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I just started PE and hope to improve my life by gaining confidence by ‘building’ a penis with more volume (next to studying again and work out). Would be great to gain 0.4 in length and 0.2 in MEG in 3-6 months. I read the study statistics and think that this can be achievable if at least my body has an average responds. In fitness my body responds very strong in the beginning of applied stress, and less is more. Hope that this is the same for PE of course.

Little quote from my introduction I already posted, just to inform you guys:”I am 37 years old and have minor sexual experience nor a relationship, I only had one girlfriend in my teens (several years) and 1 sexual contact after that. Mainly because of insecurity issues and negative remarks from these girls (little friction, small penis) I never have the guts to approach a girl etc. However a little skeptical about PE, I started 2 weeks ago, and just the improved EQ gives me some ego boost and after reading a lot of positive stories I cannot wait for my first results. I will complete the linear program for 3 months and see if this have any length or girth gains, I hope so! I completed 11 jelq sessions so far (5 min warm up, 5 min stretch, 3 x 15 jelqs with 2 minor warming in between, and finish with 5 min warm (down)).”

Until this post I completed 13 jelq sessions (first 8 sessions 2 days on 1 off, now 1 day on 1 day off), and will measure 1 day after the 20Th session.

My starting stats 20-07-2015: BPEL 6.75 ” NBPEL 6.1” MEG 5” BEG 5.4”

I hope that PE works for me, and if so, my final (dream) goal will be a 8.15” BPEL, NBPEL 7.5” MEG 5,5 (.ultimate 5.75 - 6.) and a BEG of 6.

Total increase aiming for: 1.4” in length and .5” - 1” in girth.

Will update this thread after the 20Th session.

Best regards, George.

Hi George,

So your saying these girls called your penis small at BPEL 6.75 and MEG 5.0?Your penis is above average mate.

A Small Leak Will Always Sink A Great Ship.

(Fat Pad 0.25")

Hi The Wizard,

The first girl did find it small indeed, the second didn’t develop in a relationship because of it. Always positions where she closed her legs to feel at least something, didn’t had one orgasm with me because of it (she stopped the sex or let me finish but always a lot of ‘frustration in the air’ I can sense that very well). This second girl had a lot of different sex partners (she admitted around 150-175), so I guess that she got used to a way bigger penis. That can happen, but was a real bummer and very frustrating for me. Was a disaster for my ego, but I am a realist.

I did not know anything about the average girth size until I found this great forum; I knew that the average length size in Belgium was around 15.75 cm or so, but did not realize that this is probably bone pressed. I now know that my ‘starting stats’ are very reasonable indeed, and that there are maybe girls for me also that fit and will enjoy my current penis size. Maybe I have to look for smaller girls, here in Belgium the girls can be quite tall and my last girlfriend was 6 foot 3”. I don’t know if there is a relationship between height of a girl and vagina opening size, I don’t think so, but a smaller girl is in this stage better for my ego I think, some more physical dominance would be good. Anyway, that’s some more info about the girls and negative sex-experiences.

All the best and thanks for your reply.


Hi George,

Yeah here in Australia I certainly haven’t noticed any correlation between a womans height and the tightness of her vagina but that’s just my experience.150-175 different partners is a lot for your ex girlfriend to have mate I certainly wouldn’t say that is to common she’s obviously been enjoying herself. Hang in there champ I’m sure sometime in the near future you will find the perfect girl for you.

A Small Leak Will Always Sink A Great Ship.

(Fat Pad 0.25")

Brother I recommend you to watch a pornstar called torbe, he is Spanish and he has 12 cm and he is fat still girls enjoy with him.

Your ex was a queen of size, just you have to find girls who enjoy with your size.

If these numbers are true you have Good size believe me.

Yes, I think that’s a lot too. Nothing wrong with enjoying sex and have lot of sex partners, I wish I had some more.. But I do believe that when especially a girl has had that many sex partners and has ’ a certain mindset’ , that consciously or unconsciously a norm develops for the penis size and desirable sex behavior. In my opinion, she has enjoyed a lot but at the same time ‘ruined’ a lot of the natural/spontaneous aspects of having sex. Makes it harder for a person like her to find a suitable partner, (probably unconsciously) aiming for the 5% above 8” .

But that’s enough about her in this thread, it’s the past (I am saying to myself) I will move on and finding this forum and starting PE is a great step for me, and hope to have some results, I am patient.

Hello s.uddin,

Thanks for your kind words, because of this forum I am starting to realize that there will be girls indeed, that can enjoy my size. I developed anxiety for approaching girls based on my bad sex experiences in relation with my size, but had just bad luck with the girls I guess, both focusing on a big penis.

Thanks again and all the best!

Hope you will achieve your goals.

Hello all,

A little update, finished yesterday my 16th session (see first post for routine). Yesterday masturbated after the session and had an orgasm that I never had, some pain with joy and had an uncontrollable laugh kick for minutes, weird but very pleasant; EQ is better (if I kegel on top of that it sometimes hurts), my penis is more flexible and my extreme little flaccid (~2 inch before PE, after sport (running) or by cold as little as 1 inch, only the head, always getting laughed at in the shower of course.. But that is an other story) is now maybe about an inch increased in length, also after sport (running). I have the feeling that without masturbating, only kegeling I could get an orgasm, for me this is very weird and new.
Today (rest day) I woke up with some sharp pain from within the right corpus cavernosum and also the lower edge around (about 0.5inch in height) of the penis head (glans) is painful when light pressing on it. Obviously this is because of the applied pressure on the structures including the innervating nerves.. Will give it full rest until the sensation is back to normal and the pain is completely gone.

Feel free to add any comment, maybe one of you had a similar experience in the beginning of PE. I apply an you-grip (don’t really touch the dorsal side of the penis and corpus spongiosum).

All the best!

Start stats: 6.75" BPEL; 5.0" EG (MEG) //// First goals: 7.15" BPEL and 5.2" EG (MEG) //// Second goal(s): 7,5" BPEL (for the end of 2016.) //// Final goal: 7,5" NBPEL 5,7" MEG

Hello my friend! Welcome to TP!

It took me a lot of work to control my insecurity issues and one of the things I was able to see in this forum is that they were not strange to other people.

In my case, I had to loose tons of weight, PE and therapy.

From my little sexual experience and the fact that we have a penis of the same size, I can assure you with two orgasms my gf had last night, that your size is big.

You should keep your PE routine because having a healthy penis is really great but you should really take some time to think about the whole picture because some of the guys in this forum have 8x6 cocks and are more insecure than us.

So I wish you a healthy and productive PE journey and I hope you achieve your goals!

Starting in 06/01/2015 - BPEL - 5.813 / EG 5.313

Current - BPEL - 6.750 / EG - 5.500

ONLY Goal - 7'' NBPEL

Hi rplins,

I would like to thank you for your kind words, gives me a lot of support.
Yes, insecurities are often based on one or more traumatic events/remarks. Until now in my life I only heard a lot of remarks about all the things that are not good, over and over again about multiple characteristics. This hammers you down and down, over and over again. This is why supporting reply’s over here give me a great felt of warmth. It isn’t all that bad. I am tall (6.4”) athletic and not bad to look at, but have a very low self esteem, and woman can sense that. Glad that I work on that now, partly with PE ing. It’s the truth that if I had probably a girlfriend that said it’s good sex, length etc, I even wasn’t on this forum. For now I just want to gain some length and girth for self esteem while getting back into dating (I just dated a couple of times in my life) in a while. Great to read that your GF is very pleased with your size, gives me support. And I have great respect for your weight loss and seeking help for your problems.

Wish you the same, and thanks again! Great to have such contacts on this forum!

Start stats: 6.75" BPEL; 5.0" EG (MEG) //// First goals: 7.15" BPEL and 5.2" EG (MEG) //// Second goal(s): 7,5" BPEL (for the end of 2016.) //// Final goal: 7,5" NBPEL 5,7" MEG

Hello my friend. There has been a lot of talk about sex on this thread so far but very little of actual routine, workouts, etc. I’m not completely sure as to what you routine looks like.. But I can tell you for length I would definitely start doing Manual stretches. Something like this; SU, up right up left, SO straight out left straight out right, SD straight down left and right, and BTC left and right.. Hold each stretch for 40 seconds and do this whole thing 3 times through.. Work you way in BTC and the beauty of using your hands is that you can pull with whatever force you want. Make sure you feel the stretches and eventually you will see gains.. Best of luck to you!

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

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Hello Wang,

As for my routine, I follow the linear routine. I warm up for 5 minutes and stretch 30sec down, 30 sec left, 30 down, right, down, up, down, forward, down. Between the cheeks.. Not tried that yet.. Think I will introduce that in a later state, as you already mentioned. I feel the stretch and think I will introduce a duration of 40 sec each stretch, more angles and an increase of the repeats later on. Thanks for the positive input, will stay off PE until the ‘symptoms’ are disappeared completely All the best!

Start stats: 6.75" BPEL; 5.0" EG (MEG) //// First goals: 7.15" BPEL and 5.2" EG (MEG) //// Second goal(s): 7,5" BPEL (for the end of 2016.) //// Final goal: 7,5" NBPEL 5,7" MEG

Oh my god ! Haha I was thinking that, I was the only one to laugh hard when I’m washing with cold water ! :D
I haven’t feel the sentiment of inseruty, so I think it’s difficult for me to talk about that, but they are many post on TP.

So, good luck with your PE, stay consistent and be gentle with your penis :) .

Jelq un jour, Jelq toujours !

Alright man sounds good.. And yeah I forgot you were injured.. Definitely don’t over do it!

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

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