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gottagolarger has got to get larger

Originally Posted by gottagolarger
We have two big trips planned this year. Both of which I have specific goals for. I’m going to have to focus more on my weightloss goal as I seem to be slowing up there. I have considered going keto for the month of July to see if that breaks this plateau. I will see where my body fat is later and decide. My measurements seem to be moving in the right direction or holding steady, so it is time to switch something up.

First congrats on your success with both PE and weight loss so far, it seems your doing a great job of changing your life in positive ways.

It seems you’ve been losing weight consistently for quite awhile now. A lot of people start to plateau after awhile and the normal process is to just reduce calories further. Unfortunately when you’ve been dieting for 6+ months this isn’t always the best idea as at that point your metabolism is drastically slowed.
Might I recommend you take 2-3 month break from weight loss, eat a little more and just try keeping your weight about where it currently is (+/- 3-4 lbs). This will help “reset” your metabolism and you’ll be primed and ready to drop weight quickly once you start restricting calories again (you’ll also lose weight with a higher calorie intake since you have a higher metabolic rate).
This has worked well for many of my friends and extremely well for two of my clients.

DICK PUSH-UPS = GAINZ DickPushup's Progress log

Start (Feb 2016) BPEL 5.25", EG 4.125"

Current (Feb 2018) BPEL 7.57", EG 4.94"

Man, ever hit one of those slumps where motivation just stinks? I’m in that phase right now.

Last week I did not pump much. Honestly, I did not do much of anything. I was hoping this weekend would reset me, but it did not. Hopefully, with this weekend being a bit more relaxed, it will help.

This week, my motivation to exercise, or even eat healthy, just has not been there. I have managed 3 pump sessions. When I hit these slumps, my EQ is naturally a bit less. My sex drive is roughly the same, but my erections are just not as hard or long as normal. Coming out of the pump this morning I was over 5.25” MSEG, which was a nice sight to behold. I love the heaviness of my penis when it is this enlarged. The other night I did not measure, but came out plump, and with some stroking, had a pretty firm erection (most firm all week I believe).

I think if I can get better sleep (read: get to bed earlier or sleep later) I’ll break out of this slump. Until then, I just deal with it.

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"

The bad news: My motivation to exercise has been horrible. Most of it is likely related to bad sleep, but also dealing with some sciatic nerve issues in my lower left back/left hip that makes working out less than ideal.

The good news: This week I have been able to be more consistent with my pumping.

I’m learning how addicting pumping can be. I have not measured in a while, but my MSEG seemed to be hovering around 4.75”. After pumping, throwing on a ring, and edging a bit, my MSEG is around 5.125”. I have hit 5.25” once before. It is nice holding my penis in my hand and feeling the extra girth and weight to it. I have had sex with my wife a couple of times after pumping, but she has not made a comment about it feeling difference (she’s a clit stimulated orgasm girl though).

Not sure how long it will take, but would like to keep up the progress and move to 5” cemented, and then work towards my second goal of 5.25”. Honestly, I may not go beyond this unless I think it will benefit my wife’s pleasure at all.

Current routine:

Small stretching
Continual pump:

5 minutes at 3hg
5 minutes at 4hg
15 minutes at 5hg
5 minutes at 6hg

Cock ring, warm massage, jelqs, squeezes, and edging after. Goal is to keep penis erect, stretched, and expanding. Then I warm down at the end but leave the ring on.

Going to finish out the summer at this and then bump up to 35 or 40 minutes.

Edited to add: One thing I’m noticing about pumping is when I pump, the next morning I wake up with amazing morning wood. Positive PI’s are good things!

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"

Been a while since my last update:

With school starting back, I’m working on getting into a better routine of exercise and PE. I’m getting better sleep (to bed earlier, sleeping a bit later) and that is really helping. Last week was the return to my pumping routine, and this week I am switching back to better eating and exercise. I gained a few pounds back over the end of summer but no big deal. I know that in 3-5 weeks I’ll be back down to where I was before.

I’m really loving using the pump. I’m doing around 20-25 minutes one set only, usually 3-6hg. My goal is to slowly work up to 30, and then 35 minutes. I will not go longer than 35 in one set. The interesting thing is, my wife is now used to seeing me pump and it does not bother her. In fact, on Thursday and Friday last week we had sex after I had pumped, squeezed, and jelqed. On Friday, I told her to feel how much thicker it was. Her response to me was, “Oh I felt it yesterday.” I think she’ll enjoy me gaining girth.

I have not taken a non-PE girth measurement in a while, but the last time I did I was between 4.75 and 4.825. My post pump with ring I measure just under 5.25”. When I squeeze I get up to around 5.5”, which is my end goal. After coming out of the pump, warm massage, and edging, the just shy of 5.25” is rock hard. No squishy. Wife seems to enjoy it.

My goal is pump Monday - Friday, take Saturday and Sunday off. It is easy to do when the kids are not here.

Now to get back to exercise, eating better, and improve EQ that way.

The other note is I have further decreased my testosterone injections. I am debating moving off in the next 4-6 months if my body maintains. I am also decreasing my HCG. I think the HCG affects my cum taste (which my wife doesn’t swallow but does not like the pre-cum taste…says it taste like bitter medicine).

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"


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