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Great to be back


Great to be back

Hi all!

Great to be back after a year of being away from this fantastic sight! Love the new look btw!

I took a year off to really focus on my life and new blooming career, but after over a year at the new job, I am ready to get back into my PE schedule and try some new things! First off for any new comers or anyone who is unfamiliar with PE, IT WORKS! That being said here is my progress report

When I first started:

BPEL = 5.75, MEG = 4.75, FL = 4.00, FG = 4.50

Looking back now ,and after being apart of this site, I realize that was not a bad starting point. Completely average, but I was self conscious and wanted to feel more manly I guess. After months of a regular almost daily PE schedule and reading these forums and then a full year of once a week manual stretches (5 min. At the most) I am now at:

BPEL = 6.75, MEG = 5.062, FL = 5.438, FG = 4.563

I can finally say I am one of the guys that has GAINED 1+ INCHES!! I am now at the upper end of average which feels great! I actually did not believe it when I measured yesterday, so I had to measure again today just to make sure I wasn’t crazy or forgot how to read a measuring tape.

With that being said, my next goal is BPEL 7.00, and MEG 5.50 within the next 2 months. I will be dry jelqing and doing manual stretches because that seems to work for me well. I also am considering light clamping. My routine will be 1day on 1day off for jelqing and stretching. Clamping, I need to re-familiarize myself with because I’ve never actually tried it before. My main goal will be for girth growth during this next short term goal since I’ve had less success with girth, probably due to only stretching this last year.

Long term goals, (as if you guys don’t know) 8X6!

Thanks to everyone! Good luck to new comers!

Welcome back! You sound like you’re in a really good place. Take the clamping lightly for the first few weeks. It’s easy to over do it.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Welcome back.

Awesome gain’s man, keep up the good work.

Started:BPEL=5.0" x MEG=4.6 .(actually I was between 4.9 and 5 so I went with 5)

Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

Welcome back man, nice gains. There’s much more to grow there, for sure. Stick around. Cheers.

Thanks guys!

I will definitely take the clamping lightly, I really would like to avoid a purple dick HAHA! But the girth gains for people that clamp are just too hard to ignore any longer! Or should I say any wider? Lol

Tons of room to grow still, my PE career is far from over, hopefully in another year ill be in the 2+ inch grown club. That would put me much closer to the massive 8x6 I’m looking for.

On a side note..

It’s funny to see my measurements after a year. I mean slow growth over the course of a year really is not noticed until you whip out that tape measure. I guess I did not think about it as much either because I wasn’t PEing as much during that time. The results speak for themselves though! I’m hoping to get some rapid growth over the next few months, similar to when you haven’t worked out in a while and then all of the sudden you do a few weeks of weight training and BAM! We will see though!

Monster in the making. ;)

Originally Posted by pullNgrow
Thanks guys!

I will definitely take the clamping lightly, I really would like to avoid a purple dick HAHA!

If you start lightly with short time, probably won’t give enough time to change color, but it happens, It’s normal to become purple/red (10 minutes or more). The real problem is If your penis turn black or feeling cold or any pain.

Welcome back and 1” is a great gain buddy. You have given some nice motivation.

Originally Posted by Useless
If you start lightly with short time, probably won’t give enough time to change color, but it happens, It’s normal to become purple/red (10 minutes or more). The real problem is If your penis turn black or feeling cold or any pain.

Good advice, I plan to read up on clamping quite a bit before developing a routine. I will definitely start slow though because it is unfamiliar territory.

Yea the 1” gain is a great highlight for me, I remember thinking a year ago that, “hey I would kill for another inch”, now I’m there and once again thinking, “DAMN! I’d still kill for another inch”, HAHA! PE is just like working out, nothing is ever enough. It is good motivation though!

Thanks again guys! I’ll keep you posted.

I envy your gains Pullngrow :)

What was your routine from 5.75 to 6.75? And also, are you uncircumcised?

Originally Posted by cry4ty94
I envy your gains Pullngrow :)

What was your routine from 5.75 to 6.75? And also, are you uncircumcised?

thanks! I’m super happy to finally be one of the guys that has grown quite a bit from these techniques. Sorry about the outdated info on my account for anyone looking, I will update my routines and past routines today for accuracy.

I am cut unfortunately, my mother decided I did not need that extra 3000 nerve endings for increase pleasure during sex. Now wonder it’s so boring now… HAHAHA! JK! sex is fucking AWESOME! I still do feel a little robbed though.

I just did the newbie routine and found exercises that worked for me and felt like I was being stretched and worked out. I liked jelqing stretching working PC muscles and fowfers. This is the routine I followed for the first 3-4 months of my PE career.


I did probably between 200-400 per day, but I did not do them all at once. I found it difficult to just run through that many and feel really worked out. I like to do them slow and steady and occasionally hold for a few seconds at that end to get a little stretch. I typically would do around 100 maybe and just do it in small sets throughout the day. I would also throw in a couple whenever I went to the bathroom. I always forget to mention this but I dry jelq. I have enough skin to jelq from my pelvic bone to the head in one stroke and I do not really like lube so I have just stuck with dry jelqing. I have heard some people say dry jelqing is more intense than wet jelqing but like I said I’ve never wet jelqed so I could not be sure. I also like to “pull” when I am jelqing rather than “push”. What I mean by this is your OK sign is pointing down with your hand on top of your dick and your knuckles/pinky finger are pointing away from your body. So its more like a pulling motion. I think I did this because I had trouble holding myself the other way, (OK pointing down, hand on top of the base of the shaft, and your pinky would be touching your pelvic bone/stomach region.) Anyway, I did it both ways this morning in the shower without incident and it felt comfortable either way now, maybe due to my gains or simply just being experienced in the exercise. Probably more the latter.

Anyone with experience let me know what you think of my jelqing technique, I’m curious of your opinions, and if I could use improvement.


I stretched in a “clock” motion. I would start at 6:00 position, (pulling down toward the floor), hold for ten seconds and continue until I had stretched in every clock position. I like to do 10 seconds in a position and then do 10 jelqs, then the next clock position for 10 seconds and then 10 jelqs and so on. I would do 3 sets in a day, but not all at once.

Experienced guys, let me know what you think of this as well, I’m looking to buff up my routines for this year to really get good gains. I want to be in the 2+ inch club here sometime soon so I know my routine need to be more difficult.

Working PC muscles

Edging, wack off till you almost cum, and then stop before you drop the load wait like 20 30 seconds. Do it like 5-6 times in a session. Do not blow a load any sooner then 20 minutes. I did this probably 1-2 times a week. This shit makes you last forever in bed, my wife thought I was cheating on her when I first stated doing this because I almost immediately stated lasting wayyyy longer than usual. At the time I had developed a small case of premature… well you know. Glade to say I’m over it now thanks to this site!

Peeing and then stopping the flow, do this a few times when you go to the bathroom.

Squeezing the PC muscles and then releasing them in small sets. Do not overdo this otherwise its starts to feel like you have blue balls which obviously is uncomfortable.
these three techniques together work really well and like I said they helped me overcum cumming (haha! gotta throw in a pun every now and again).

Fowfers, just don’t let your dick turtle. I like doing this while watching TV. I wrap it under my leg and sit on it. Half the time I forget about it until my dick starts to tingle and get uncomfortable. I alternate between both legs. I think this is basically simular to what a stretcher would do, it’s passive stretching. This does help your flaccid lengths. I am a grower not a shower and now I can say that my flaccids for the most part are pretty showable now. I think I’m typically between 4.5 to 5 flaccid now. I do turtle when its cold or if I’m wearing tight pants but nothing a quick 2 second fluff wouldn’t fix.

Thats a super detailed routine from when I was actively doing PE. After about 4 or 5 months I got out of it completely. I had a new job and moved to a new house and just had a ton of life stuff going on so PE was put on the back burner. I was paranoid of loosing any gains I had so I did a bare bones PE maintenance “workout”

from that point in time until last week Wednesday this was my “maintenance” routine

Every time I took a shower I would stretch towards the floor for a few seconds, stretch to my left side for a few seconds, and then to my right side. I would then do some jelqs, probably 20-30, then stretch down and slowly rotate in a circle while keeping its stretched. I would not recommend doing this very hard…. You can hurt yourself. Thats basically about it. I would fluff myself pretty often and try to keep my flaccids long but never really did a good workout. If I seemed a little short one day then I would stretch and jelq a little. I did gain over this time, so I guess if you want really slow gains over the course of say 8 months then you can follow this routine. I think I made about .25” gain during this time. I think I lost a little girth doing this though, probably because I was mainly stretching to keep my length gains.

Sorry for the long post guys, let me know if you have any suggestions!


today is going to be a rest day for me. I have been doing some pretty intense workouts the last few days. I said 1 day on 1 day off but I’ve been PEing pretty much for the last 3 days straight. My last off day, (Monday), I didn’t do as hard of a routine, but I did some stretching throughout the day and about 2 hours of fowfers.

I am thinking about posting pics in 2 weeks which is the next time I would like to measure. I am also going to start an easy routine tomorrow with clamping along with my usual routine.

4/9/2014; BPEL: 5.75", MEG: 4.75"

10/6/2015; BPEL: 7.18", MEG: 5.125"

Goal: 7.5 X 5.5, Retirement: 9 X 6

Another update,

I have still been doing 1 on 1 off. Same routine though I have slimmed it down a bit this week due to my work schedule being heavier than usual. Off days I am still doing fowfers and I am seeing increased flaccid hang which is great!


Morning wood - Ridiculously hard, I could hammer a nail into a 2X4. Seriously though I am way harder in the mornings than usual.

EQ - Great! I have really hard erections, significantly harder than before i re-started PE.

Sex Drive - slightly increased sex drive which is pretty common as well.

Size - I am not certain, I may have gained slightly. I will measure soon to see. I think I may have gained base girth and possibly 1/16 mid shaft or so. I have not measured in around 2 weeks so I am not 100%, my wife did seem seriously tight around my base yesterday night. She was also just off her period though, so it could have been that she was tighter than usual. My flaccid seems to be hanging better as well.

Overall - great! I do feel a little cheated of time right now, I would really like to hit it hard this weekend and next week and hopefully get some noticeable size gains.

4/9/2014; BPEL: 5.75", MEG: 4.75"

10/6/2015; BPEL: 7.18", MEG: 5.125"

Goal: 7.5 X 5.5, Retirement: 9 X 6

back, AGAIN

Hi All!

Had a short time where I went through a career change again! Stupid company I was working at literally took a shit. I am now settled in at my new job once again and am on my second day of PE. My dick is sore an I would not have it any other way. I am looking really hard at that 7.00” BPEL. I am 1/8th of an inch off from hitting it again. I will measure at the end of this month to see where I am at. I would like to hit 5.25” MEG as well.

I did loose some length and girth over the last few months. I checked my last measurements and I was at 7X5.125. I measured yesterday and I am at 6.875 X 5.0

I just got a kick in the ass again today after reading some of the large gainers posts on here. Encouraging as hell! I look forward to the day when I can roll with the 8X6’s here.

Alright, so last I left off I had started experimenting with clamping. I LOVED it, but I did not stick with it long enough to see any gains. I did 3 X 5 minute cycles 2 times a week for about 3 weeks. Then I had the whole job hassle and stopped doing everything.

Now that I am back I am developing an easier routine so that I can make sure I stick to it. Once I break 7” BPEL again I will probably hit it really hard again.

New Routine:


Staying mostly flaccid I am going to stretch in every clock position for 10 seconds. 3-10 light jelqs in between each stretch to keep the blood flowing. I will do 3 sets of these everyday but Saturdays and Sundays. If I need a rest I will take one, but I am not building any into my weekly schedule.

I have also started a new stretch. At least new to me, I cannot remember the name (if anyone knows off the top of your heads please remind me). I read about it around a year ago and just tried it and I think its something I really need in my routines. Its where you twist your dick around, and then pull away from your body out straight. It seems to really stretch me out which I think I will need to continue growing due to dorsal thickening I believe it is called. Where there is a thick steel cord inside you dick. I have a HUGE one, this exercise seems to really stretch it which feels great.


After my daily stretches I will be doing between 200 - 400 jelqs. Nothing special here, 40-50% erection levels and a nice 5 second hold on every 10th one or so for good measure.

I will be jelqing inconsistently when taking showers as well. This has become habitual, even in my off seasons that I have had over the last 2 years I still do it. Its almost like scratching a bug bite at this point. I do it more for maintaining flaccid length and girth that for real growth honestly.

Weekends I will jelq about 100 - 200 times while I shower. 3-5 second jelqs when possible. I like to jelq at 40-50% erection levels. It seems to be my sweet spot so I can get a nice stretch while doing it.

I have also started hand clamping. I have seen really great results in length gains, but I would really like some girth at this point as well. It’s hard to choose between length and girth. I think hand clamping will really help me get small gains in girth while the rest of my exercises will still promote healthy length growth. I am keeping in mind that after a large amount of girth, length becomes more challenging.

Let me know what all of you veterans think out there. I can honestly say that even though I have made great strides in the right direction, I am ready to go from above average to massive now.

My goal in the beginning was to be slightly above average. Now it is to be huge.

New Goal: 7.50” X 5.5”
End Goal: 8X6
Retirement: Yea Right, I might take breaks, but there is no retirement for me.

Thanks guys!

Day 3

Positive PI’s:

Longer flaccids
Strong Morning Wood
Noticeably bigger erections
Erections are pointing at a higher angle than usual
sex drive is the same

Negative PI’s

light bruising of tip, due to stretching
Small red spotting, jelqing & hand clamping
little pain today, I stretched pretty hard so the rest of the day im doing fowfers
Turtling post workout, fowfers and gootch massages to avoid it

Todays workout:

same as previously noted. I jelqed about 150 reps in the shower this morning.
Stretching was the same, I just pulled a little too hard. Had no immediate pain or discomfort. I feel fine right now, just really stretched out.

Last night:

About 3 hours of fowfers while on the computer.


I’ve been trying out the Holy Grail Of Cum Load Increase.

Full dosage as described minus the Pygeum. Trying to find some today.
Been doing this for a week, slightly thicker load, I think more is coming out but not a significant amount. Orgasms seem to feel better.

Day 4

I fully intended to have a rest day, due to a small injury during stretching yesterday.

instead I tired out a technique that was completely new to me, WoW! The forum has taken to calling it Orange Bends. It works out your dick like crazy! I also for variation added a little hand clamping in as well and it feels like the best hand clamping session I have ever had! I will incorporate these into my daily routine from now on. I cannot wait to see how my results turn out!

Doing fowfers the rest of the day, hoping for 6+ hours to keep my guy stretched while in recovery. I did about 2 hours last night, it seemed to do the trick.

No erections this morning, we will see how the day goes. I have had a large flaccid all morning so far, especially after trying out this Orange Bend exercise and hand clamping.

I will measure at the end of the month to see my gains.

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