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How to Train your Dragon


Just keep going with hanging. You have to do it more or less everyday even for short sets. (or stretching instead)
Start low and watch how you react. You shoul feel some fatigue and then ride that fatigue.
Use heat.

Measure your BPFSL. Its good to check for progress.
Your starting measurements wont matter for you when you reach your goal.
But you need some steady measurements to gauge your progress and if you have to add weight or not.

DickerSchwanz=FatDick / 20cm length(No more!), 5.5 - 6 girth. Goal - max. Skills and Proportions

Achieved a cone shape taper girth? tell me how.. -> My Thread Best Theory to gain.. PI's ! Best Routine to Start

Its been a long time since I’ve posted, but I have been hanging with decent consistency and have seen some slow gains. Mind you I started out with 5 lbs for the first few months and now I am at 7.5, as Bib stated its better to use the lighter weights to slowly deform the ligaments, than to go to higher weights and lose and progress you could have with a thorough increase in weight. However, my question is then, does it matter how slow you take it with the weights if eventually your suspensory ligament is completely deformed? My second question is, is hanging meant to stretch and elongate the corpus cavernosum as well? Some answers or theories would be lovely, I believe I started around 5.5 erect and I’m a little over 6 now, I have been Hanging for about 4-5 months and again on and off with smaller weight, I’m sure the gains are due to the fact that they are beginner. Anyways suggestions for what helped in hanging would be cool too. What I really came to post here was this article I found on plastic deformation of ligaments. As we all know or should know in hanging is that the suspensory ligament of the penis is superior to it hold it attached to the pubic symphysis. It literally attaches it from the entry of the penis back into your body all the way to the crus. When that is completely deformed thats what gets you gains because it is not more loosely attached giving you “more” length. What does differ from individual to individual is the amount of tissue everyone is born with, which really determines if you can get massive gains. Half of your penis is inside your body, and I’m not to sure you can “pull” it out, but what I’m assuming we are all doing is breaking the tissue down with tensile stress causing it to proliferate and come out. Anywho, here is the article, I feel like when you know the science behind something it becomes more convincing and gives you a reason to keep doing what you are doing without everyone telling you their own story if there have been studies conducted. I hope it helps all the hangers!!


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Great info.


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