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Has anyone gone full throttle and got great gains?

Has anyone gone full throttle and got great gains?

I have read lots of advice about starting slow and building up your routine over months. Has any one gone for doing say the newbie routine 4 times a day as well as used a pump and an extender and got great gains! With time on my hands over the summer I would happily give this a go if any evidence of success. I am not in a relationship at the moment so playing with myself all day would be great fun! 👌😜

Most people who take the full throttle approach from the beginning usually end up posting in the injury thread.

PE is a marathon, not a sprint. Following the newbie routine with constant heat is the quickest way to see gains. Weekly routines with proper rest works best.

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Got it! I’ll slow down!! Resting at the weekends. Thanks for the advice.

It’s difficult sometimes to contain your excitement and take it slow, but for real… You won’t get any gains when you’re injured. So yeah, take it slow, take some time to get the technique down and after a good session you’ll feel worked enough so you won’t want a second one, anyway ;)

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keep reading the forums… you will learn a lot about what works for guys and will find something that works for you. I have seen almost noone including myself have a lot of success going full throttle from the beginning.

Thanks for this. The go slow approach, “firm and steady” will definitely be my new motto. I certainly don’t want to inflict any injuries on myself.


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