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Hanging vs Piss Pullsstretching

Hanging vs Piss Pullsstretching

I started this thread because I thought about a potential way for those to hang low weights and still gain.

I started my routine 2 months ago (Just to be clear this is after already doing the Newbie routine) just to see if it would work because as we all have heard and known different things work for different people.

Here is the routine and why I tried it.

Starting stats
10/05/15 6.25 BPEL 5.25 EG

Morning roughly 11am
Warmup with heating pad 10-15 mins
200 Jelqs using cocoa butter lotion takes roughly 10 mins 3 sec strokes
3*20 mins hanging 5lbs
Warm down with heating pad 10-15 mins

Afternoon roughly 4pm
Warmup with heating pad 10-15 mins
200 Jelqs using cocoa butter lotion another 10 mins 3 sec strokes
1*20 mins hanging 5lbs
Warm down with heating pad 10-15 mins

Thats my day of PE.

Now in regards to hanging, I only hang with 5lbs and don’t plan on going any higher because the way I see it, I don’t like manual stretching and for me hanging 5lbs is both safe and the equivalent of or less force than if I do it manually. Judging by the many threads I’ve read, most guys do pisspulls/manual stretches and gain very impressive amounts so there really should be no reason to go any higher.

2 month results
BPEL 6.75 EG 5.25

I will keep everyone updated as long as I can finally stay consistent with my schedule and PE’ing since I have been a victim like many others of an on again off again PE’er.

I am very curious to see what 6 months and then a year will bring if I even continue growing at half the rate or even a quarter of this rate.

I forgot to add that my routine is 5 days on 2 days rest being the weekends where I’ve done absolutely nothing. Again this has been working for me and I hope anyone else that tries it. Just a quick question for those who will have more knowledge, I would like to ask about girth, should I pursue clamping or just wait until I achieve my length goals before adding girth work? I know that the consensus is always to stick with what is working which I am but would love to add girth to the routine so would like some insight on whether or not I add to my routine or just hope I get the girth gains through the jelqing already in my routine.


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