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Heimdall's progress log

Heimdall's progress log

Greetings to all of you!

I think this is going to be my first post here in Thundersplace. I’ve been member from somewhere around 2011-2012 and done lots of studying and reading here but never posted myself. At least I think so..

To get to the point: My PEing ‘career’ has been kinda half-assed and nothing you can describe by words consistent or committed. I think this is not enterily a bad thing because even if I havent been doing exercises frequently I have read a lot and knowledge is part of the journey. Right?! I have anyhow managed to make some gains despite that, most of them might just be because of improved erection quality but I’m quite sure not all of them.

Ok, you get the point. Now it’s time for me and my beloved member to take the next step on our journey. It’s time to put all the information and knowledge to use and for the first time really commit to the PE:

Currently I am doing modified newbie routine with 5 on 2 off schedule. I don’t do exactly the same exercises or same amount of them everyday. Usually I pick 2 or 3 of them and try to listen to what my dick has to say. If it feels that 300 jelqs is too much today I do only 100 and so on..

My picks are:

- 5-10min warm-up (I do this in every session)
- 5-30min manual stretching in every direction
- 100-300 3s jelqs
- 5-20 min pumping
- 50-100 kegels (I try to do these every day)
- 5-60min warm-down (sometimes I just leave the rice sock around my dick and go to bed)

I have also ordered a hanging device and I already have a ADS device. I’m planning to start hanging and incorporate ADS

My original stats when I joined thunders:

BPEL: 7.1” (18cm)
MEG: 4.4” (11.2cm)

My starting stats currently:

BPEL: 7.5” (19cm) (100% EQ)
BPFSL: 8” (20cm)
BEG: 5.5” (14cm)
MEG: 4.5” (11.5cm)

So basicly I have huge amount of length compared to my girth which kinda sucks but at least the length is there.. After the pump and with cock ring I can get my MEG temporarily to 4.7-4.8” (12-12.2cm)

My plan is to target on my length first and get it to somewhere above 8 inches (20cm) and then focus on the girth.

Any comments?

Start (17th August 2011) ---: BPEL: 7.10" MEG: 4.40" BEG: 4.72" --> Current BPEL: 7.80" MEG: 4.70" BEG: 5.50"

Mini Goal -------------------: BPEL: 8" MEG: 5.00"

Ultimate Goal ---------------: BPEL: 8.50" MEG: 5.50"

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- 9 hours in ADS (Auto Xleeve) during work hours

Later before bed time:

- 5min warm-up with rice sock
- 10min manual stretching
- 180 jelqs with slow pace, took about 30 minutes
- 30min warm-down with rice sock and 50 kegels

I had only semigood morning wood this morning..
I guess my dick isn’t yet conditioned for 9 hours of ADS, so I decided to leave it off and stay with hands only exercices for a while and later move on to hanging.

I have one question: Does somebody here do _everything_ in their training program? I mean do you incorporate jelqs, stretching, ADS and hanging or do you do only jelqs + stretches or hanging + ADS in example?

Trying to figure out if more is more OR is less actually more in most cases?

Start (17th August 2011) ---: BPEL: 7.10" MEG: 4.40" BEG: 4.72" --> Current BPEL: 7.80" MEG: 4.70" BEG: 5.50"

Mini Goal -------------------: BPEL: 8" MEG: 5.00"

Ultimate Goal ---------------: BPEL: 8.50" MEG: 5.50"

Generally speaking, length approach is more is more while girth gains is about less is more.

I’m a less is more guy and the 0.3” girth gains came from jelqing strokes focus on technique rather than total amount (max number of jelqs was 80). I got length gains too, although they can’t be comparable due to my different method to track it.

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