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How to Train your Dragon


How to Train your Dragon

So I’m relatively new to PE in the sense that I have just started to try it out, but I have been reading about it on and off for about a couple of years. I wish I had started back then or I probably would have made some tremendous gains. I’m in my mid 20’s and its not that I’m not happy with my endowment, honestly I should be happy that I’m above average.. Considering some people get screwed with > 4 inches EL. I haven’t “properly” taken measurements of my penis, but I intend to and I plan on posting my results her through my journey, and hopefully I can stick with it. My ultimate goal is to reach an EL of 8.5 - 9 inches and my EG of 6+. I know that I’m roughly > 6 for EL and for EG I think I’m around 4.5. So hopefully I’m not shooting for the sky. Regardless and gains will have been worth it. I am also hoping to gain vascularity, I also know that genetics has to play a huge role in that as I do lift weights and see a corollary between the principal of PE and lifting. As long as you stay consistent you are bound to get somewhere? Anyways, if any experienced members or even legitimate gainers would love to share some advice with me and make sure I don’t do anything stupid or just want to set me on the right track from the get go for optimal gains I would be appreciative. I hope one day I can be an example and prove to all the non-believers that PE is something giving a shot. I do plan to post pics, but that will be when I make some substantial gains or even noticeable ones. Or if I claim to have made tremendous gains, I won’t back out and refuse to post any if anyone is in disbelief as there are a lack of pictures from the various success stories that I have seen. I have alot of time on my hands right now that I know that I won’t get in the future and would like to use it to the best that I can. From what I’ve seen it looks like Hanging is by far the best for length gains, I’m looking to purchase a Bib Hanger soon. In terms of girth I’m a little in the dark, but exercises called Uli’s or even Extreme Uli’s? And for Vascularity pumping? If anyone wants to let me know how I could work them all in or what kind of regimen I should try based on their experiences id appreciate that. Id also like to request to keep this forum/thread strictly to advice so that any newbie starting can use this as a template or guide for their own journey. Id also appreciate if there was no shit talking or accusations if anything “non-believable” is stated or there are different views. I really just legitimately want to share my journey with everyone and have people motivate me in the process. With that being said I can’t wait to see how many people will be willing to help me out ^_^

P.S - I have no idea how to edit/use my profile the correct way so if anyone wants to let me know how to customize of make my profile more legitimate DM me? If that’s even a feature? I have no idea.. Like I said Id appreciate all the help I can get

P.S.S - I have no routine.. At all and I’m not gonna be one of those users who posts what they are doing everyday, just progress from week to week or month to month. Questions here and there that I need to be answered.

Welcome. In the FAQ (top bar of every page) you’ll find many useful links : videos, illustration of exercises, the first routine you should start with. It is generally advised to not start with devices until you haven’t been on manual exercises for at least 3 months. There is no better technique for everyone, by the way.

Hey Toothless.

For girth here is Big Al’s list of girth work in order from least to most intense/dangerous: Jelqing, squeezes, Uli’s, clamping. He didn’t include pumping though.
Length: jelqing, manual stretching, hanging, (apparently pumping with an long but slim cylinder)

I believe that is true, perhaps it is just the process of bodily adaptation rather than either just penis or muscle enlargement.
Start an short routine, expand its volume/intensity over time… Body adapts… New routine… repeat… etc…

BPEL: 8.35"/ NBPEL:7.0" /EG: Apprx. 5.5"

Originally Posted by Toothless
I know that I’m roughly > 6 for EL and for EG I think I’m around 4.5.”’…

My ultimate goal is to reach an EL of 8.5 - 9 inches and my EG of 6+…

So hopefully I’m not shooting for the sky.

Well you are certainly shooting for high altitude. Long term some few guys have gotten the kind of gains you are hoping for. And while genetics play a factor I expect that sticktoitiveness is the main thing.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for looking out guys!! And @iamaru thanks for letting me know that my long term goal may be a bit of a stretch people need some realism, but its nice to know that my short term goal is realistic. Also, I appreciate all the help in regards to the routines and what I should start out with as a newbie. I was also wondering, you think light clamping throughout the day would be a bad idea? Not like the intense kind? As I do want to do something to help with the deformation throughout the day. Its only been a few days since I’ve started jelqing, but when do I know that I’m getting a good session in?

Also, I should get a legit tape measure today and ill be taking some pics and actual measurements that can be standardizes throughout the journey. I don’t believe in all that BPFSL, BPEL, BPFL stuff.. Even FL will change depending on certain factors.. That stuff will vary with how hard you press and what not so I’m gonna go ahead and stick with EL and EG measurements. Like I said I probably won’t post any of the pics until I make a substantial gain so people go O_O’ when they see it. I’m also being super hopeful, because I could not see any gains, but I’m willing to stick with it!

Quick question btw, how do I edit the thing so that I have my personal stats below every post of mine? Like a majority of the users have?

Okay so.. I went to a local hardware store to pick up a cable clamp, thermawrap, and a round tape measure so I could finally see what my legitimate stats were, but I was unsuccessful and was able to only find a cable clamp pro. I know many of you will tell me not to clamp and I’m not clamping!! Or at least not like super super hard, just barely. Its something to keep on during the day so that way I can make some kind of gains, after my three month period of jelqing that’s when Ill start the intense clamping. If anyone has a suggestion for a good substitute for a thermawrap in the mean time that would be highly appreciated.

So I’ve been jelqing about week strong and hopefully I’m doing it the right way, I variate between the ok grip and jelqing between my pointer and middle finger that I feel is alot more effective for the stretch IMO, but then again I’m no expert as I have been only doing it a week. I haven’t officially measured myself, so I would know if I gained anything length or width wise. I doubt that I would have gained much in a week to begin with, but I gotta get on that! I’m gonna go ahead and listen to everyone saying that I should wait a while before hanging and clamping, but I can’t wait to do both as they see like the techniques that will get me the gains everyone looks for. I really just see the jelqing as prepping. If anyone has any insightful words to share with me, please do!

Just take is easy nice and slow and you will reach your goal in time.

Started:BPEL=5.0" x MEG=4.6 .(actually I was between 4.9 and 5 so I went with 5)

Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

Kegels and Warmup/down are very important. They can make the difference between gaining slowly and not going at all.

Started:BPEL=5.0" x MEG=4.6 .(actually I was between 4.9 and 5 so I went with 5)

Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the advice alivegeta and would you like to elaborate on the kegels? Do I do them during jelqing? Or wut? And warming up and warming down is what exactly? I have a shower that has a steam room and I usually jelq for about 30-45 minutes. Its been my second week solid. Again, I don’t notice any erect length or girth gains, but my erections last alot longer and they are definitely more full. I believe the term is erection quality? All I know is that they have vastly improved. My vascularity has improved somewhat. I haven’t been good with the clamping, or Ulis, I’m too much of a bitch to withstand the annoying pain, but maybe ill switch off day to day doing Ulis in the steam room and Jelqs after my first month. Doing both every day would just be too much time >.<” I already spend alot of time in the shower. I also have to ask, does masturbating do anything? Does it hinder progress or wut? Because I don’t masturbate at all. It could be a weird question but id like some input. Other than that I’m in the process of ordering my Bib Hanger, Ill let you guys know about the update!! Also, I still have not measure myself >.>” I really need a round tape measure.

Also, does variety in the PE stretches matter? Or is jelqing good enough? Because when I read the forums all these guys are doing different stretches and what not, but the penis is not like the deltoids where you gotta hit three different heads, or the back where you gotta do 20 different exercises for the 7 different muscles. I mean its composition is pretty basic, so if someone would like to educate me that would be highly appreciated ^_^

Okay, so I believe I skipped my entry last week, but now I’ve been jelqing for about a month, I suppose 2 more until I start hanging from the experienced individuals suggested. I go into my shower and I have a steam room option and it last for about 30 minutes so I jelq for about that long everyday, some days when I’m in a rush I don’t get to it, so in a month, I missed about 5 days worth of jelqing. However, in the past week or so I feel my penis thickening and become more sturdy from the inside as if it is trying to adapt to the jelqing, its also become increasingly harder to stay flaccid. Ill become erect after to rigorous jelqing and then ill have to wait for a couple of minutes for it to go back down and it really takes alot of time out of my jelqing. Idk if anyone has experienced that but if you could let me know what to do thatd be swell. I’ve dropped the clamping, so I haven’t gotten anywhere with that. As far as my gains go.. I’m a tad retarted because I didn’t take measurements at the beginning so if I have gained anything I wouldn’t know how much I have >.<” I have noticed an increase in girth how ever, my penis has become thicker towards the end and is not uniform anymore, it is more prevalent on the left side. Does anyone know what I should do level it out? Like I said it has become thicker at the end of the shaft versus the bottom. Anyone know an exercise to help build the girth of the base? As far as length goes, I’m sure I have had some gains, but very minuscule. I am over critical of myself so I believe there hasnt been a big difference, but my girl constantly asks me if I’ve gotten bigger and she’s the one who can feel it so based off that I’m inclined to say that I have had some progress. Lastly my erection quality is insane, I’m harder than before and can hold an erection for alot longer. If anyone would like to give me more pointers, tips, exercises or things to do to remedy any of my problems or give me optimal results by doing something in this period time, again it would be highly appreciated.

Alright so now its been about 1 1/2 months since I have been str8 jelqing, I know I have made some gains, but again, I have been so lazy that I haven’t even gotten a starting measurement to compare myself so.. I have made noticeable gains in the girth department, I usually jelq for 30 minutes in my shower. I have been clamping here and there seldomly, but nothing serious, just something to do when I’m not jelqing, I recently ordered the BIB hanger so hopefully that will help me put on some length faster in addition to the jelqing, Ill try to get to my length goal before I start going for girth because it seems that everyone is mutually agreeing that pushing for girth gains hinders optimal length gains? If anyone would like to tell me or show me otherwise that would be splendid. Also, because I have invested in the BIB hanger, would anyone like to tell me what the best regimen is for a starter? Like what angles, what weight, what techniques, how often all that stuff. I know there is like OTS, BTC, SD, SU and all that, if an experienced individual would like to shed some light on me that would be highly appreciated.

Alright, I’m sorry for not posting for a loooooong time, but its been about 3-4 months since I have been doing jelqing, I believe that was the amount of time advised to jelq before doing any hanging of sorts. I ordered the bib hanger and it has finally come in. I will not lie, I’m excited, I hope that it’ll prove to show quicker results and faster ^_^, only problem is I don’t have the time Bib did to hang all day from 7 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, so to achieve his results in even 2 years would prove to be insane. Regardless it will not stop me and to tell the truth I didn’t think that I would keep up with the jelqing but I have seen progress and I have finally taken measurements. I am roughly above 6 inches now and I wouldn’t say I gained more than 1/4 of and inch maybe even less, but I notice it. I really kick myself for having not taking measurements in the first place, but I may have been a little below 6 starting then. As for girth I am around 4 1/4-1/2 this is not erect, but I don’t believe it really changes. So my stats before hanging will be 6 x 4 1/4, Ill go with the lowest measurements just to make sure. With that, I will hope to reach the 7x5, 8x6, and really id stop there but 9x6.5 wouldn’t be too shabby assuming I kept up with it for the next 10 yrs. Its definitely alot easier than working out but I can do it. Anyways hopefully ill be posting consistently, meaning every week, BC I won’t see progress in days, but I do ask from individuals who have given me insight or would like to, to please give me the best routine or best advise able routine for hanging or just what to do from here on out, Id like to think we are all brothers and want each other to succeed, so with that being said, hopefully next time Ill see some posts ^_^


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