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Huge lenght gains and almost no girth gains. HELP


I jelg with full/almost full erection. I used to masturbate a lot to porn but that caused me an ED and I stopped. I ocasionally have sex or I am given a blow job.

I PE two days on one off mostly but for me it’s all about how I feel that day. For example if I after my rest day I still feel that my penis is “tired” I don’t exercise. And for example there are days when even though I should be resting I exercise because I feel like doing so. :)

And about those breaks. It’s hard to tell. They were very random and I mostly could not control it. For example I didn’t exercise because I hadn’t had enough time or privacy or both.

Anything else ? :)

Thanks man. Full erection? Palms down? Weren’t they like ullis? I mean You clamp at the Base and push it forward thru the shaft toward the glands while your dick is very hard. I do that 21 times then I let it subside and jelq as it gives me great expansion.

Sorry all, I do not believe those kinda gains in such a short period of time. 2.4 inches means not only did ligs have to grow, but the skin had to be stretched.

takijeden’s skin must have some serious stretch marks. I just do not buy this one. I have been here for years and I know what it takes to grow length. No pain, no

gain and it takes more than just jelqs.

Full erection, palms down but you don’t do them like uli’s. Just normal jelqing.

I know that sounds unreal and I am not surprised that you don’t belived me. But I AM SERIOUS. You may belive it or not. :)

C’mon takijeden, these kind of threads sound ridiculous. 2.4 inches in such a short period of time? Read this. Is 6.5 Girth Too Much To Ask For I have to call you out on this one. read my thread, it took me a while to get were I am at and my exercises were extreme. The guy in the thread I posted here finally came clean.

Ok what this guy has posted is either bullshit or he has actually gained :P

I have made those gains in couple of months not in two weeks and those were lenght gains only. I’m starting to see some small girth gains just right now because I’m doing lots of girth stuff.

No trolling here no matter what you say :P

You have just posted a couple months of PEing, which means 2 months. 2.4 inches. It does not matter if it is length or girth. 2 months? I call bullshit. By the way, that dude, came clean.
He said he was wrong. You claim 2.4 inches in 2 months, bullshit. That makes you the fastest grower here, jelqing. Hey man, my exercises were extreme, extreme. I did more than I have ever published here. You are claiming more length in 2 months than what it took me a year and still, i did not gain as much as you, and my wife even helped me. C’mon, stop, we vets know what it takes.

You must know, I call members out all the time with claims like these, just so no body here gets false hopes. Nobody is going to get the been stalk over night. PEing is a lot of work. It takes time, Consistency and dedication, and I had that since my wife helped, but you did so much more in a COUPLE MONTHS, 2.4 inches. Ligs and skin grew that much in a couple months.

Sorry. I don’t buy it.

This place is a brother hood, we help and mentor each other. We must be honest with each other. Hey look, the reason we are here is because we all have some sort of insecurity, You don’t think
Thunder did not have an insecurity as well? We must help each other achieve, but these claims you post are not true. This place is free.

I am not being an ass here, I have been here a long while and I have read many threads and have mentored so many. I know what it take to gain a 1/4 of an inch and how long that can take, but 2.4, Wow!

Regards my friend

Chill out man :D

Couple of months means “I don’t know how many exacly”. But not just two months ! :D

I’m not bullshiting anyone and I know how much effort it takes .

Why would I even lie about my gains here ? Everyone is here to get bigger or to help others get bigger. I shared my experience. I’m no expert at this. I’ve been doing it for a few months only.

Gained a lot of lenght and not a lot in girth.

About mentoring.. I was hoping for some help with my girth. Could you give me some advice instead of accusing me of a pointless lie ? :P

Hi takijeden.

Any girth gains coming ?

Start 01/01/09 6.8"BPEL(17,2cm) 4.3"MEG (11cm) Off 01/01/10 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.5"MEG (11.4cm). Back in PE after 4 years off - Back to NB routine the 03/01/2014 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.6"MEG (11.7cm)

Now :7.5"BPEL X 4.6 EG :/ Short Term Goal 7.3"X5" (lenght reached !) Long Term Goal 7.5"X5.5" : hard! (length achieve, desperate about poor girth). New goals : ST: 7.7X4.75 LT: 8X5.1


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