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Hey guys, I am new to a sustained effort but after three weeks I feel like I’m finding a groove.

Doing a combination of dry and lightly oiled jelqs for length and girth. Started at BPEL 6.25x4.75. I hit BPEL 7.0x 5.0 today at my highest EQ. My NBPEL is 6.0 at highest EQ. The gains are great but my NBPEL has improve by only .25 compared to the huge BPEL gain.

I’ve found that my circ is very tight, and some of my pubic skin is pulling foward with my gains, so in combination with pubic fat, the visual gains are muted. In addition to my jelqs I’m fiddling with an erect technique where I “ok” my shaft skin up around the glands with one hand, and then pull the skin back down the shaft through the “ok” ring with the other, thereby stretching it. This puts a lot of traffic on the frenulum, so its kinda fun and can be combined with edging for more blood flow.

I wonder if any of you guys have tight circs also, and if so what methods can you share for loosening it up? Thanks.

If you’re fat pad is taking away an inch going from BP to NBP you’re going to want to lose some weight too. Everything contributes! Me personally my issue right now is the turkey neck, so I’m doing stretches along with a ball stretcher on the way.

Everyones got something! Good luck!

Feb 14': EL: 7 1/8 BPEL: 7 1/2 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 1/8

Current: EL: 7 3/8 BPEL: 7 7/8 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 5/8


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