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I’m new on this forum but I’ve been doing PE exercises for basically a year. When I started I was 6.5” and I was fully dedicated doing stretches and warm ups and jelqs and I dramatically dropped size and I changed my routine and my size now is 6” I’ve been doing a routine where I warm up for a minute, then I wet jelq with lotion for 10 minutes basically 200 jelqs, then after I’ll wash my penis off with hot water then after I’ll do lots of stretches. I’ve noticed some gains for a month then it stopped. I’ve been doing the same routine 5 days on and 2 off. Am I doing something wrong or should I intensify my workouts more ? And why did my length go down?

I can’t be sure exactly what happened. However, your description of your schedule suggests overtraining. If you’ve seen a loss in size while doing PE stop all PE immediately. I cannot stress this enough.

With all of that being said…if your size has went down, this means your penis experienced fatigue based on the frequency of your workouts and the durations. I would recommend stopping all PE for a few months, see if you can recover some size and simply heal. Then ease back into it using the Newbie routine. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Info

Experiencing a loss or injury is both a recovery process and a second look at your routine. Right now, the first step is to stop and recover.

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I second thoughtfulgold’s answer. I used to overtrain without knowing it. The days after intense clamping and edging sessions, my dick would look as if I swam in cold water. It confused the hell out of me. It can be hard to rationalize taking days off when you want to make the best of your time but you have to take time off and then start again at a lower intensity.

I’ve been doing PE for years and am currently finishing up two and a half months of the linear newbie routine. This helped me learn better form and understand the subtleties of physiological indicators (PIs).

More information on PIs: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

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There is nothing strange here for me. Clearly overtraining. Clearly, you need less.

Stop for a month completely. Then start again by doing the same routine, maybe 3 days a week, M-W-F. Or do 5 on 2 off but cut in half everything you were doing.

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take 1 week off and watch your PI´s, only get back to PE after you have a few positive PI´s, specially morning wood.

when you return, try to keep it slow and steady, 2 days on 1 off and a lot of heat, before, during and after workouts.

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