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Grtor progress / self reflect

Grtor progress / self reflect

Figured I should put something down for myself and if it helps someone else to learn from my mistakes then yay. As a reader of this forum know it´s nice to read someone elses experience be it good or bad from time to time.

OK so started PE around Xmas, and been doing it for 5ish months. Progress, was nice or so I thought. I was gaining about 0.4cm(~1/5”) a month in length. Went from about 17cm to 18.7cm in 4months. But I felt that my nbpe length was too short to go along with that gain, meaning that if I had been 1.7cm shorter I would have noticed or remembered being that “short”. Started to look at my measuring more objectively, and I noticed that by tilting the pelvis a bit forward gave me extra length, basicly penis is still 90degree to body but pelvis tilt changes the distance to the pelvic bone(since the angle changes). And I strongly believe this is how I´ve “gained” so well.

Girth wise I´m still the same 13cm(5.1”) mid, didn´t do measurements on reverse kegel or cock ring(110% hard-on) when I started, which I´m a bit sad about and recommend. Reversing adds 0,5cm and ring adds a whole 1cm for me, while holding it that is.

Problem I´m facing now is not sure what to believe, basicly my beginning number and my progress on length has been incorrect. I don´t know where to put my gains, how much I´ve gained and how much I was when starting. Of course I have the measurements on a excel sheet(kept score of everything and then some) but I don´t know what sort of tilt I´ve used and I can almost get/lose the length I said with just pelvic tilt change. Feeling like I lost everything and have to start over. So for those reading, if you keep a sheet of it, make sure you add notes like how you did the measurement precisely so that YOU know when you measure again that you do the same way and that the extra numbers on your ruler are length not just cheating. I didn´t want to cheat of course, didn´t think I was, but hoping to see and expecting to see bigger numbers each month when measuring it just happened subconsciously. When you realize the error and you see all the “gains” vanish, it really hits hard. Guess I´ll just have to start again “cheat” at max and make that my starting point, not sure how else I get all the angles the same each time. Just feels wrong writing that number when NBP is more than an inch less. Also not a fat person, admittedly my fat stores on the lowerbelly so on pubic bone as well. Do take some comfort in thinking “if it was that easy to gain extra length I should/would have done so in the very first measurements” *shrug*

Also I´m feeling my EQ isn´t that great anymore or if it ever was, another thing one should write down in start, you will forget no matter how much you think “I´ll remember this quality next time I measure”. I can´t really get properly hard/long until closer to orgasm which I´m not happy about, will have to look into that I think. Suppose lack of Ggains might be due to not reaching max hardness without help since the expansion is possible(reverse kegel/ring example). Not been with a real woman in a long long long time so can´t really say how that plays in the real situation. Might be just getting bored with porn and self stim. A porn/mb deco break I suppose could be beneficial. Is hard to not do when you got alot of time alone at home. Did a month long break few months back from porn, but I really didn´t notice any change, maybe minor gain to getting up without porn, when I went back, didn´t go all unexpectedly hard on porn either, just never found it super interesting, rarely you get really exciting amateur stuff, but basic produced porn is just no thank you, like watching football as the acting is on the same level ;)

Past Workout:
Well I can´t really say what my routine was as it has changed a lot, beginning I wanted to try different sort of ways a lot to see how it feels and so on. For the last 3-4months been doing 1month of semi specific routine and then 5d break and then a month of some other way, experimenting to see which works best for me. In general it´s been priority on pumping, bit clamping and some of stretching and edging with times and stuff changing. Oh and always a 5min warmup with hot water in pump. Sorry for not making more clear but since it changed alot would be a long section.

Currently: Will continue, I do feel I´ve gained, I KNOW I´ve gained some length, am 100% sure that no matter how I tricked myself I didn´t score close to !19cm!, heck my old ruler went only to 17 and I didn´t get past it, when measuring even with trying cheat ways back then so have to have gained some at least. Surely I would have tried to get the max length back then. So will continue, less concentration on statistics and more just doing the same and seeing where I end up in a month or two, taking measurements of flacid is a bit complicated that fellow can change size so easily depending on A LOT of things. Also I like showers so is no problem being there +20min with the BM. So after a few days hands off, no nothing!, I´ll go with 5min warmup, 20min bathmate work towards max pressure slowly and as willie gives. Usually last 5min are only extra intense(no pain). Bit of stretching, JAI style every day or add a break every third or fourth to go along with my body workouts. And that´s that. Perhaps once a week less time in tube and add clamping to change, or emphasize on fulcrum stretching all along the shaft just something to mix the normal set.

As I read through it all again, I felt a bit like “surely I took max length out of it back in the beginning by tilting the pelvis similarly since it feels so obvious now” which would mean I made nice gains. But the NBPEL just makes me feel different. Oh well. It is what it is, I won´t let it put me down anymore, got my goals got my road, just got to walk it or crawl but I will end at my goal or at least I´ve tried my best.

Stats, I´m 26.
BPEL 6.7”-7.4” first being my starter length and second my “cheat ending” so is somewhere in between those :)
EGMid 5.1”

Goal18cm(7”) NBPEL, I don´t really care about BP length, want 18cm non pressed. This means need a gain of about 2.5cm(~1inch) which I find reasonable. For girth 14cm(5.5”)EGmid, seems nice, and with a ring can add up to about 6” for the occasional lets go all out moments, so seems “big enough” no matter how I look at it. When I get there, I´ll probably continue pumping 10-15min along with normal daily shower. Not for gains, but just for the sake of doing it.

I´ll try to remember posting here follow ups on how things are turning at least twice a year since things don´t really change too fast.

Hello everyone,
Bit more than half a year has passed since I last wrote, figured it´s time for an update of sorts. Haven´t been reading the forums as actively, just poke in every month or so.

The bad

Well I haven´t actually made gains, I must say that is pretty annoying. Been trying quite a lot this year. Tried all sorts of methods, usually a month+ per and then a week break and see if there´s any changes or if my notes read anything interesting. Latest month/method were the just jelq/stretch, then pump long low, pump build up from low to high in 20mins and pump “high” short(basically bathmate suggested program). And yes of course warm ups and what not included. But seems I´ve not found my zone yet.
All this could be due to not sticking with it long enough before changing or just plain wrong on time/pressure. The “look to your EQ and PIs for the answer” never worked for me. It doesn´t seem to be affected by doing less or doing more. And not too sure I want to try a really though workout, at risk of injury, just to find out if it gets worse or if I am at the bottom already and have been there since start. Meaning I´d have done too much from the very beginning.

The Good

I ain´t giving up!
With this past year I´ve sort of learnt a more healthy and positive view on myself. An acceptance of sorts. I´d never call myself small, but I felt I could be more. Still aiming for the goal of 7” NBPEL and 5.5”. All in all less worried about myself, it is what it is and it is enough when it´s needed.
Also must say not ejaculating has probably been the best thing for the EQ stuff, more so than rest or workout managment. At the start of last year started to read on male multiple orgasms and it took a while but eventually these past few months started to get the hang of it. And it´s something interesting I´d suggest people having a look at.

Something I´d like to note down, I´ve never had that “increase in length” after a workout that people are always saying. I get girth some but usually length goes down not up. *Shrug*

So, next up, finishing my month long break and then. Hmm, I´ll either go with very light jelq and little amount, which seems pointless to me. That´d be like the beginner and a bit less, or something. Doesn’t feel like I’d have done anything so hard to keep to it. So more likely I´ll try something a bit rougher that takes more dedication. Think latest to peak my curiosity was “Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism” thread. Which is quite old actually.

Anyway think that´s all for now. Will write again in half a year see what´s what again unless there happens to be some sort of huge noticeable change before :)
And good luck to you all!

Hai hai,

So once again we are here, in short no progress since last time.

Did a month of jelqing and stretching to it
Tiny break,
Another month of 3min long V stretching(around the bottle) or that makes it A I guess. *Shrug* x4-6 sets and every day.
Took a break started to use a Male Edge stretcher, 2months now about. Slow ramp up time to get used to the loop and get the wrapping good and then usually 6-9h a day and at 1.2kg. Overall sitting at 400h of it. Which in “normal” terms should be close to half an inch. But alas no luck.

I thought I had finally found a reliable way since at 200h, I measured 2mm more than ever before, but at 400h I couldn’t get 4mm more than started or even get the same measurement again so I’m thinking I was balooning before the measurements which gave that extra. The hardest thing in this all is the let downs. :( Especially when you wear it so many hours a day and invest so much time to it, cause it’s not just put it on and forget while you go about with your daily life.

What’s up next, I don’t know maybe keep using the stretcher and use more force but less time. Unfortunately being uncut makes using a loop stretcher a bit harder so more force will be harder to maintain but guess I’ll try. Also thinking of going back to pumping a bit everyday. I still fancy trying a period of extremely intense training to see if I can wear myself down, just to see if I’ve simply just never done enough cause I see little difference in EQ related side from training. But afraid of injury so that’s kinda scary. Will see. Report back again in half a year or so!

BPEL 18.8cm
EG 13cm

Hope everyone else has more luck and don’t lose hope.

Measure BPFSL.

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