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Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Well after many many years of reading this page I decided to try it by myself and write a log so I know what I did and what worked and what no, I want to put the log every month or maybe 2 weeks, hmm wish me luck and after taking the measurement I’m ready to go

Actuality L 6,5” * 5” Goal 8” * 6”

Goodluck bro! , you will get there.

Start: BPEL 7.0 - EG 5.1 (20Feb16)

Now: BPEL 7.7 - EG 5.4 (20Feb18)

Good luck!

Start 30/06/2016 - BPEL 13cm MSEG 11,50cm

Now - BPEL 16,20cm MSEG 12,00cm BPFSL 17,50cm BPELIT 17,80cm

DREAM! 19cm BPEL 17cm NBPEL 14cm MSEG

Go for it.. Keep a positive and determined mindset. Think of it as a pleasurable journey. Good luck!

Best of luck!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race and heat is your friend :)

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

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