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This mornings session: all sets standing and hanging straight down

1 x 10 min with 10 lbs

2 x 20 min with 15 lbs

Using the double wrap method, wow, what a pure/clean/painless hang. !What a stretch!!

The work is finally getting done without obstructions.. Now it’s just about staying consistent and careful not to try to increase the weight too fast. I can’t imagine what 20 lbs will feel like.

Fatigue is now setting in regularly. I feel my ligs if I cough, laugh or sneeze. If I do any manual stretching before I take a leak I immediately feel it.

Last night did the following (all sets standing/straight down):

1 x 10 min with 10 lbs for a warm up set

1 x 20 min with 15 lbs.. Enter fatigue - started watching the clock - felt HEAVY

1 x 20 min with 10 lbs

Morning session:

1 x 10 min with 10 lbs for a wam up set

1 x 20 min with 12.5 lbs.. Last night I realized I was going too heavy now that my ligaments are stretching so I went with the lower weight. Will see what happens tonight as I’m stressed for time this morning.

Evening session. All sets standing and straight down

1 x 10 min with 10 lb for warm up set

3 x 20 min with 15 lbs.. No discomfort.none baby!!

Observations: when I was done my head was thick (for me) and my cock was fat (for me). There was absolutely zero pain all the way to the final second of the final set. My ligs are shot - Fatigue City. I never had a desire to increase the weight because I felt the ligs were being seriously worked.

Got some wonderful feedback from the wife today.

She told me that she was impressed with the effects hanging is having on me. She said she could definitely tell I was growing but did not want to bring it up because my ego is already big enough.. What kind of crap is that?

Tell me woman! Tell everyone!

Hung this morning.

Warm up set but did a ladder set, just one set, but added weight during it.1 x 20 min with 5 lb then 10 lb then 15 lb.. My pubic area is so sore when I first start. I can actually feel the “repairs” (forgot the term BIB used) the body is undergoing breaking apart when I do the first heavy set so I thought this would allow my cock to ease into it and it did.

1 x 20 min with 15 lbs standing

1 x 20 min with 17.5 lbs standing - nice increase in the weight

1 x 20 min with 5 lbs BTC

1 x 5 min with 7.5 lbs BTC.. Skin stretch just killed me so I said screw it.

I gotta have this post for future reference..

More proof that long periods of hanging may be beneficial? (p. 3)

Taken from post #37

“This is a really complicated topic, as someone with a background in engineering, I would say that hangers will definitely be experiencing fatigue (in the engineering sense and not necessarily the sense used on this board), and may or may not be experiencing creep, depending upon on the loading.


If you hang a hundred pounds and then-and-there your ligs totally fail (break or become detached), then you have exceeded their ultimate strength.

Creep refers to a phenomenon whereby your ligs move towards that same failure, but over a long, long time owing to a load well beneath the load that would cause failure almost immediately. Creep is the slow, continuous deformation, leading to failure, over a long period of time at a load substantially lower than that that would cause failure in the short term.

Fatigue is where a load is applied, then removed, then applied, then removed—you get the idea—and eventually the ligs “become fatigued” by the constant adjustment necessary.

Speaking now of non-biological systems that cannot repair themselves:
***Both phenomena lead eventually to total failure***

Hangers will definitely be experiencing fatigue because we do sets.

Hangers may be experiencing creep if the load—though not sufficient to cause total failure in the short term—is sufficient to cause continuous, slow deformation. I should think that the trick would be to cause creep but to know when to quit.. Before total failure.

Metallurgically speaking, most failures in the real world are owing to.. Fatigue.


In today’s news, during set #2 with 17.5 lbs hanging from my cock, the bottom half of the hanger slipped off with all the weight. I didn’t feel a thing so no injury problems at all. There was a mighty crash however and the cat is behaving under the bed, like a good kitty.

You know, you try to get the hanger just tight enough to do the job but not too tight so these things are gonna happen.

What can we learn from this? If privacy is a concern then always place a pillow under the weight just in case it slips off and comes crashing down!

Another great post for future reference based on a study using heat..

More proof that long periods of hanging may be beneficial? (p. 4)

Post #50 from the box

“Lehman and associates (1970) studied the effects of heat and stretching on rat tail tendons.6 The results indicated that heating alone produced no significant elongation and that stretching alone produced no residual elongation. Significant elongation occurred if heat and stretch were combined.

A greater increase in length was maintained if the stretch was held during the period of cooling since “reorganization of the tissues is thought to occur during the cooling period.”6 Overall, the most effective method of producing a plastic deformation of connective tissue was to apply a sustained stretch during the application of heat and to maintain the stretch during the period of cooling.

Similar experiments using rat tail tendons have been conducted by Warren et al (1976) regarding permanent elongation of connective tissue at various temperatures.16 The data showed that the application of low force over a long duration was very effective in producing slow elongation in the viscous elements, resulting in increased residual elongation.

Furthermore, elevating tissue temperature and maintaining it prior to applying force was found to cause significantly less tissue damage. Lastly, the lower loads applied at elevated temperatures for prolonged periods were found to produce significantly greater residual elongation.16

The clinical implications of this study are three fold: first, stretches used to increase ROM should be held for prolonged periods; second, warming tissue prior to ROM exercises will cause less tissue damage; and third, stretching should be accompanied with the highest possible therapeutic temperature for prolonged periods to most effectively increase joint mobility.”

And here is the link to another awesome thread here at’s about what heat does.

High force versus Low force

Reference material cited:
The folowing is direct from one of my physiology text books called Sports Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation, David C. Reid, b.p.t.,M.D.

Chapter 4 - Connective tissue healing and classification of ligament and tendon pathology.. Page 81

Taken from post #1


Temperature has a significant effect on the behavior of connective tissue. Therapeutic heat is usually within the range of 102 to 110 degrees F. Using selected modalities to raise connective tissue temperature to 103F increases the amount of permanent elongation resulting from a given amount of stretcing. At 104 F and above there is a thermal transition in the microstructure of collagen that significantly enhances the viscous stress relaxation of collagen tissue, allowing greater plastic deformation. The mechanism by which this occurs is probably partial destabilization of the intermolecular bonding, allowing molecules to ” creep ” thereby enhancing the viscous flow properties of the tissue.

Evidently there are also events during the cooling phase that eventually influence the permanent deformation. Tissues that are stretched under heating conditions and the allowed to cool under tensile force maintain a greater proportion of their plastic deformation than do structures allowed to cool in the unloaded state. Cooling under tension may allow the collagenous microstructure to stabilize at the new stretched length.

A further point worthy of consideration is th fact that at temperatures within the normal therapeutic range the amount of structural weakening produced by a given amount of connective tissue elongation varies inversely with the temperature. This fact is probably related to the thermal destabilization of the molecular bonds, which allows creeping of the tissue with less structural damage.

I know its alot to swallow but its great info. I’ve got lots more if there are any questions.


Today’s workout:

All sets done standing, hanging straight down

Warm up set: 1 x 20 min with 5, 10 and 15 lbs laddered.5 lbs for 5 min, 10 lbs for 5 min and 15 lbs for 10 min

1 x 20 min with 17.5 lbs

1 x 30 min with 17.5 lbs.. What can I say? The hanger was adjusted just right so I went with a long set.

Interesting…I got home from work and am doing some manual stretching, nothing intense. I’m doing this just because I can’t hang right now.

The interesting part? For the first time since I started hanging In July (IIRC) my ligs are not sore. I have been concerned of how sore I have been - thinking I might tear something based on how tender things were but it looks like my body has adapted. Pretty cool.

Now I’m gonna have to get serious about:

1. multiple sets

2. stretching the skin

3. buying a bib hanger or making the saddle tee into a hanger

Took a measurement this morning just to see where things are as far as bone pressed erect length goes and I grew .25 inches (a quarter of an inch) in the last 2 weeks (17 days).

I thought something was different when I had sex on Monday. I couldn’t tell if it was just a really good erection or she was tighter than normal. Now I see it was probably those two in addition to a little extra length.

I didn’t check erect girth or flaccid length yet so I’ll do that later today or tomorrow.

Its hard to tell when I’m growing because it’s still my cock looking back at me. I would imagine that now that the constant soreness is gone, the newbie/easy growth is gone as well. That’s okay as I am now using heat before I stretch and (more than likely) while I hang. Since I stand while hanging I’m gonna use a bungee cord to hold my hot water bottle in place as I hang.

And here is today’s workout.

All sets were done standing, hanging straight down. All heat was applied between sets while sitting down. Ice pack applied while performing last set of 10 min.

Warm up set: applied heat then, 1 x 20 min laddered with 10 and 15 lbs…1 x 10 min with 10 lbs and 1 x 10 min with 15 lbs

Applied heat then 1 x 20 min with 17.5 lbs

Applied heat then 1 x 20 min with 17.5 lbs

Applied heat then 1 x 10 min with 17.5 lbs then had to reduce weight for 1 x 10 min with 15 lbs

Applied heat then 1 x 20 min with 15 lbs….applied ice pack DURING the last 10 min - this was the very first time I have used an ice pack

Re-measured BPFL and have gained an eighth I believe since last measurement.

Well, I just jelqed for the first time in quite a while because I was concerned about circulation. I realize the weight I use is nothing for some guys but for me, it is quite alot. That being the case, my gland will get purple but not cold. I try to adjust my hanger tightness but it still must be tight enough to hold the weight (see yesterday’s fiasco).

Anyway, I jelqed for about 10 min and never got 100% erect, probably 90%. My cock looks the same even though I know changes are taking place.

After I was done and I was cleaning up I notice veins that I have never, ever seen before. New veins. The main one now runs all the way to the gland and there are several branching away from it going down the side (both sides).

This is a feauture/benefit I have never considered, and yes, I want that!!!!

Well, the soreness is definitely back. I’m actually glad because in my mind it means I’m still in a constant level of readiness to stretch.

Today was light due to time restraints

Warm up with hot water bottle

Warm up with ladder set for 20 min: 1 x 10 min with 10 lbs…1 x 10 min with 15 lbs (and the stinking hanger fell off again, crashing to the ground scaring the crap out of me)

Only one set today: 1 x 17.5 lbs for 20 min


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