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Hank's Log


Hank's Log

Contrary to my moniker, my name is not Hank and my cock is only of average dimensions. The former fact is irrelevant; the latter is a work in progress.

I’m starting this thread in hopes of motivating myself and perhaps anyone else embarking on this journey. It is my hope that adding a bit of studious attention to the details of my routine will help achieve results and, to that end, a public discussion of my musings may be even more helpful.

I found ThundersPlace a few years back when looking up statistics on dick size. Intrigued, I spent a few weeks messing with some variant of the Newbie Routine - but as it was hard for me to get enough privacy in those days, I was quite inconsistent and stopped jelqing and doing extended stretching after a month or two. Since then, I’ve still given my dick the occasional tug and stretch but never really got back into it. Although I don’t think I achieved any permanent results during this period, I enjoyed a better flaccid hang, my dick was much more “plump” flaccid or erect, and I enjoyed the feeling of stretching, jelqing and massaging while also learning the hands-on aspects of these techniques.

My plan now looks like this:

2 days on, 1 day off/3 days on, 1 day off

1) Shower warm up (hot water, cupping my penis with my hands so it sits in a shallow bath, massage) w/ light stretching in shower - maybe 5 mins

2) 10-15 minutes manual stretching - out of the shower (all directions, with a particular focus on straight down (S), SW & SE. Long 1+ min downward pulls; low, gradually increasing force, ala “Stress Relaxation.” Occasionally using Tom Hubbard style “pinch pull” to perform very light jelqs in between or even during stretches, VERY light amount of pressure - almost just a massage. Let dick rest for 10-30 seconds between each stretch. Also doing a few stretches grasping from behind and pulling behind the leg.) I use a variety of grips depending on what feels the most comfortable and gives the best stretch.

3) Shower warm up again, maybe ~3-5 min, with some additional stretching in the shower

4) Jelqing: During my routine I tend to start off with some of Tom Hubbard’s technique such as pinch pull and grasping the “inside” penis to do light jelqs. I don’t do this for too long before moving to “regular” wet jelqing with the OK grip. I use only moderate pressure and pay close attention to erection level. I would estimate my erection to be around 30-50%. I am gradually increasing the number of jelqs per session, during my last I did just over 60. I jelq until I feel the sensitivity is getting high. Last time, I devoted about ten minutes to jelqing. I like to stand while jelqing.

5) Frequently, but not always, I find myself quite aroused after jelqing and practice edging, without allowing myself to reach orgasm. I enjoy reaching full erection after a session and maintaining it for awhile, I don’t know if there is any benefit or detriment to this.

6) Back into the warm shower - stretch, warmth, clean up.

7) Finish off with some quick stretches in all directions, long downward stretches, a set of relaxed stretches in all directions, and a few for good luck.

In addition to this, I do some stretching throughout the day and occasionally “pinch-pull” jelqs which I can do without lube to some degree (circumcised.) I find myself doing some extended stretching whenever comfortable and sometimes put in a few fowfers (is that the word?) throughout the day. Also, I do kegels regularly, whenever I feel like it.

My routine is geared towards gradually increasing the intensity to prevent any injury and hopefully encourage maximum gains. It might seem like I’m doing a lot of stretching, but I feel comfortable with stretching because I never fully abandoned it and have been practicing it to some extent for a few years now. Jelqing is a much more gradual process and I’m taking it easy.

So far I’ve completed a full week, although on the first two days I didn’t observe my full “routine” but eased into it with manual stretching and very light jelqing. After a few days I noticed better flaccid hang, some very high erection quality and a nice post-workout “plumpness” which I think must amount to some small increase in girth, but nothing substantial. The whole routine feels good and I’m excited to be doing it.

I neglected to take measurements before I started. I took measurements today (5-31-14) BEFORE doing my routine (yesterday was an off day as well) and got just over 6”, maybe 6.2” NBPEL, and a hairs width under 6.5” BPEL. I previously thought myself at more like 6” BPEL, given my past measurements from years ago when I first tried PE. My old goal was to gain a full inch in length - 7” BPEL, I thought. Since I still want my inch and I’m already a bit longer than expected, I’m shooting for 7” NBPEL.

I have no way to measure girth at the moment. I would say I have an average girth - I don’t really know what the numbers are like. I’m looking for any girth gains I can get, seeing as I’ve been told firsthand from my girlfriend she prefers girth, but I’m still chasing the inch in length first and hoping girth gains will tag along for the ride.

After about one or two months, depending on how things are going and my PI’s, I plan to implement fulcrum stretching using a glass bottle filled with warm water. I’m also looking to experiment with some more advanced jelqing and manual stretching techniques, but this is for a few months in the future after conditioning.

Thanks for all the wonderful advice on this forum. If anyone has any critiques or suggestions, please let me know! I probably won’t update this too much thread unless I encounter difficulties, experience gains or have some insights to share.

Just completed my routine, marking two full weeks so far. Not much to update on, but since I’m still in the early stages I figure I’ll put up a few status updates.

Today my entire body, penis included, is pretty exhausted. Having trouble maintaining a quality erection while jelqing, I only did about 40 wet jelqs. The 2 days before today I was up to 100. I am beginning to experiment with jelqing at progressively higher erection levels.

I also took the stretching a bit easier than usual today. I had planned to take a measurement after the routine, but being exceptionally tired and my erections suffering accordingly I decided to refrain.

Overall my dick seems to be doing well. One (very tiny) black spot appeared just under the glans, but it appears to be going away. There is also some skin that looks a bit stretched under the glans while flaccid, but this is not noticeable when erect and barely visible flaccid. My flaccid hang has improved, I have experienced some really fantastic erection quality (which was already good to begin with.) I think there may have been a very slight increase in girth, but nothing too noteworthy and unverifiable since I am not yet measuring girth. I don’t believe there has been any noticeable increase in length thus far, although I do find that my maximum stretching length seems to have gotten a bit longer, especially during post-jelqing stretches.

Although my EQ is low today, I really attribute that to my whole body being exhausted and mostly just wanting sleep, I don’t think its a negative PI. Took the routine easy today, tomorrow is an off day. I will take measurements again in 2 days, marking a full week since I took initial measurements. I’m not really expecting to see any gains, but want to record the data for future use. After this measurement, I am going to try to stay away from obsessive measuring and only do it once a month or when I see noticeable gains.

Routine is largely the same, except I am progressively increasing the number of jelqs and experimenting with higher erection jelqing. I have also added a lot more kegels (flaccid and erect) to my routine. Considering adding a warm wrap as an additional heat supplement to my shower.

Cheers everyone. As always, advice, opinions, critiques and suggestions are welcome!

Took measurements.

This is after 2 weeks of my routine. One week since I took last measurements (in my original post.) Just like last time, I waited until after my off day and before I do my routine to take measurements.

NBPEL: 6.2”
BPEL: 6.5”

No change at all within a slight margin of error. Girth doesn’t seem any bigger really. I wasn’t really expecting to see anything since I am only 2 weeks into this. Will measure again in a month or so.

Just completed the routine again (day 1, week 3.) I decided to take a few more measurements, this time immediately post-PE routine.

Since I noticed my stretch length seemed to be getting longer, I measured it for the first time and found 6.9 BPFSL.

Immediately post-workout I had a slight increase in length, about 6.65” BPEL.

Slight change to routine: before jelqing, I now get myself as erect as possible while practicing kegels. Working my way up to doing long kegel holds, which right now I can manage for a few seconds. After jelqing, I’m not edging anymore, but instead doing additional kegels at high erection, holding as long as possible. Previously I didn’t implement kegels too much into my routine itself, doing them throughout the day. I think they make a large difference. I am now doing them through all stages of my routine, as well as during the day and every time I get erect.

I noticed some additional plumpness today which I attribute to the additional kegels.

So I know I said I wouldn’t update that frequently, but I keep checking this forum like its going to make my dick bigger or something. I might as well keep this up to date, at least in the early phases.

(Day 3, Week 3)

Today was supposed to be an off day, but yesterday my dick felt a little sensitive, possibly from the day before when I did way more kegels than I’ve probably ever done, or maybe from sex, I don’t know. So yesterday I only did a mini-routine. Today I’m feeling pretty good so I just did another mini-routine. The mini-routine is the same, just less intense and less time devotion.

Despite the over sensitivity and slight soreness of yesterday, today things seem to be looking good. EQ is through the roof. Decent flaccid hang.

I feel I am getting better at jelqing. I may not have been using enough of an erection initially. Today it felt like I was getting more efficient strokes with better expansion. I think all the kegels are really helping, as I am already well on my way to doing extended holds.

I have made the simple addition of a rag into my shower routine, to sort of blanket my penis with warm water. I think it is more effective than hot water alone. It also provides some additional traction and makes stretching while in the hot water easier, something that seems quite beneficial.

‘Till next time.

Just completed the last day of Week 3. Tomorrow is my off day. Since I skipped my first off day this week, I’ve done 6 days on/1 day off for this cycle. Two of those routines, as mentioned above, were “mini-routines” where I reduce the intensity and duration of my normal exercises.

Overall I think things are going well. I am assuming a position of cautious optimism.

The black spot which had developed beneath my glans has gone away. I have added a significant amount more kegels to my routine as well as throughout the day (whenever I get an erection or whenever I feel like doing some kegels.) I now do a lot of kegeling in between jelqing as well as before and after, and in between stretches. So far, this seems to be substantially benefiting my routine.

I am not sure if I was jelqing efficiently previously, but I think I am dialing it in. I have increased my erection level and it seems to get better expansion and do the job better. Today I did more sets of jelqing than normal (lost count unfortunately) and didn’t experience any of the usual sensitivity afterwards, while also noting above average expansion.

I believe I am experiencing girth gains. In addition to a small increase in girth, the veins in my penis are becoming more prominent. The veins which were already large and visible have expanded and I can actually feel their contours while jelqing or massaging. Smaller veins which previously were practically invisible are more notable now. Since I have not measured girth, I cannot statistically verify this, however I am quite sure I have gained a small amount of girth already.

During stretching today I felt like I was getting really good length expansion. My FSL may have increased, I have not measured it. Flaccid hang is definitely longer and fatter by a decent margin (I’m a grower.) I will take FSL and EL measurements in one weeks time, after I have completed week 4 and been on my routine for a month.

I think the slight girth increase, the increase in prominence of the veins, improved EQ with plentiful morning wood and erections throughout the day, and the increasing expansion are all highly positive PI’s. I am starting to believe in the efficacy of my routine to some degree, reassured that something is indeed happening.

A brief note on heat: After reading around here and noting some people saying that a hot shower is a poor substitute for a warm wrap, I tried using a warm wrap instead. I actually just microwaved a potato and wrapped it in a cloth. I’d say it works quite well, possibly offering better and more rapid transfer of heat into the tissues. However, the hot shower is quite convenient for me. Since I like hot water quite a lot, I can stand the maximum temperature in my shower, which is quite hot. With a cloth wrapped around the junk to absorb warmth and create a blanket effect, I think it heats the tissues quite effectively. I am probably going to utilize both of these, in some combination.

Hopefully on my way to a success story! More updates in the coming days & weeks.

Things are getting interesting!

Just completed Day 6, Week 4. This marks one full month completing my routine, with tomorrow being an off day. This week on Day 2 I ended up taking an unexpected off day due to time constraints. To compensate, I did a routine on my normal off day, which put me on an odd cycle of 1 day on, 1 day off, 4 days on, 1 day off this week. I doubt these slight rhythmic variations have much overall impact, but I am keeping track regardless. Yesterday (Day 5) I did a reduced routine, having to cut short while jelqing.

Now for the good news: I am gaining! It is definitely an exciting feeling to actually be experiencing real, visible gains. I did not expect to see such promising results within only a month of practice, but things seem to be going exceedingly well. This puts my mind at ease that PE - done properly - does indeed work, and in my case at least, apparently pretty well. While I was already more or less convinced of its efficacy, the pesky notion lurking in the back of my mind that either it would not work for me or was entirely some kind of grandiose prank; the sinister work of some variety of internet Übertroll, inspiring a generation of sad men with small cocks to fruitlessly pull on their wieners day in and day out, purely for the lawls. Now, clearly, I am being facetious - but the point is, PE works!

The gains I am experiencing are primarily in girth, but I think there maybe some expansion in length as well. The girth increase was definitely visibly noticeable sometime during the latter parts of Week 3. Progressing into Week 4, it continued to expand and is now undeniably larger than it has ever been. My girlfriend grabbed it early in Week 4 and commented about how it felt “really thick.” This was great, considering one of my obvious goals with PE was to have her notice. She has made a few other comments about the size of my cock throughout the week. I told her about PE when we first got together, however I explained that I had tried it but not stuck with it, though was fairly certain it works. She does not know that I have restarted my efforts, as I’ve been doing my routine somewhat secretively. I think I will probably tell her everything at some point, maybe after I reach my goals or if it comes up in discussion.

I have no doubt these are real gains. It is not a fluke of increased EQ or post-workout gains. My penis is visibly larger at all times, flaccid or erect. Since I have not measured girth I don’t know what the numbers are like, but it feels substantially girthier in my hand and looks fatter than I have ever seen. After my routine today, I got a full erection and it was definitely the biggest my dick has ever been - longer and girthier. I edged for quite awhile just to keep it at that size. I think some post-workout edging can be helpful to encourage gains by maintaining a larger than usual erection. I’m operating on the principle that any safe expansion is good expansion, and maintaining it should help to encourage gains. In general though, I forego edging as an actual part of my routine to try and separate my routine from being a masturbatory act; and also because I don’t like to orgasm after a routine (happens if the edging gets a bit too intense,) because it tends to cause turtling.

As for my routine itself, the details are largely the same as when I posted a report last week. During yesterday’s routine (Day 5, Week 4) I began experimenting with adding some more advanced stretching techniques. I have already been doing some behind-the-leg stretches, which are probably the most intense stretch I use so far. I’ve essentially neglected this technique over the last few weeks however and am incorporating it back in more now that I feel more comfortable with it. The actual new stretching addition I made yesterday was beginning to use the V-Stretch, whereby I simply use a finger as a rudimentary fulcrum to stretch the penis into a shape vaguely resembling an inverted V. My penis seems to have responded well to these additions, stretching longer than I have seen before and improving flaccid hang (mostly immediately after stretching, but its quite substantial and lasts awhile.)

I have also begun paying a bit more attention to the anatomical details of these stretches, I.e. Where the force is being concentrated, rather than just pulling. I think I am improving the efficacy of my stretches. Although in a limited capacity, I am also experimenting with adding a few JAI stretches to the routine.

Kegels - these are worth talking about. I am finding after some serious practice with kegels and extended kegel holds this week that those muscles are definitely strengthening. I can use kegels to effectively pump more blood into the penis, especially during holds where I can take my erection from a semi to 100% hard by doing a focused hold. This feels great and actually provides immediate expansion for the duration of the hold. Maybe someone more versed in these matters can correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like this expansion is a positive thing, and it feels like it is coming from a sort of internal pressure caused by the muscle contraction and/or increased localized blood pressure. I believe the expansion and the internal pressure are very helpful and encouraging my gains. It also has the effect of making jelqing easier, since I can maintain a decent degree of control over my erection.

I also believe kegels have been the main driving force behind my increase in EQ. I had great EQ to begin with but it seems to be more consistent, harder than ever and easier to get an erection, especially if I kegel to encourage expansion. Additionally, I seem to be having more intense orgasms, which I am tentatively attributing to kegels (more on this in a minute.) The muscles are definitely strengthening, as it is getting progressively easier to do longer and longer holds.

Jelqing and kegeling are now complimentary exercises for me. I have not substantially increased the number of jelqs I do (around 100 usually,) although I now do them at a much higher erection level. Generally while jelqing my erection level will tend to vary somewhat, which I think is to some degree positive. Within a certain range of erection I notice the expansion I’m looking for in a good jelq - but at lower erection levels, the expansion seems to have a slightly different character than more erect jelqing. I don’t know how to explain this in precise terms, but it seems like it works the penis in slightly different ways and that both maybe beneficial in combination. I find no two jelqs are completely equal - and while I aim for higher erection jelqs now, I think jelqing over the whole spectrum can have benefits. I typically do jelqs in sets of 10 or 20 now, with fairly long strokes (have never timed one,) pausing between sets to kegel, often up to full erection before letting it subside somewhat to do high erection jelqs.

I have yet to experiment again with a warm wrap. Still using the 3-part shower warm up from my original post. I now do V-Stretches while in the shower after warming up. It seems like, in pursuit of warmth, the shower provides some benefits that the warm wrap doesn’t. I don’t know if this has a substantial effect, but consider:

  1. The warm water heats the entire groin region and more. As well as the penis itself, the whole surrounding area, balls, ligaments, etc. Is effectively warmed. Presumably, body and blood temperature is somewhat elevated over the whole body.
  2. The heat from the shower actually acts to increase the temperature of the surrounding environment.

My theory, which is purely anecdotal, is that these effects combine to provide warmth as well as maintain it - even throughout the routine, to some degree.

This is getting a bit lengthy, so I’ll wrap it up. Earlier I said I’ve noticed more intense orgasms? This seems related to kegels, which are also helping me get an enhanced degree of control over when I orgasm. This is something I definitely want to encourage, both the control and the increased intensity. After reading this thread about increasing cum load/orgasm intensity, I decided to try the supplement Lecithin, in the recommended dose of 1200mg once a day, in the hopes of having more intense orgasms. Lecithin also is purported to have some other helpful benefits and a friend has recommended it for improved memory and mental clarity. In the thread I linked, some other supplements are recommended, such as Zinc and L-Arginine, both supplements which are in a daily multivitamin I take, albeit in much less quantity than described in the thread. I just started taking the Lecithin today (Day 6, Week 4,) and have nothing to report so far, but I will be making some notes as to the efficacy of this supplement.

That’s all for now! I will take measurements again in 2 days, after my off day and before beginning my routine on Day 1 of Week 5, in keeping with my previous measurement scheme. If possible I will attempt to acquire a tailors tape measure or something similar so I can begin taking girth measurements, since that is definitely where I’m gaining the most.

Measurements from today (6/21/14, Day 1, Week 5.)

Took two sets of measurements. Pre and post routine (yesterday was an off day, so pre-routine numbers represent ~30 hours without PE.)

Pre-Routine Measurements

BPFSL: 6.8”
BPEL: 6.65”

Post-Routine Measurements

BPEL: 6.8”

From my original stats, this is an increase (pre-routine) of 0.15” in length, over 1 month of exercise. It is at about the same mark (maybe a little above) the post-routine length I recorded on Day 1, Week 3. The post-routine numbers were encouraging in seeing that I am indeed achieving some expansion.

Just to make a note about these measurements: I still have not acquired a tape measure, so I am using a straight edge ruler. Among other problems with this, my penis has a curvature which, when erect, I cannot bend flat without injuring myself. So, the measurements given are not including this curve. I assume when I get a tape measure, there will be an addition of at least 0.1” in EL accounting for this curve. I’m going to try and get one this week so I can measure girth, where the gains seem more substantial.

Today my routine was a bit more prolonged than it has been recently. Experimenting with longer strokes during jelqing. Other than that, everything remains the same.

I think these are pretty great gains for one month in, in terms of length. I am experimenting with more advanced stretching and hopefully I will get better at performing more effective stretches over the next month and see faster length gain. I think I need to work the tunica more, which V-Stretches will hopefully assist with. Next month I will look into elevating up to fulcrum stretching using a warm water bottle.

Been taking the Lecithin 1200mg, once daily for three days. Not sure if there is much to report yet since it has not been long for it to take effect - I am having strong orgasms and pretty large loads, but this might be due to the strengthening of my BC muscle. After a week or two taking Lecithin, if I don’t notice a substantial difference I will try cycling off it for awhile to assess its effects.

Speaking of the BC muscle, after getting an anatomy lesson from this excellent thread, "Locating the BC Muscle," I realized that while doing kegels I am contracting both the BC and the PC. While I am definitely working the BC, I find now that by paying a bit of attention to the anatomical details, I can refine my kegel exercises to only engage the BC, and it is easier to do long holds when only flexing the one muscle in relative isolation, rather than holding all the muscles simultaneously. Work smarter, not harder!

Day 3, Week 5

Yet again I skipped my 2nd day on this routine and compensated by making my off-day an on-day.

Going into Month 2, I am trying to focus the part of my routine which is targeted towards length gains, in the belief I have already engaged a fairly effective girth routine. V-Stretches are important - I’m now using the handle of one of my razors, which is relatively flat and smooth, as a fulcrum for the V-Stretch. To further promote length gains I’ve implemented the idea from this thread, "Amazing Isometrics" - simply depressing my erect penis parallel to the floor before engaging the BC muscle. This seems to provide a sort of additional stretch which is helpful, especially since kegels have already become such a large part of my routine.

I finally acquired a tape measure and took new measurements. Today I was finding my EQ a little low. I attribute this to the fact that I did a late night PE session (up till 2 AM,) didn’t get a whole lot of sleep and started the day with an orgasm. I also find it a bit difficult to keep a raging 100% erection while taking accurate measurements. Anyway, though I wasn’t quite at 100%, I think I got plenty erect enough and took repeated measurements which are fairly representative.

6/26/2014 (Day 6, Week 5) Measurements, Pre-Routine

BPEL: 7”
MSEG: 4.5”

Now, compared to my original measurements, one may be led to wonder if I gained 1/2” length in 5 weeks of PE. The answer is definitely no. Although there have been length gains, I would estimate these to be at a maximum of 1/4”. Most of the discrepancy is caused by the straight edge vs. Tape measure difference. I don’t think I was getting quality measurements with the straight edge, and I may have underestimated the extent of my natural curvature. I estimate my starting BPEL would have been closer to ~6.75”-6.8” if I had measured properly with a tape measure.

The girth measurements may be a little on the low side due to mediocre EQ, although I doubt the difference would be any more than 1/4” inch. This is after already gaining a little girth from PE. I guess my girth is on the low side of average, while my length is comfortably above average. This is encouraging me to go for the girth gains - which, conveniently seem to be coming along.

I’ve been keeping track of time during my routine. Previously, I was sort of winging it, estimating how long I was stretching. Worried that I might be neglecting certain directions, I now keep track of the clock to ensure I get at least 1 minute stretches in all directions, about ~5 minutes or more downward, and at least 10 minutes of V-Stretching. Typically I do stretches holding anywhere from 1-3 minutes, usually up to 3 in regular downward stretches and 1-2 for V-stretching. I find my routine can take up to an hour sometimes, including breaks and warm ups. I’m increasing the number of jelqs and have got more of a “rhythm” to the process. It is becoming simpler and I will probably be doing 200 or more jelqs in a session soon. Each jelq is also becoming more efficient.

To supplement the normal routine, on days when I can, I’m adding a second “mini-routine” consisting mainly of stretches. Usually done without warmth for about 10 minutes. Occasionally adding some warmth and jelqing if time permits. I don’t do this on every on day, but am trying to add it in at least 2 days a week.

I’ve started using a warm wrap in the form of a microwaved rice sock. I use it when taking a shower is inconvenient and also sometimes after a routine to keep things toasty for 10-20 minutes after I’m done exercising while sitting at the computer or relaxing.

It has been about a week of taking Lecithin supplements - I would say definitely increase the intensity of my orgasms. To some extent it also improves the number of “shots fired” when I cum, as well as the amount of cum itself. I have felt a bit healthier in general since I began taking it. I may try adding L-Arginine to see if its effects on erection quality are substantial.

Today the routine was a bit diminished from usual, mainly in the jelqing portion because my dick was tired of being erect after all the edging and measuring pre-routine. Did over 20 minutes of stretching, however. Tomorrow is an off day, so hopefully I will be all rested up.

Going to put the tape measure away until Week 8 or so. I’ll check back in a few days from now, or next week if there is nothing to report.

(Day 6, Week 6)

Checking in, been a week since my last post.

This week the routine got a bit jostled. Decided to take an extra rest day, so Day 1 was an off day. On day 3, time constraints only allowed me to do a short stretching session. Tomorrow is normally scheduled as an off-day, but since I haven’t been doing as much this week I’m going to try to put in a full routine, or at least a mini-routine.

Although I felt a bit discouraged missing some exercise time, I know these fluctuations will probably not have much impact. As many before me have affirmed, PE is a marathon, not a sprint. A few days here in there in a project that may span years is no big deal - and reality will not always allow an hours privacy five days a week.

I switched up my routine a bit. Instead of doing all my stretching before jelqing, I now only do a small set of stretches before jelqing, and then a full (~20+ min) stretching set after jelqing. When time and erection allows I do another set of jelqing after the stretches. When I get the extra set of jelqing, things really feel seriously worked out and I have great expansion.

As noted before, I’m increasing the number of jelqs. I do about 120 in my main session now, and if I do an additional set usually anywhere from 20-50 more. My dick must have undergone some conditioning in the past six weeks because I definitely would not have been able to handle this amount of jelqing when I started off. Putting jelqing before my extended stretching sets seems to be helpful in maintaining an erection and getting quality expansion. It is one of the factors allowing me to do more and more jelqs.

Flaccid hang is great, longer and fatter. Noting increasing prominence of the vein structures, flaccid or erect. FSL, by appearance, seems to be lengthening. Hard to say if EG or EL has been bolstered recently, I’m keeping away from the measurements for another two weeks at least. EQ is fantastic.

Just got another anatomy lesson relating to kegels a few days ago from the thread "Kegel - the secret revealed". Although I have definitely been engaging my IC muscle with my other stretches, I am now able to focus on it and engage it individually. It can be hard at times to isolate the BC, PC and IC, but I think developing the control is worth it.

Looking Forward

I definitely want girth. I always felt my penis might be a bit skinny, which measurements confirmed. My short-term goal is 5” MSEG. I say “short-term” although I realize a 1/2” gain in girth seems pretty substantial. If I reach 5” without too much struggle, I will definitely be pursuing 5.5” or even 6” MSEG if those seem like real possibilities.

For now, I don’t really have any of the targeted girth specific exercises, just doing jelqing and stretching. I’m going to stick with my routine for now as it seems to have already engaged some girth gains. At the beginning of Month 3, I am planning to experiment with Uli#3’s as well as begin fulcrum stretching with a warm water bottle. I may also experiment with golf weights as fulcrums.

On that note..

Fulcrum Stretching Questions & Considerations

In the latter pages of this thread, "Knowing Whether You Are Limited By Dorsal Thickening," there is a very interesting discussion about fulcrum stretching in relation to the penis anatomy (pages 30+.) In particular, post #461:

Originally Posted by marinera
Upward fulcrum stretches give gains to nobody. Why? Because there is no tunica on the underside of the penis. You want that your penis grows in length you have to stretch downward, period. Why? Because you have the lengthen the dorsal tunica. Be it thick or thin, strong or weak, you have to do downward stretches. Heat? That is important too for everybody. Fulcrum? That is effective for everybody, whatever curve they have or not in their penis. And so on.

Now I am not doing V-Stretches as described in the manual - rather, as I noted in my first post mentioning the addition of the V-Stretch, I form an inverted V, therefore I am doing “downward” V-Stretches, sometimes described as the A-Stretch.

If I am reading properly, I can correctly describe this as a “downward fulcrum stretch,” yes? And, to extrapolate on this nomenclature, the V-Stretch, as described in the manual, is an “upward fulcrum stretch,” It seems like, if marinera is correct, the manual-described V-Stretch would not be particularly effective. Am I reading this all correctly?

Following further wisdom in the thread - ruminations on the “upward side fulcrum stretch,” ala:

Originally Posted by marinera
Upward side fulcrum stretch is a V stretch, the difference is that the penis doesn’t rely flat on the fulcrum but it is rotated 90 degrees so the side of the penis is in contact with the fulcrum instead than the dorsal side of the penis.

I have been attempting to implement this type of stretch with just a V-Stretch style, e.g. With the fingers as a fulcrum. I place my fulcrum in contact with the side of the penis and then stretch upwards such as that my glans is directed towards my body/face, depending on the exact angle. Is this correct?


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(Day 6, Week 7)

Not much to report this week. Had to take a day off and had one day where I only managed to do a set of jelqs. I’m up to 150 jelqs or so. Flaccid hang is looking good. Possibly had some gains, hard to tell but I’m hopeful.

Scheduled to measure next week - I’ll check back in then.

Feeling discouraged this week, just not as excited. Only had one good PE day so far. Tried to jelq earlier but just ended up masturbating.

I don’t think I’ve really made any gains lately. I’m not giving up, but maybe I’ll take a break and restart with some new techniques. Well, I’m not sure if anyone is reading this, but this log is probably the only reason I’ve gotten this far. Hopefully I get back into it.

It’s been just over a week without PE (9 days.)

I’m going to try to start up again. Probably going to ramp it up with Uli#3’s and move up to doing mostly fulcrum stretching.

Thinking of doing a 2 day on, 1 day off routine. The 5-days a week thing wasn’t really working out, and breaking the routine can be discouraging. I think 2 on, 1 off will be simpler to maintain.

Did some stretching today, felt pretty good. Will post another update when I do a session and some info on my new plan.


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