates with blood pressure, base of penis gains 10-25% of additional girth and trembles a bit according to heartbeat (like it sometimes painted in hentai). So, you know, it is a state when penis just rockets upwards without any help with hand and you can even put a dumbbell on it without negative effects.


Well, where should I start here? First week of the month went for me quite similarly as in previous month, which I described in thread stated upwards, still using the same pen-building gel and so on.
Small difference could only be that I really rejected all ideas about trying “longer PE training”. Moreover, due to time-table changes I ensured to finish each of my PE training in 15-20 minutes.
Also, during first week I agreed with myself that length gains for me more important, because
1) girth is quite ok currently in comparison with overall penis body
2) girth gains harder to notice and get (harder to track also)
3) length gain - is a solid gain!) I mean your woman or next sex-partner would more “wow omg” from length, than from extreme girth.

Independently from marks stated up here about how interested I’m in length gains - I had to stop jelqing training somewhere on second week of the month.
I was really enjoying them, felt their impact on penis, but the skin.. Yes, it hit me a bit, as it somehow became way more shabby than it was before.
As I’m uncut I’m not even solid sure that this “shabyness” isn’t “skin growth effect”(if one exists) from PE training in last months, but I really didn’t like how my hand feels it, so I made a decision.
Positive part here, that this “discomfort” didn’t reduce my will to improve my penis capabilities and I’m still encouraged to grow. So, I just set my attention on stretching and length gains.

Somewhere on second and third week I ensured and polished my “Pure stretching training”, which I run still. I enjoy it mostly, because it gives COOL flaccid gains, so that your flaccid pen starts to hang greatly longer(1,5-2,5 cm) after 3-4 days of repeating it. Also, this “flaccidness” surely then becomes solid gain in full erection.
I would describe it in most details, as it gave me cool improvement in only these 3 or less weeks.

1) My bathroom has heating floor, so overall temperature something near 25-28 C, which fastens warm-up stage along with pen-building gel I’m using.

2) After applying the gel I massage penis for around 1 minute for better relaxation.

3) 2 minutes I stretch my penis in right and left directions (1 minute each). Even this I do not do like it in videos.
Somehow, I could say that my Stretching technique in a bit of combination of jelq and stretch.
A) So, I use ONLY reversed-OK-grip on penis starting from the base of it.
B) Next “movement” of hand is a slide towards penis’s head, along with touching and a bit squeezing it.
B2) During ALL movement of hand, along the body of the penis, I pull penis away from it’s base and squeeze a bit.
C) When first hand reaches penis’s head and makes “last” tension pull of it. I start same slide movement with second hand, using same reversed-OK-grip. It’s my stretching.

So, the movement could be similar to one many of you use in jelqing, but I don’t do it, trying to bring more blood with it into penis. I squeeze it’s body within the movements and create tension on it’s body by a smooth slide of hand, BUT - with pulling penis away from it’s base.

4) After stretching in 2 directions I start simple and straight stretching in one direction for around 8-15 minutes(depends on mood and free time).
Previous month I was doing this stretch directing the head of penis towards the floor, so it was downward stretching technically.
But this month I became tired of staying bending over for all this time and started laying 1-2 towels on toilet. Doing stretches sitting on toilet with both covers lowered.

So, the actual technique here is similar to the one I used for initial stretching in 2 directions.
Small difference here that I stretch penis not along my body, like I do this in right-left part, but directing it between my legs.
Like this it is easier and I can apply more pull-out tension on penis at each stretching move.

Describing it simply:
1) Sit down on edge of the toilet(warmed-up pen and so on)
2) Taking penis by it’s base with reversed-OK-grip with FIRST HAND, but using whole hand (like if you hold beer can or bottle)
3) Starting smooth slide move along penis’s body
3,5) During all movement pull penis away from yourself (like you pull elephant by his trunk, if too big comparison - then pull the cat by her tail, but without stopping hand on one spot of tail)
4) Reaching the end of penis’s head use SECOND HAND the same way - reversed-OK-grip at penis’s base and slide movement along penis’s body, touching with whole hand.

So, this is how I’m doing still my Pure stretching training even now. As I use mostly reversed grip for it - I even gained some additional muscles on my biceps and chest xDD Because for first several days my arms were ached from 15-20 minutes of exercise.


At 08.02.2018 I measured that I was something near 17 cm long and 4,5 cm in girth.
Today I measured once again my penis at it’s peak erection before ejaculation, after PE stretching training for today, and it clearly reached 18 cm mark.
Girth without jelq remained mostly the same, but body of my penis isn’t strongly straight, so in some spots it has less than 4,5 girth.

I’m measuring all this time using one linear of my own. As my penis has a bit of angle towards crotch (similar to one, which regular bananas have, but not big one, around 5-15 degrees), I have to straighten it along with linear for clearer measures.
Without “fighting against angle” measure still shows gain around 5-7 mm.

At the end of this month without jelq I clearly feels difference, that “weight gain” of penis previously was from jelq training.
In current state I mostly feel gain of flaccid length, like if I was walking all time with dumbbell tied to penis.
Also, my body shows that gain - previous month it was around of one finger thickness between penis head and my belly button.
Now, the edge of penis head clearly reaches belly button and improves my mood significantly!))

As I think myself, this gain was mostly thanks to only Stretching training for most time during month and my a bit unique technique of performing them.
My girlfriend also noticed that gain during sex and was surprised how I once again grow)) She don’t know that I do PE, but I think she suspects)

In conclusion, I would recommend my way of stretching for guys, who really lacks length or feels troubles to observe significant gains. I’m myself also would like to hear some opinions from more experienced members here.
Still, feel free to ask me any questions!

P.S. Sorry for no photos, if it matters. Can’t afford them, but brand of my gel could name easily and with picture.

Before knowing PE ----------------- 14,0 cm length (5,51 inch), 11 cm girth (4,33 inch)

PE-like exercises for 3 months -- 16,0 cm length (6,30 inch), 12 cm girth (4,72 inch)

ThundersPlace's expertise help - 18,4 cm length (7,24 inch), 13 cm girth (5,12 inch)

11.04.2018 Report. As people started to inquire me about my gel - feel free to PM me, would easily aid you. But in reality I think there must be foreign substitute for it, as I feel our Russian delivery doesn’t work good.
Next report means to post somewhere around next weekend.

Got during previous month some wonderful gains, which I didn’t expect(around 1 cm in length).

So, during this month I didn’t find anything cool-new while running my PE-training. This time I suppose it would be purely results, which I got.
Still whole month I was doing only stretching trainings, hoping to gain length faster, but tempo got decreased this time. Also, I’m still afraid of jelq, as skin on penis really looks strangely shabby when I try it.

Previous month finishing measure gave me something near brink of 18 cm in length and 4,5 cm in girth.
Reading forum again and again, seeing some photos I got understood that I was measuring girth in a wrong way. I used non-flexible linear, which is used in school during geometry classes. So, 4,5 cm girth was a measure just from my point of view towards penis. I found flexible linear in my apartments and it was really helpful. Without jelq trainings I suppose my girth remained the same through this month, as I don’t feel any clear improvements in it or in dick’s weight.

Final measure was solid 18+ cm(7,1 in inches) in length and from 12 to 13 cm(4,8 - 5,2 in inches) in girth. I tried to compare measures with flexible and non-flexible linears, as before I did it with solid one, sticking one end into skin-fat quite strongly. With solid linear my penis got something like 3-6 mm in length. While measuring from scrotum side of penis gave again 1 cm of gain, ending nearly 19 cm.

I really like my programm with pure stretches as whole training feels nice and I see gains steadily, but I’m still interested is it ok to run it like this, because I didn’t get any replies or feedback from more experienced members. Mostly about jelq troubles, as I think somewhere after 20th cm of length, I would become interested in girth also.

Another thing, that attracted my interest was one sole post about troubles with gaining length. Don’t remember nickname who typed it, but he said that in order to get gains, it could be helpful to make a big break on PE. In order to make penis “de-conditioned”, like during body-building, so that it’s internals would become again less resistant to stretching and enlarging. Could it work in my case? I’m considering now trying week or two of break, if I decide to try.

09.05.2018 Monthly report.

Well, it was strange month. Resulting measures differs a bit with flexible linear and solid one. 18 cm length got solidified. At some angles I measure some growths towards 19 cm. Girth didn’t improve greatly, so it is very so-so thing. At some spots I measured 11,9 cm as a minimum with flexible linear and at thickest part around 12,5+ cm.

1) Throughout the month I didn’t notice great improvements in length. I even thought that I would only ensure that 18 cm - is my regular boner by now. But seeing particularly today 18 cm+ measures brought me some happiness and wonder like - how the heck?! As last 3 days are days off for me. So still wonder)
2) As I wrote above - I didn’t notice improvements for most part of the month, BUT - on this last week I noticed one WOW thing. You know, we look at ourselfs in mirror seeing full face, even during PE, being naked and so on. But I decided to watch the profile’s face of me during PE - and I almost omged how my penis got really thicker visually! Wonder why my measures of girth didn’t reflect it, but in mirror - there is some obvious gains.

Concerning exercises - I finally got back to stretching + jelqing, throwing away fears about skin on penis getting shabby. Well, I got to this fearless idea thanks to some porn xDDD as it isn’t something so bad, that penis doesn’t seems as an elastic stick of 16-19 year old guy)) But still I’m thinking ahead what to do about it in the future and how good it can regenerate in case I take a break in PE or simple stop jelq for a while.

3 weeks out of 4 of this month I was running 17 minutes exercises only. It was quite busy month and I hadn’t mood to spend even 20 minutes on PE.
The routine was quite classic one, but regarding getting back to jelqs I decided to give them enough attention. So as follows:

2 minutes of stretching in different directions, just cause I feel it improves my EQ. Never feel like it provides me length during these 5 months(type me if I’m wrong here xD)

5 minutes of stretching with my technique described in 1st post and a bit from 2nd one. I would say, that this month I stopped doing STRETCHES sitting on the toilet and would never do them again! WHY - cause you can’t stretch with decent power from that angle(only case you are epic bodybuilder, etc). So, these 5 minutes I was doing stretches in downward direction, towards floor. Really works AWESOME for me. Think it is one of the reasons I got gains in length at last.

10 minutes of jelqing. Well, as I rejected them for several months I think my technique in them is quite bad and it lead to no significant girth gains during this month. As I have described it earlier - I have quite much of a side skin on penis, as I’m uncut. I can’t/ wonder how to do jelq with 2 hands simultaneously. Mostly I do jelq with gel, but visually it seems as a Dry Jelqs from our video section here, when 1 regular OK-grip slides along the penis’s body. Reaching the head of the penis - you quickly backs the grip to the base of the penis and repeat the movement.

In conclusion I would like to say - PLEASE REPLY ME! xDD I mean I feel that I’m lacking some technique nuances in jelq and wanna understand something about it better. Type if you noticed any through my description. For next month I think I would switch to 10 minutes of streching and 5 minutes of jelq. Just cause I didn’t feel great impact of jelq this time and length grows steadily.

Not just regular monthly report, but just 2 fun/strange things came up during last week.

1) As some of you from USA, you could know well-known Calisthenics trainer Chris Heria. Found his channel on YouTube and various trainings around 2 weeks ago. And here is fun thing - may be it is thanks to my personal body specifics or my age, 24, BUT - after some HELL HARD trainings from his videos my penis became noticeably more thick Oo didn’t check it with linear yet, but during sex and masturbation it is VERY CLEAR. Wonder how it is connected with calisthenics traingings, but here it is xDDD

2) Strange thing here, that I decided to run this month with 10 minutes of stretching and 5 minutes of jelq. No matter how hard or with pressure I try to jelq - penis didn’t get ANY erection :/ may be it is due to trainings exhaustion, but during sex penis’s size improved… So now my routine seems more like 10 minutes stretching and 5 minutes “pressure stretching”. Somebody faced weak EQ during Jelq after systematic physical trainings?

Before knowing PE ----------------- 14,0 cm length (5,51 inch), 11 cm girth (4,33 inch)

PE-like exercises for 3 months -- 16,0 cm length (6,30 inch), 12 cm girth (4,72 inch)

ThundersPlace's expertise help - 18,4 cm length (7,24 inch), 13 cm girth (5,12 inch)

09.06.2018 Monthly report.

Well, it would be strangest report of all. Final measures today was 18,4+ cm (7,24 inches) in length and a bit of girth gains. Thickest part of penis became some solid 13 cm (5,12 inches) and thinniest 12 cm (4,72 inches).

As many of you started to follow and became interested, I also following currently Angion Method for penis growth. Starting from 14-16th May I do only BE and PR as a main PE-exercises.
Generally, I don’t feel physically yet any decent growth, but depending on my previous month report - I’m currently just omging how I finally got girth improvements in just 3 weeks of Angion))

Big trouble of this month was - WEAKEST EQ in a long time. I started some cool-hard trainings, using calisthenics program by Chris Heria. Initially I thought I won’t be able to get good erections, until I let my body relax and take some days off, BUT - Angion Method came handy here. It really buffed my EQ and now it is easier to erect even after HELL hard training.

The thing is, that we are testing would Angion Method provide growths in future, which is still questionable. But my current gain in girth I suppose provided mainly with better boners, as previously my penis wasn’t filled enough with blood or let’s say, that it didn’t become saturated enough with blood. I still lack many sensations and these almost day-long hangings, which is described by many of you in relevant thread, so I feel that I have still much to get from AM in nearest future.

Most likely I would keep on going only Angion Method exercises next whole month. Looking forward to how it could add more size))

How much girth did you gain?

Keep up the good work

09.07.2018 Monthly report.

This month was a bit harsh one and most evolving. Final measures didn’t show any growth(18,4+ cm of length and 13 cm of girth), which is pity a bit, but there are 2 big things that changed much overall sensations.

I would start with my “newly enlarged” routine:

1 minute of intensive, high tempo Kegels x1 time
1 minute of Kegels with long tension, 5-15 seconds each tense; x1 time
30 seconds of BE, then 1 minute of The Oscillator x4 times
5 minutes of PR 2x times

(before it was 4 minutes of BE x1 time and 5 minutes of PR x2 times)

On 1st or 2nd week of the month I discovered, that Kegel exercises works VERY NICE with AM. It really works in my case like a warm-up that leads to even better and stronger blood-flow through the whole routine.
FIRST BIG THING I noticed after adding them during this month. It lead to the heavy feeling in flaccid state of penis. Sometimes now it feels like if I just leave my penis in that flaccid hanging after AM+Kegels - it would enlarge length just with it’s own weight only. I didn’t check it with scales, but between legs penis currently feels like 1-2 kg in that state xDD While my size can’t provide such weight in reality as yet, I suppose.

SECOND BIG THING came with presentation of The Oscillator exercise in AM Thread. I didn’t type/describe it earlier, but my penis have some differencies in shaft’s girth. That is why my “fattest” and “thinnest” part differ for almost 1 cm of girth (Quotes: “At some spots I measured 11,9 cm as a minimum with flexible linear and at thickest part around 12,5+ cm.”, “Thickest part of penis became some solid 13 cm (5,12 inches) and thinniest 12 cm (4,72 inches)”).
So, I didn’t check it this time with my linear, but visually after adding The Oscillator to routine my penis started becoming more even in each part of the shaft. Next month I sure will check thinnest and thickest partly accordingly or report that girth of my penis became stably the same through whole shaft!))

Last important thing, that I would like to say, which I thought initially is “obvious one”, that I don’t do DAY OFFS at all in my routine. As same goes to my physical exercises, I suppose sometimes it could make my measurements smaller by a tiny bit. But I feel completely comfortable with this timetable, so I’m keeping on with it to 22x15 cm aim!))

Bomber99, after starting AM exercises I gained something like 4 or 6 mm of girth. Before I was doing primarily stretching only, so I didn’t gain any girth before.

Farew420, thanks, would surely proceed! I already got a grip that my gains are quite high considering that not so much time invested into PE yet)

Before knowing PE ----------------- 14,0 cm length (5,51 inch), 11 cm girth (4,33 inch)

PE-like exercises for 3 months -- 16,0 cm length (6,30 inch), 12 cm girth (4,72 inch)

ThundersPlace's expertise help - 18,4 cm length (7,24 inch), 13 cm girth (5,12 inch)

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I don’t know how much rest should be given and how much pressure/strength should be applied on a stretch… Also, don’t know for how long?

Have u tried fulcrums?


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