I was tad much enthusiast

and delusional…

My EQ at the beginning of July 2016,depending on the mood:
Good to great: Ease of erections | Frequency of erections | Night and morning wood
Good but need some improvement: Hardness of erections
Medium to Good, need improvement: How long they last before fading, ease of keeping them | Refractory period (how quickly you can get hard again after ejaculation)

My EQ as of Mid September 2016,depending on the mood:
Good: Ease of erections | Frequency of erections | Night and Morning wood
Need improvement: Hardness of erections
Really need improvement: Ease of keeping Erection in 90-95% and Refractory Period

My PI as of Mid September 2016,depending on the mood:
- lengthier girthier and heavier Flaccid hang
- no numbness or discoloration.
- no increase in hardness, length and girth of erections

Although parts of my routine did yields some result, it’s to be avoided completely, as it comprise many exercises, many strain and exertion, a bit too much tension during the exercises instead of relaxing.

My quality of sleep haven’t improved yet and I’m a bit stressed (personal stuff going through). I’m working on them.

And so, I need to take a break. I will reflect on what exercises work, what are those to be avoid absolutely, and what are those to be postponed until my penis is really ready to go through. I just hope I won’t ignore my PI and EQ and won’t push my desires and obsession to my penis.

I might not post every Sunday like I used to, but I will surely read the stories of members in the site and comments when I can.

Thank you for reading or commenting.

Have yourself a nice day :)

Starting 2016-07-30 at 7.25 BPEL x 5.25 MEG. Going for 8-8.5 BPEL x 5.5-6.0 EG

The Size of the Pen, The Motion of the Writing, The Length of the Chapter, The Feel of the Signature..

May you have great progress on your PE Journey