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Hoping For A Tighter Fit

Hoping For A Tighter Fit

I did my first session today. I’ve been contemplating PE for nearly 4 years, but today was my first time doing it. I’m doing JP beginner routine. Warn up with towel, stretches w/ kegels, jelq and v jelq, and warm down.

I got to say my dick is a little sore, or tender might be a better word. I’ve never felt like this. When I was exercising I made sure to go easy. I tried to be very gentle and hardly put any force into any exercise. I rather enjoyed doing it, probably because I’m convinced it’s going to make my dick bigger. But anyway, the tenderness has me a bit concerned. I wonder how normal it is. An hour or so after I finished, my girlfriend gave me a blowjob, and I had to ask her to ease up and be more gentle. My eq seemed normal but it was tender. It still feels tender if I swing it around a bit, tug on it or squeeze it even slightly. Like I can feel it’s damaged deep inside, just slightly though. Hope it’s ok.

The reason I finally decided to do it, is because I want to have more intense sex with my girlfriend. The sex is good now, for me anyhow. She is willing anytime I am, and often initiates more than I do. She offers oral sex very frequently. She claims to have orgasms during intercourse, but it’s hard for me to tell if she really is. I think she doesn’t really know anyway because her sexual experience was extremely limited before me. She says she experienced penetration with 2 men before but she always felt nervous and made them stop after a few minutes. She also says they were smaller than me and she never enjoyed it in the slightest.

For reference my current measurements are 5.25 girth, uniform top to bottom, and about 7.25 nbp length.

I’ve had regular sex with 5 other women in my recent past that I can compare to. 4 of them had regular orgasms through vaginal intercourse. 3 of those girls were a tight to medium fit, and 1 was a bit loose, but still had a ton of vaginal orgasms, possibly due to my length. The one that didn’t have orgasms felt significantly loose.

The fit with my current partner is a bit loose as well. I noticed it the first time we had sex. I didn’t think she was having orgasms and she wasn’t sure either. A few weeks into the sexual relationship, on one occasion I tried squeezing the base of my penis while I penetrated her from behind. It made my penis swell quite a bit in girth, at least half an inch more, and I penetrated her with about 4 or 5 inches of length. She absolutely loved it. She was making all kinds of sounds and seemed very satisfied. After we finished she couldn’t stop talking about it for the whole day. She said she never felt so good in her life. At that time I decided to tell her I was doing a special trick, she thought about it and realized exactly that I was squeezing my penis. She seemed disappointed and stopped talking about how good it felt. After that I tried to do the trick again during intercourse but it no longer had any effect. She seemed uncomfortable with it so I didn’t do it again.

After that we’ve had a lot more sex and sometimes it seems great, but she never seems satisfied like the time I squeezed my penis. She usually screams a lot and seems to enjoy it, but often she asks me to go down on her after I’ve finished and bring her to completion orally. This makes me feel kind of inadequate.

I’d really love to make her satisfied like I did that time before. So I’ve started to do the exercises with the hope that I can increase my girth by at least half an inch. I never bottom out with her either so I think it would help if I had more length too. If anyone has any advice or tips please share with me.

Also, I’d like to experiment with some kind of clamp or cock ring that I can use to increase my girth temporarily during sex.

In the meantime I will continue to exercise and record my progress and issues here.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

Some recommend 5 days exercising and 2 days rest. Some recommend 2 days exercise and 1 day rest. I think I’m just going to rest until my penis doesn’t feel sore anymore, until it’s back to 100% normal! however long that takes. Then I’ll do another easy low intensity session. I think I’ll continue this way and hopefully my recovery time will decrease over time.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

Maybe tell her you’re doing kegels exercises for a better hardon and mention in passing she can do them too.

I forgot to mention she is very supportive of my PE and actually encourages it. She has already taken it upon herself to do regular kegel exercises. She is a very open and honest girl, which is why I treasure her. And I think this issue is important to her and she takes it seriously.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

After 2 days off my penis seems to have returned to normal feeling. Seem to have a large flaccid hang as well. Not sure if that’s an indicator of anything.

I don’t feel like exercising today because I’ve been really busy, stressed, and sleep deprived the last 2 days. That said, I’m going to force myself to do it anyway, because I really feel that I must be consistent.

Going to do another low intensity, low volume workout today, then rest again until it’s back to normal. I think I will plan to do this for 3 months, increasing intensity, volume, and frequency as I see fit. I will plan to take measurements at the end of those 3 months. At that time I can reevaluate the routine, I.e. Add new exercises and methods tailored to my specific goal for significant girth.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

I ended up getting really busy so i didnĀ“t get to exercise until yesterday, after 4 off days. It was a good workout, went more smoothly than the first. I did performed it at much higher intensity than before, yet today I feel no soreness at all. I suppose this means the tissue is becoming stronger and can handle increased intensity from now on. One reason I might have less soreness is because I did a mote thorough warm up and warm down.

One issue I noted is that I did not get aroused at all during this session. In my first session I got aroused slighly, which seemed to make jelqs more effective, but stretches were more difficult. Yesterday I was almost completely flaccid, which made stretching easy, but jelqs seemed inneffective. I’m wondering if I should use some kind of visual stimulation to help with maintaining slight errection for jelqing.

I think I will rest today and exercise again tomorrow. Also I need to remember to do kegels on my off days.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

Received a handjob today and discovered I actually am a bit sore. Might workout tomorrow or take another off day. Will try to do some kegels in the meantime.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

Should I be kegeling during stretches in the newbie routine? I feel stretches seem more effective without kegels. For one it distracts me, and it also fills my penis a bit with blood which seems to reduce its stretchiness.

April 2011, 8" BPEL, 5.25" EG; Goal: 5.75" EG

Hi there. That soreness you feel I believe is typical of PE, I am able to still feel sore so I don’t see any concerns. Rest days, check.

I don’t kegel and stretch at same time, same reason as you. I get a stiffy just with stretching alone. Don’t want to speed the process up.
You can kegel anywhere, anytime.

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